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Re: What ever happened to being decent?
Posted By: Sam, on host
Date: Tuesday, January 28, 2003, at 05:36:28
In Reply To: Re: What ever happened to being decent? posted by Eric Sleator on Monday, January 27, 2003, at 19:31:39:

> Yeah, I have something to say about two points that website makes.
> - It doesn't communicate clearly
> There are some swear words that have certain connotations and shades of meaning that other "beter" words don't have, and in such cases the swear word communicates your exact thoughts where other words don't.

The web site says that it's not out to eliminate swear words from all use of language. That says to me that it believes that there are times when swear words are appropriate. However, let's face it. Swear words are almost *never* actually *used* in those appropriate situations.

The other thing is, when a swear word *is* truly the most appropriate word choice, it *still* probably isn't going to communicate your thought correctly, just because those words are used so frequently -- and do offend some in any case -- that people tune them out. The meaning is not likely to register.

> - It lacks imagination
> If used excessively and at the expense of communication, yes, but I find it interesting that most people who make the argument that swearing shows a lack of imagination or a small vocabulary go right on to use other euphemisms for swearing over and over again. Saying "dang" all the time is, in terms of vocabulary, exactly the same as saying "damn" all the time.

I didn't see anywhere where that page was advocating "substitute" swear words, like "dang." It seemed more interested in encouraging people not to complain or lose their tempers in the first place, or, when a swear word might be used in some other way, to use a truly meaningful word rather than just a less offensive one.

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