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Soft drinks and snacks now routinely come with a free contest. As if opening a candy bar to find a delicious stick of chocolate covered goo wasn't exciting enough, now we can open a candy bar and find a delicious stick of chocolate covered goo and the immortal words, "Sorry, you are not an instant winner." On the inside of soda bottle caps, we may discover a friendly invitation to "please try again." I think the secret code word contests are best. I bought a Sprite the other day that had some random letters and numbers on the cap. I don't know what it meant, because you had to send away for the contest rules (which would come with a free "game piece," which is, I suspect, a cap that says "please try again" on it), but it was exciting anyway. Alas, however, the other day I bought a Pepsi, and all I got was a drink. What a rip-off.