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Re: Flakes and other Really Good Candy
Posted By: Eric Sleator, on host
Date: Saturday, November 30, 2002, at 00:19:13
In Reply To: Re: Flakes and other Really Good Candy posted by Darien on Monday, November 25, 2002, at 16:40:27:

> > Yeah. I bought one over here, and I noticed
> > that it was made in Canada. It struck me as
> > odd somehow. Oh, and it contained an elephant
> > on a skateboard.
> Yeah? One of mine had a little tiny model
> house, complete with submarine (I don't get it
> either), and the other one had this cool attack
> fish (which, I imagine, is provided to give the
> submarine something to fight in gigantic
> undersea battles). I think my wife got a little
> puzzle of a mouse with a trombone, and a funny
> little lens affair.

Our German teacher bought some for us when she was in Canada for a teachers' conference. Mine was this really kind of creepy crab thing whose legs flitter about when you move him. It gives me the same repulsion as I get when I see an upside-down insect thrashing its legs, but not quite so bad.

-Eric "Which is stupid, because it's a red plastic toy crab with a human face and a bow tie" Sleator
Fri 29 Nov A.D. 2002

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