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Carry On Cabby (1963)



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Starting with this film, Talbot Rothwell took over the writing duties for the Carry On series. He'd go on to define its signature style and write some of its most famous episodes, but this one stands out as a bit of an oddball. Probably that's because it was not originally intended as a Carry On film. The original title was Call Me a Cab (the last line in the movie); it was shoehorned into the Carry On series at the last minute.

The result is one of the rare episodes of the series with some social substance behind the comedy. The story centers around a taxi cab business and an unhappily married couple (Sidney James and Hattie Jacques). One marital spat too many leads to an all-out battle of the sexes farce that escalates in a predictable but hilarious way. It's great to see a Carry On film with all the requisite humor but which is also actually about something.

Series regulars Kenneth Williams and Joan Sims are absent this time around. Jim Dale shows up for the first time in a small but very funny role.

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