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Re: Anagrams
Posted By: Entropy kid, on host
Date: Wednesday, September 4, 2002, at 06:45:49
In Reply To: Anagrams posted by Don the Monkeyman on Friday, November 17, 2000, at 10:48:44:

> I just tried out one of those internet based anagram makers and discovered that one anagram for my full name (without middle initials) is "Sand an old jock". I think we all know what that means...
> Donald "The Monkey'Maybe I'll try my full name WITH middle names and see if any of you can figure out what it actually is...'man" Jackson

I was bored, so I did the same and came out with some very appropriate anagrams of my name:-

Rink Typoed
Dye Rink Top
Rinky Depot

And then some of my full real name:-
wombat jeers honors
tearoom brews johns
jams shown rootbeer

Entropy"Whore banjoes storm" kid