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Re: Speaking of Carrots in the Special Spo Sauce!
Posted By: Julie, on host
Date: Tuesday, December 24, 2002, at 12:27:07
In Reply To: Re: Speaking of Carrots in the Special Spo Sauce! posted by Sosiqui on Tuesday, March 13, 2001, at 08:53:26:

Do you have a recipie for Pannekoeken that you could share? I wanted to make them for breakfast tomorrow.

> O_o Wow. You guys are really pasketter sauce experts. My mom just uses Prego from the can.
> But... we have other family specialities! ;) Here's some of ours - what are your special family dishes (besides the special sauce)?
> -Pannekoeken. This is a Dutch food. What a pannekoek is is a large, thin pancake-type thing (not as thin as crepes, but significatly thnner than American pancakes). Unlike American pancakes, pannekoeken are not sweetened, but serve as a base (sort of like bread) for all sorts of toppings. The same recipie of pannekoeken tastes wonderful under Gouda cheese or under ice cream. It's a versatile, yummy food.
> -Poffertjes. Another Dutch food, and the little cousin of pannekoeken. Poffertjes are about the size of a large coin, and are thicker than pannekoeken. They are generally sweeter and are eaten swirled in powdered sugar or other sweet things.
> -Number Ten Chicken. This is a family recipie, made with a chicken and cream cheese mixture wrapped up in a croissant-dough pocket and baked. It's pretty good. (The rest of my family likes it WAY more than I do.)
> Besides the above, we eat other foods in variations that come from the Dutch - like having sliced sausage or hot dogs in thick pea soup - but those three up there are the special foods that we make from scratch. Yummmmmy!
> Sosi"oh, and my mom makes a mean cookie, too"qui