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Word Boxes

3×3 Symmetrical Word Boxes
4×4 Symmetrical Word Boxes
5×5 Symmetrical Word Boxes
6×6 Symmetrical Word Boxes

Word Boxes are like miniature crossword puzzles, except that each word is filled in across and down the grid. That is, the answer to 1 across is the same word as the answer to 1 down; 2 across is the same as 2 down; etc. Can you solve these Word Boxes?

4×4 Anacrossagrams
5×5 Anacrossagrams
6×6 Anacrossagrams

Anacrossagrams are like miniature crossword puzzles, except the clues are words, and what you fill into the grid is an anagram of the clue. You have to figure out what order the letters go in based on the intersecting clues. Can you figure these puzzles out?