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Carry On Behind (1975)



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The Carry On series returned to the big screen with Carry On Behind after a disastrous run on television with the Carry On Laughing series, the retirement of the regular writer, and the departure of three key members of the cast. In spite of it all, Carry On Behind isn't that bad. It's not that good either, mind you, but it is passably entertaining and an improvement on the last couple films.

It's more or less a reworking of Carry On Camping, which assembled all the characters together in a campground for assorted hijinks and comic misunderstandings. The individual gags aren't as memorable, but they come fast enough that they compound and build up a manic energy. Like the other late entries in the series, the humor is more crass than I'd like, but somehow it's also gentler and more human than this kind of comedy tends to be.

Much of the film's appeal is due to Elke Sommer, who brings a wonderful personality to the ensemble. One of the reasons the Carry On series lasted as long as it did was because it was always changing up the character dynamics. But it had been a while since the series had tried anything new. Sommer was not only funny and likable on her own, but she gave Kenneth Williams something new to play against.

Two more series regulars, Bernard Bresslaw and Patsy Rowlands, left the series after this film. It was a good time to get out.

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