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The Everett Kaser Software FAQ

By Samuel Stoddard

Version 1.3w - October 22, 1999


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        [1]  Introduction
          [1.1]  A Word From Me
          [1.2]  About This FAQ
            [1.2.1]  Obtaining the latest version of the FAQ
  New!      [1.2.2]  Revision history
          [1.3]  What Is Everett Kaser Software?
          [1.4]  Getting the Latest Information

        [2]  Historical Information
          [2.1]  History of Everett Kaser Software
          [2.2]  History of Specific Games
            [2.2.1]  Snarf
            [2.2.2]  Sherlock
            [2.2.3]  Kosynka
            [2.2.4]  MESH: Hero's Hearts
            [2.2.5]  Descartes Enigma
            [2.2.6]  Floyd's Bumpershoot
  New!      [2.2.7]  Honeycomb Hotel
          [2.3]  The Shipping and Support Process
          [2.4]  Music

        [3]  Lists
          [3.1]  Games
  New!      [3.1.1]  What games are currently available from Everett Kaser Software?
            [3.1.2]  What accessories are available from Everett Kaser Software?
  New!      [3.1.3]  Hardware requirements
          [3.2]  Past Projects
            [3.2.1]  What Everett Kaser Software games are no longer supported?
            [3.2.2]  Working titles of Everett Kaser Software games

        [4]  The Almanac
          [4.1]  Release Dates
  New!      [4.1.1]  Games
            [4.1.2]  Miscellaneous
          [4.2]  Cast of Characters
  New!      [4.2.1]  Heroes
            [4.2.2]  Villains
          [4.3]  Game Credits
  New!      [4.3.1]  Game Engines
  New!      [4.3.2]  Graphics
  New!      [4.3.3]  Sound
            [4.3.4]  Levels
          [4.4]  Music

        [5]  Obtaining the Games
          [5.1]  The Shareware Games
            [5.1.1]  The Internet
            [5.1.2]  Snail Mail
          [5.2]  The Registered Games
            [5.2.1]  Ordering information

        [6]  Playing the Games
          [6.1]  Hidden Functionality
          [6.2]  Troubleshooting

        [7]  Contacting Everett Kaser Software
          [7.1]  By Phone
          [7.2]  By Snail Mail
          [7.3]  Through the Internet


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Legal Quagmire

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