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Many veteran gamers will recall the hours spent solving text adventure games with a certain fondness, and many purists still play them today. Adventure Games Live is a suite of new adventure games that you can play on the web, free of charge. The engine that runs the games provides a menu-driven interface, supports graphics, and does not require Java. Good luck, and have fun!


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About the Games

The Trainer       This mini-adventure is a good way to have fun while learning the ropes. It doesn't take long, yet it does a good job of familiarizing you with the features of this site and some of the types of puzzles you'll encounter in the larger games.

African Adventure       Join Harmony Hutchins on a trip to Africa. See her through the challenges of raising funds, traveling half-way around the world, and surviving the African bush! [Hall of Fame]

Fantasy Quest       A twist on the old "rescue the princess" plot, this game has you entering a mysterious land of fantasy to save your beloved from evil. Features over 30 interactive characters and over 140 locations. [Hall of Fame]

Fantasy Quest II       Return to the magical land of fantasy and its quaint, inexplicable characters to meet old friends, settle old scores, and save dozens of princesses. [Hall of Fame]

The Game of the Ages       Based on RinkWorks' fantasy parody novelette, The Duel of the Ages, this game stars you as the lone hope of your village, which has been taken over by the Shadows. To dispose of these foul creatures, you must journey into other worlds and seek the aid of legendary heroes Blood Drops and Darius Longshore. This game features a richly depicted environment and even a secret area. [Hall of Fame]

The Perils of Akumos       This futuristic science fiction adventure is devious and intricate. Guide Kenneth Connell in his new job aboard the Corolis space station as he discovers that all is not as it first appears. Something sinister is afoot! [Hall of Fame]

Trail of Anguish       This exciting prequel spin-off of The Perils of Akumos chronicles the tale of Kendra Connell in college. Can you track down a mystical madman, loose on the campus? Alternate solutions in this game make it impossible to see everything without playing it through at least three times. This game may be played before or after The Perils of Akumos, as you please. [Hall of Fame]

Starlight Sacrifice: Preview #2       This huge fantasy adventure game features a sprawling, richly detailed world of intrigue, magic, danger, and diabolical puzzles. While the full game is still in development, this preview, which lets you play through the first section of the game in its entirety, has all the scope and detail of a full game -- and then some! An innovative glossary system helps you keep track of the exciting worlds you explore. [Hall of Fame]

The Mystery of Brackly Hall       Lord Brackly's dead, but no one can find his secret vault, rumored to contain the bulk of his very wealthy estate. His will leaves it all to the one who can find it. Can you? [Hall of Fame]

Outlaws of the Sierra Nevadas       It's 1874 in Caballo Creek, California, where a man can work and live in peace -- at least until recently. Gangs of bandits have been pillaging nearby villages, and you're worried that Caballo Creek might be next. Journey through a landscape chock full of guns, smoke, and saloons in this historical mystery adventure set in the Old West. [Hall of Fame]

The Early Years       In the five years after I wrote my first computer program in 1985, I filled dozens of floppy disks with program after program, mostly games, and many of them adventure games. These efforts culminated in Fantasy Quest in 1991, which has since been ported to Adventure Games Live. The games I wrote prior to that were primitive in comparison -- sometimes hilariously, awfully so -- but they abound with nostalgia and the charm of innocence. The Early Years is a collection of 22 of these early games of mine, ported to Adventure Games Live with every misspelling and most of the bugs intact. [Hall of Fame]

More Early Years       More Early Years is an anthology of the early adventure games of mine, written between 1985 and 1990, that missed inclusion in The Early Years, plus a wide assortment of bonus features showcasing other computing projects from my childhood. Among the highlights are my first ever command-based game, a couple more from my brother Jake, and -- if you make it to the very end -- a hilarious brand new 2007 game based on (and parodying) an unused 1986 design. As with The Early Years, bugs and misspellings have been preserved in their full ignominious glory. [Hall of Fame]

Assault On Vampire Island       Battle all your favorite movie monsters in this tongue-in-cheek raid on a spooky island brimming with secrets and a legendary lost treasure! [Hall of Fame]

Escape From St. Mary's       You're stuck in math class, and you just can't take it anymore. You want to ditch school, but little do you know that your simple mission will run you through a hilariously outrageous set of parallel adventures. You've just got to get out of here! This exciting adventure game features a richly detailed world, an intricate conversation system, and a handy new mechanism for making use of items you acquire along the way. Find the secret area for an alternate ending! [Hall of Fame]

...and the following mini-games:

Snow Dragon       You've been snowed in at home for three days now. You are bored. You wish you could find something to do.... [Hall of Fame]

Break Away       Carl Zuriph is an Assistant Manager in your average business. He handles paperwork that no one else will touch with the fifty-foot long stick he gets the short end of. All he wants in life is a nice, long, relaxing break from work. All he needs is your help. [Hall of Fame]

Escape!       You are Halle Adlem. You live in a country that is ruled by the Konala Army. You have been captured and imprisoned in the frightful Shvarzvault Prison for refusing to fly one of their spy planes. You have heard rumors of brainwashing going on at Shvarzvault, but you don't intend on finding out if they are true or not. [Hall of Fame]

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