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Re: Minor league games
Posted By: Lucky Wizard, on host
Date: Friday, August 2, 2002, at 18:46:10
In Reply To: Re: Minor league games posted by Lucky Wizard on Thursday, August 30, 2001, at 16:56:10:

> > I have heard about the "minor league baseball experience," and how the games are much more entertaining to watch than a major league game (not to mention cheaper.) Have you been to a major league game? How did the minor league game compare to that? I've never been to a minor league game, but I've heard much good about them.
> I've never been to a major league game, and I haven't been to a Beavers game yet. But when the Tri-City Dust Devils were playing in Portland, I saw several of their games. The Rockies (that's what the Dust Devils were called when they were in Portland) games were quite entertaining.

Just thought I'd post to say I went to a Beavers game for the first time yesterday. It was entertaining, even if the visiting Tucson Sidewinders did win. (We left in the eighth inning -- before the Beavers scored their one run -- but we saw the final score in the paper today. Actually, I'm now wondering if the cheering we heard as we were waiting for the light rail was related to scoring that run.)

In the original post, Grishny mentioned that at Dayton Dragons home games, there's always some entertainment between innings. This was true of the game we went to, and has generally been true of the Rockies home games. Now I'm wondering if this is true of every minor league team...

Anyway, on to the game. There wasn't much to report about the Beavers' playing (that I saw) other than a steal they pulled off early on, and a double play they pulled off at some later point.

Another thing to report about the game is that part of the reason they lost was due to the fact that the guy who was pitching for the Sidewinders is good enough at the game that he played in the majors for about two years.

(The Sidewinders won 7-1. When we left, they were leading 5-0.)

Lucky "Just thought I'd post this" Wizard