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Re: Silly Songs
Posted By: jen, on host
Date: Thursday, January 2, 2003, at 19:50:59
In Reply To: Re: Silly Songs posted by Lori on Tuesday, July 23, 2002, at 12:08:45:

> > Yes. It is Beep Beep. I had it on the Goofy Gold Album as well. In fact, that is how I came to find this site. I am looking for the Goofy Gold Albums on tape or hopefully CD. The album's are still in tact, but I don't have a record player anymore.
> >
> > Does anyone know where to get the Goofy Gold COllection??
> I also have been searching for the Goofy Gold album. My sisters and I had it when we were younger (by the way I don't think 33 years old is old!!) and we have been searching for it via the internet. Does anyone know what company made the record? That may be another way to search it out. For some reason K-Tel Records rings a bell.

My niece was talking about Goofy Gold that we had on 8-track! I went to find the song list. (type "goofy gold" in quotes in search) Found it then went to Imesh and downloaded. It was the best Christmas present she received. She was so thrilled.