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Adventure Games Live Remember the glory days of adventure games? They're back. Play complete fantasy adventure games on the web for free.
Enchanted Forest II Explore a magical forest in this online game with riches, perils, and secrets aplenty. Play the original game or its sequel, with new secrets to discover. No two games are the same.
The Role-Player's Vault Hours of action and adventure await you in this collection of computer RPGs. These games will provide hours of gameplay, yet character development is fairly expedient. There is so much to discover and explore in these games, you probably won't have seen it all even after winning them!
Monster Arena Train your own team of warriors and plunge them into combat in the Monster Arena against other players as well as computer-generated opponents. Reap the spoils of battle!
Classic Games There's a reason some games have survived the years and are still played extensively today. They're good! Here you can play several of them.
Puzzle Games Exercise your brain with this expansive collection of puzzle games of varying difficulty levels.
Story Hunt Embark on a narrative treasure hunt, spanning all of RinkWorks. Trails of clues leads you through stories of adventure.
Trivia Stampede Test your knowledge with categorized trivia quizzes. Questions are drawn at random from large pools -- thousands of questions total. You can even submit your own.
Site Market Game Buy and sell RinkWorks features like stocks on the stock market. Compete with others to earn the most money.
Academy Awards Predictions Game How good are you at predicting the nominees and winners of the annual Academy Awards? Test your predictive abilities with others.
The Studio Movie Trading Game A variation on The Academy Awards Predictions Game, but here, rather than predicting specific awards, you have to acquire movies that will win awards throughout the end-of-year movie awards season.
Brain Food Hundreds of logic problems and word puzzles to exercise the noodle. Both classic puzzles and original puzzles are featured.
The Apogee FAQ Find out anything you want to know about Apogee, 3D Realms, Pinball Wizards, or any of the PC games they make.
The Everett Kaser Software FAQ Need some mental stimulation? Everett Kaser Software makes games that do just that. This FAQ is the definitive guide to the company and their games.