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Re: What ever happened to being decent?
Posted By: Eric Sleator, on host
Date: Monday, January 27, 2003, at 19:31:39
In Reply To: Re: What ever happened to being decent? posted by codeman38 on Monday, January 27, 2003, at 07:28:28:

> > Why does everyone swear now? It makes me wish I lived in a box. Why can't people just say Darn or Shoot or Friggin? Why?
> >
> > Shadow"Feeling very odd"Clerk
> Just stumbled across this link recently, and then remembered this thread while searching through old forum posts. Quite pertinent, for a change, considering I'm the one posting the link.
> -- codeman"up in the sky... it's pointless link man!"38

Yeah, I have something to say about two points that website makes.

- It doesn't communicate clearly

There are some swear words that have certain connotations and shades of meaning that other "beter" words don't have, and in such cases the swear word communicates your exact thoughts where other words don't.

- It lacks imagination

If used excessively and at the expense of communication, yes, but I find it interesting that most people who make the argument that swearing shows a lack of imagination or a small vocabulary go right on to use other euphemisms for swearing over and over again. Saying "dang" all the time is, in terms of vocabulary, exactly the same as saying "damn" all the time.

-Eric Sleator

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