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Re: Looking for ideas
Posted By: Issachar, on host
Date: Friday, July 2, 1999, at 10:25:42
In Reply To: Re: Looking for ideas posted by Sam on Friday, July 2, 1999, at 09:49:04:

> One suggestion I made to you, about choosing from the many options you have, was the "Vaporize everything in sight" option. But I can't use that particular inside joke outside of this forum, or no one would get it. I'll let Issachar tell you all about what the "Vaporize everything in sight" engagement proposal scheme might be like, because frankly I don't have the foggiest idea.

Hmm. I reckon that the "vaporize" plan is best left for the constituency of Soldier Of Fortune magazine, unless your fiancee-to-be happens to be kidnapped by terrorists on the evening of your intended proposal. In that case, think Arnold-in-"True Lies", and all should be well.

I regret that I must admit that my own proposal wasn't the most exciting thing in the world, since it was impossible to keep it a surprise for Jacqueline. Instead, she got to know the date of our engagement ahead of time, and I focused on simply making the evening as classy as possible (read: "as I could afford"). We went out for dinner at the "Top of the Hub", a restaurant atop the Prudential Tower in downtown Boston, and I rented a horse-and-carriage to drive us through the town afterwards. It would have been somewhat better, I think, if it hadn't been January and freezing cold even under a couple of heavy blankets, but it was still fun. I proposed to Jacqueline in the chapel where our wedding was to be (we'd talked about these things for some time before-hand). On the whole, it was a great night but not the ultimate romantic moment you might want to plan for yourself.

Months later, on our wedding day, I snazzed things up a bit by blacking out as the minister was talking about the significance of the Unity Candle, but that's a story for another time... :-)

Also, I've been meaning to extend congratulations to Sam and Darleen on surviving a year of marital bliss without any signs of regret or undue strain, unless you count "Really Bad Jokes", which I don't. Way to go you two!

Iss "and let's see some more EquiContent coming down the pipe, too...maybe a model-horse racing game of some kind :-)" achar

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