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Unlike the other areas of RinkWorks, the content you may find in the Message Forum is not the creation of nor the responsibility of RinkWorks. Readers may post messages freely in the Message Forum. We ask posters to adhere to our simple guidelines regarding the usage of the Message Forum. Although we claim no responsibility for the content in the Message Forum, we will exercise preemptive measures against violators of our policy. Please read these rules prior to posting in the Message Forum.

  1. Keep it clean. The RinkWorks Message Forum is a public forum. Please keep all discussions suitable for mixed company. Posting profanity, vulgarity, pornography, or links to pornography (for example) is strictly prohibited.

  2. Respect other posters. Disagreements are acceptable. Debates are acceptable. Flame wars are not. Please do not harass or flame other posters in this forum.

  3. Don't post your message in the subject line. Please don't post messages where the content of your message is entirely in the subject line and/or author field. (This practice is common on other forums, sometimes where "nt" is appended on the subject line, indicating there is nothing to read in the message body.) It encourages insubstantial conversation, posts by those with nothing to say, and is frustrating to browsers of the forum. Use the subject and author areas for their intended purpose and put what you have to say in the message body.

  4. Keep it legal. The posting of copyrighted or illegal material is strictly prohibited.

  5. Don't post messages about current conditions in RinkChat. The message forum is intended for discussions and exchanges of ideas that will be archived for others to read. Although it is perfectly permissible to post about things that have happened or been discussed in RinkChat, please don't post messages about transient conditions in the chat room, or requests for people to join it, as this only clutters the forum.

  6. RinkWorks is not liable. RinkWorks cannot be held liable for posters infringing on these rules. Furthermore, if a third party has an issue with you over a message you have posted in the Message Forum, you must indemnify RinkWorks and its staff from any liability that may result.

  7. Posting constitutes acceptance. Posting in the Message Forum constitutes acceptance of these rules and denotes that you agree to adhere to them.

  8. Sometimes posts are deleted. Certainly posts that break any of the above rules will be deleted, but often posts that are in full compliance with the rules are also deleted. The primary reasons are twofold: one, the amount of disk space consumed by the forum is always a concern, so sometimes posts are deleted to conserve space; two, because forum posts are archived for future perusal, posts that are not of enduring and somewhat broad interest are culled. RinkChat is where most limited- or transient-interest topics should be discussed as well as where most conversational discourse should take place. The message forum should be reserved for more substantial and enduring posts. Note, by the way, that message deletions are never personal; it's just the way the system works.

  9. If a post of yours gets deleted, don't post about it. Inexplicably, the realization that posts have been deleted prompts some to post to the forum asking why. These posts are most definitely not of enduring interest for future perusal by general audiences. Therefore, they will be deleted. In any case, it does not make sense to post such questions to the forum anyway. The readers of the forum do not delete posts. I do. If a post gets deleted, the best you'll get from anybody else about why is speculation. If you want to ask about why a post was deleted, email me rather than posting the question to everybody. Note, however, that most of the time you won't get any more detailed an answer than the explanation in the previous bullet item. Usually there isn't more of an explanation than that.