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Carry On Teacher (1959)



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With Carry On Teacher, the Carry On franchise was still developing its identity. The marriage of wordplay and physical mishaps was coming into focus, and yet in some ways this feels like a departure from the norm, sometimes resembling the St. Trinian's series more than Carry On. Still, it returns to the theme of misfits pulling together to win one for the boss, in this case the principal, played by guest star Ted Ray. The comic tension comes primarily by the bumbling teachers and misbehaving students causing the principal embarrassment (accidentally by the former; intentionally by the latter) in front of a pair of humorless inspectors.

Carry On purists may find fault with this mild departure, but I would rank this next to Carry On Sergeant as the best of the Norman Hudis films. It's cohesive, consistently funny, and gives all the regulars moments to shine.

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