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Our Hospitality (1923)



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For generations, the Canfields and McKays (based on the real life Hatfields and McCoys) have been feuding. Sick of it all, a new McKay mother sends her new son to the city, away from the fray. He grows up but returns to claim the McKay "estate" when he inherits it. Suddenly, he finds himself dodging bullets from the various surviving Canfield neighbors. And, of course, there's a Canfield love interest.

While not Keaton's greatest work, this is nevertheless a fine film, with at least two classic Keaton sequences. The first is a string of mishaps during a long train ride -- trains were among Keaton's favorite comic props (later given a starring role in his masterpiece, The General) as this early feature clearly illustrates. The second is a hilarious and breathtaking waterfall rescue which, like all of Keaton's stunts, was performed by the man himself.