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Re: Looking for ideas
Posted By: Kelly, on host
Date: Tuesday, July 6, 1999, at 14:44:38
In Reply To: Re: Looking for ideas posted by Darien on Tuesday, July 6, 1999, at 14:14:58:

> > Is your girlfriend on RinkWorks [*]? I think you should propose to her right here in the message forum!
> Ooo... I like that idea... :-}
> Dar "Little lightbulb just came on..." ien

Actually, that's not a bad idea. But then I'd feel obligated to invite everyone to the wedding and, assuming that the Message Forum gets thousands of hits a day, that would mean I'd be getting married at a stadium. Or...the Texas Motor Speedway. That holds about 200,000 people. And it's only an hour from where I live. And the up side would be the wedding gifts!!! We'd have more place settings and glassware than the Vatican! ;-)

In all seriousness though, I'm starting to like that idea. I'll give it some thought. And if I decide to propose online, I'll work something out with Sam. That is, if he'll allow RinkWorks to be used for a proposal!

Kel"whaddya mean the server timed out!! NOOOOOOO!"ly

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