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This is a good companion piece to A RinkChat Retrospective.

* Sam turns RinkChat into Retro RinkChat.
Sam has left.
Sam has entered.
Monkeyman: WOOOOOOOO
gremlinn: Yay!
Zarniwoop: Oooooh.
Monkeyman: YAY SAM!
nomie: Whoa!
ahmoacah: Ret.... WHOA.
Zarniwoop: Weird.
nomie: COOL
Rabbitlord: Whoa!
Sam: Bye teach!
Cynthia: Ohmy.
Nyperold: Oh wow, flashback to early Chat.
* Zarniwoop blinks.
ahmoacah: That is ALL WRONG.
Rabbitlord: That is AWESOME.
* nomie wasn't actually here for retro Rinkchat.
* ahmoacah's brain breaks.
gremlinn: That means labels should be about 12 letters long.
[Retro RinkChat] User Monkeyman has been labeled '12345678901234567890123456789012' by Monkeyman.
* Rabbitlord tests.
* Rabbitlord wasn't here, either. How much did he miss it by, anyway?
Zarniwoop: A few years.
nomie: November 19, 1999
gremlinn: 11/19/99. Kind of easy to remember, I guess.
* Rabbitlord showed up in the fall of 2000.
Rabbitlord: Although then I swiched nicks, "Rabbitlord" got purged, and I reregistered it in January 2001.
nomie: Rabbit: What was your other nick?
* Rabbitlord doesn't remember. "Foxglove," maybe?
Sam: Rabbit: Yup, you were Foxglove.
[Retro RinkChat] User Monkeyman has been unlabeled by Monkeyman.
Morris: i remember these days
Morris: i was morris for the first time then lol!lol!lol!omg
Sam has left.
* Zarniwoop thinks this is really odd.
Sam has entered.
ahmoacah: This is weird, because my brain clearly is used to parsing the text based on its color.
ahmoacah: So I see "* Sam has entered." even though it doesn't say that.
* Sundragyn hms.
ahmoacah: And now Sundragyn has "hmm"d from the room, whatever that means.
* The colour of acts is wondered about by nomie.
Morris: nomie: The /acts wouldn't even be here.
Yakshi has entered.
gremlinn: Oh wait...if it's really old, there are no labels.
Nyperold: Labels came after Group Therapy.
Nyperold: Matter of fact, there weren't /topics , separate rooms, mods, or OPS.
Sam: Yeah, the real way to make this retro would be to take out 90% of RinkChat's features. Most of the colors used in here didn't even exist in ANY form back then.
Yaksha: whats the topic
Morris: grem: Remember [admin+]?

You can't tell from this transcript, but at this point I modified my [owner] label to be an [admin+] label.

Morris: Remember when a couple of the Dialectizer dialects worked? I think it was Redneck and Fudd. That was awesome.
Nyperold: Yeah, Redneck and Fudd. The most popular and the least strain.
gremlinn: Yeah. I'm just wondering if chat started with any of those at all.
Morris: Yeah, I don't think it started out with the Dialectizer options. That came shortly afterwards. And left shortly after that.
* Sam deletes Murkon's Refuge, Trivia Stampede, Puzzle Games, The Adventures of Smart Man.
ahmoacah: NooooooOOOOOOoooo
Rabbitlord: LOL!
Sundragyn: Please don't delete Enchanted Forest 2. I'm busy clearcutting it.
Yaksha: im stuck in a room with a bunch of old guys talkin about the past
Blood_Drops has entered.
Nyperold: Hello!
nomie: WOO
Zarniwoop: Sweet.
Ria: hehehehe
gremlinn: He needs to enter twice, remember?
Myrth: Greetings, Blood_Drops.
Sundragyn: Hello, Mr. Drops.
Morris: AIGH! I had just gotten used to the brown as /me, but the blue as entrance/exit color threw me off again.
Blood_Drops: The important thing is that we all get in touch with our inner warriors.
flyingcats: Sam, you are insane.
ahmoacah: This rules.
Rabbitlord: It's also so weird.
* Counterpoint wants to get one brown /me in.
Counterpoint has left.
Counterpoint has entered.
Counterpoint: WHOA
* flyingcats BROWN eep.
* Rabbitlord is the color of dried blood. Eugh.
Morris: Where's Dave? We need him to ban Sam.
Blood_Drops: Actually,
Blood_Drops: I am not Blood Drops.
Blood_Drops: I
Blood_Drops: am
Blood_Drops: Sam,
Blood_Drops: and I
flyingcats: LOSE
Blood_Drops: win!
Blood_Drops has left.
nomie: ROFL
Sam: /kick flyingcats
Morris: Ahahhahahahaa
* Rabbitlord dies.
Counterpoint: It's actually called Retro RinkChat and the system messages say [Retro RinkChat]!
ahmoacah: What???
nomie: Cp: I was just about to say that!!
ahmoacah: Cp: Aaah! LOL!!!
Rabbitlord: Cp: LOL!
[Retro RinkChat] User Sam has been labeled 'no label' by Sam.
Rabbitlord: Hey, COOL.
[Retro RinkChat] User ahmoacah has been labeled 'Retro!' by ahmoacah.
[Retro RinkChat] User Sam has been labeled 'labels do not exist' by Sam.
ahmoacah: That's COOL.
Sundragyn: Ooooooh.
[Retro RinkChat] User ahmoacah has been unlabeled by ahmoacah.
Zarniwoop: Even everything on the sign-in page has begun referring to Retro RinkChat.
Morris: Wow, maybe half of the links on the right existed then.
Rabbitlord: Can you go to the old lobby?
* Sam does not like lima beans.
* Zarniwoop makes pasta-y glop.
Morris: i just saw 'sneaked' on a web page! it's wrong because it is.
* Nyperold leans on the bedframe beside him.
wintermute: Woah. I leave for a few minutes, and it all goes WEIRD.
Sam: It's not weird. It's retro.
Nyperold: It's groovy, man!
wintermute: Before my day.
flyingcats: WHOA I remember that. Hah.
* Rabbitlord remembers the old lobby, too, sort of.
gremlinn: Funny how the "Logout" link takes you back to the main Nostalgia page.
Sam: Of course, for it to really be retro, there needs to be lots of bugs in the chat room, such that it deadlocks every few hours or so and thrashes the system.
Morris: I remember those days.
Cynthia: Of course, for it to be really retro, a number of people, myself included, would have to disappear.
Yaksha: i would not be hear as well
Rabbitlord: You need to add the "Users In Lobby" feature back, Sam.
Sam: RL: That feature exists. You just don't have permissions for it.
Sam: I took it out because I didn't really want people to be able to see people entering and exiting private rooms.
Morris: Wait! What about /huge or /big or whatever it was Darien made you set up for like two days?
[Retro RinkChat] User Dave has been banned from Retro RinkChat by Sam.
Sam: That rules.
[Retro RinkChat] User Dave has been unbanned from Retro RinkChat by Sam.
Sam: Hrm. What else can I do?
SpiderBoy has entered.
gremlinn: SpiderSpeedBallBoy!
SpiderBoy: it has been along time. i don't belive i know most of you.
Myrth: Hello, SpiderBoy.
Djinn: Hi, SB.
SpiderBoy: sorry i cant stick around.
SpiderBoy: Spider-damnthisisstupidlyhardtoread-Boy
SpiderBoy has left.
Cynthia: Since I am here, I will devote a few minutes to confronting one of the major issues of our time.
Cynthia: The evil which is the main public carpark company in the city of Auckland.
Morris: omg are you a man or a woman?????
* Sam wonders if he'll ever be able to see out of his right eye again...
Morris: Where's Finchplucker? I need some advice on how to be a playa and get the honeys.
Cynthia: Oh, Sam, you mud maggot.
Nyperold: "BX introduced AGP and has the ATA66 standard mounting 8 high-velocity 7200 rpm HD's instead of 4, except that Linux only recognizes the first HD for some reason, and the G-Force 256 chipset has a breakthrough transistor complexity greater than the P3 itself, and wow get an eyeful of these latest advances in stretching textured skins over extremely high polygon count!"
* Morris is an obnoxious twit.
Sam: I could never have made sweeping changes like this on the fly with the old code.
Sam: I gotta go home, though, so unfortunately I have to put it all back.
* Sam *poofs*.
Sam: And we're back.
Zarniwoop: Whee.
* Zarniwoop tests.
* nomie yays.
gremlinn: FUTURE LAND
nomie has left.
nomie has entered.
Ria: Awww.
Morris: Oh, that was beautiful.
Cynthia: Huzzah! I exist again!
Morris: The attention to detail was stunning.
Sam: I'm glad for whoever thought of admin+. I don't think I would have thought to do that.
Sam: I think it's pretty cool that all those changes are so naturally easily to make. I didn't change anything except config values.
ahmoacah: 'twas Morris.
gremlinn: We need Future Chat.
Morris: That would be awesome
gremlinn: Maybe you'll go from [owner] to [overlord] or something. A grim evil future RinkChat.

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