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Re: Visualization and mental math
Posted By: Just Someone Like You, on host
Date: Monday, December 30, 2002, at 19:28:00
In Reply To: Re: Visualization and mental math posted by Wes on Saturday, August 18, 2001, at 22:13:11:

I'm still in highschool. I've went from wanting to be a rocket scientist, aerospace, at one point maybe a chemical engineer, when I reached highschool freshmen year, I wanted to pursue aerospace for sure. However, later on, I changed this to Counterintelligence, but now, as a junior with a B average GPA, 3.0, I'm still wondering on whether I should puruse physics. I am no genius in math, but I've always excelled in space science courses. I can think abstractly, to the point where, the likes of me, is incomprehensible, maybe even to everyone else. The point is, whether or not you are honours math material should not discourage you. I know the math scores needed to be met to excel in this
course, however, unlike my math wizard friends, I try and if its only a B average that I can acheive, then thats good enough for me. The thing is, my friends are very smart in math and science, one is taking AP Chemistry and AP Calculus, in his junior year. Well, when I try to explain to him the science behind physics, I go beyond his ability to comprehend the paradoxes in this particular field, I mean, there's things that he just can't comprehend by may have some little understanding of it, but yet, he does take advanced courses. The way I see it is this, if you can comprehend what you learn, then the only obstacle that you should work to get through is applying what you do know. Good Luck. Who knows, I may end up being an CI Analyst for an agency afterall. You never can be too sure until the moment arrives.