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Story Hunt

Narrative Scavenger Hunts

True to its name, Story Hunt is part story, part scavenger hunt. Each of the stories below are divided into ten chapters. Each chapter contains clues as to where you can find the next chapter and clue. Ready to give your brains a workout? Give Story Hunt a try!

Familiarity with RinkWorks is important to solving the puzzles, as the clues you'll find in each story chapter have to do with some other part of RinkWorks. If this is the first RinkWorks feature you've been to, you might want to check out some of our other entertainment features, featuring humor, online games, and more, first.


Before proceeding to the stories, it is essential that you first read the instructions, as, without doing so, you won't know how to use the answer to each puzzle to find the next chapter in the story.

The Adventures of Fenwick Glumber

The Duke of Gloom

Fenwick races against time to save his daughter from the clutches of the evil Duke of Gloom!

The Duke of Big

Fenwick and friends overthrow the old duke's power hungry successor, the Duke of Big!

The Strong Woman Chronicles

Strong Woman and the Siege

It's Strong Woman against a throng of crossbow slingers when Shauve Hoggins tries to seize her land!

Strong Woman and the Renegade

Strong Woman saves the day from a renegade sorcerer bent on revenge and destruction!