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RinkWorks is an expansive collection of entertainment-related features. Click on the categories in the toolbar above to browse the complete list of RinkWorks features, or look below for some recommendations.

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Featured Recommendations: Humor

Computer Stupidities Put a computer and computer illiterate together, extract common sense, and you get an unending supply of hilarious anecdotes.
The Dialectizer Speak Redneck. This hilarious language translator takes English text or web pages an' jest has mo' fun wif 'em than a pile o' sweet patootees.
How To Be Romantic Want to be romantic but don't quite get it? This comprehensive guide to romance will teach you all you need to know and still leave you time to watch football.
I Think. If the specifics of life and human existence had been left up to me, we wouldn't be in this mess. Now you can be enlightened too.
Book-A-Minute Humorous lampooning of popular literature. Features sci-fi/fantasy, children's books, and classics from the masters.

Featured Recommendations: Games

Adventure Games Live Remember the glory days of adventure games? They're back. Play complete fantasy adventure games on the web for free.
The Role-Player's Vault Hours of action and adventure await you in this collection of computer RPGs. These games will provide hours of gameplay, yet character development is fairly expedient. There is so much to discover and explore in these games, you probably won't have seen it all even after winning them!
Monster Arena Train your own team of warriors and plunge them into combat in the Monster Arena against other players as well as computer-generated opponents. Reap the spoils of battle!
Brain Food Hundreds of logic problems and word puzzles to exercise the noodle. Both classic puzzles and original puzzles are featured. Updated irregularly.

Featured Recommendations: Fiction

The Mystery of Paradise Island A group of strangers journey by helicopter to a remote tropical island, home to a mysterious hermit with a taste for luxury. The island certainly seems serene and peaceful -- but when one of the strangers turns up dead, the promise of a quiet vacation becomes a desperate struggle to stay alive!

Featured Recommendations: Movies

All Movie Talk An hour-long movie podcast.
At-A-Glance Film Reviews Ratings and capsule reviews for films from all genres and eras. 2000+ films featured.