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The Role-Player's Vault

Welcome to The Role-Player's Vault, a collection of action-packed computer RPGs. These games will provide hours of gameplay, yet character development is fairly expedient. (Who wants to spend 100 hours just hacking at orcs, anyway?) There is so much to discover and explore in these games, you probably won't have seen it all even after winning them! Login now and play for free -- no Java required!


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About the Games

Murkon's Refuge     A deep dungeon, hordes of monsters, ancient magic, the wiles of evil...versus you.

The traitorous First Mage Murkon has absconded with a great magic and thrown two great kingdoms into political uproar. Can you brave Murkon's sprawling labyrinth, conquer his minions, defeat him in battle, and recover the lost magic?

Welcome to Murkon's Refuge, a computer role-playing game with over a hundred types of foes, hundreds of items of equipment and magic, and a devilishly tricky landscape. Can you assemble a team of knights, wizards, rogues, and others with enough skills between them to conquer the challenges Murkon will set before you?

Murkon's Vengeance     Every badguy needs his revenge.

Welcome to Murkon's Vengeance, a reverse role-playing game where YOU are the badguy, and bands of heroic adventurers are your enemies. Summon monsters to assist you in ascending through ten hero-infested dungeon levels and wreak your revenge on those who ran off with your rightfully stolen magic talisman and left you for dead.

It is not necessary to have played the prequel game, Murkon's Refuge, before playing this one, but you will probably get more out of both games if you play them in order.

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