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That's Carry On (1977)



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The last "real" Carry On film tanked, but MGM had a surprising success with the retrospective That's Entertainment!. What better time to throw together a Carry On retrospective called That's Carry On and take some easy money?

Barbara Windsor and Kenneth Williams host the show, ostensibly as themselves but really playing the character types they played in the series. Most of the hosting footage is purely functional, but Williams has an amusing speech in the end that's unfortunately obscured by the closing credits. The selected clips are good ones, but the better way to see them is by watching them in context in the original films. I'm also not sure that they collectively tell us much about why the movies worked in the first place.

Still, this is a fun way for series fans to relive some of the best moments. All of the films to date were represented except Carry On England, presumably because there weren't any funny moments to feature.

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