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This builds upon Mia vs. Mina, from three days earlier.

Mia has entered.
* Mia is having problems with RinkChat.... :-(
Stephen: That's okay. We have problems with you.
Mia: Hey!
Mia: :-(
Mia: And you just have problems, don't you?
Stephen: I have one big one. Her name is "Mia."
Stephen: You see, I'm desperately in love with her, and that really messes me up.
* Mia blinks. "Oh...."
* Mia is speechless.
Stephen: Wow. First time?
Mia: hrmph. No, actually, it's not. I was quite speechless when Dave decided to kiss me. :-P
Stephen: Ah, so there has been two times in your life where you weren't speaking? That's more than I had assumed.
Mia: :-P
Stephen: And, er, when did Dave kiss you? If it was recently, I have to kill him.
Mia: Well, it was about a week ago....or so....
Mia: But, really, you don't have to kill him.
Stephen: Ah-hem. I think I do.
Mia: He's actually a pretty good kisser. ;-)
Stephen: I will kill him until he dies.
Morris: No, kill him longer than that.
Mia: But, why, Stephen?
Stephen: For kissing you. I have to defend your honour.
Stephen: And I have to defend my claim, as it were. ESPECIALLY from Dave.
Mia: Oh, I see. Well, then, I suppose he must die....
Stephen: He's got a silver tongue, you know.
Stephen: His mouth alone is worth more than I am.
Stephen: Rumor has it he also has a golden throat.
Stephen: He's loaded.
Mia: I wouldn't say THAT, exactly...
Stephen: Oh?
Mia: Yes. HE hasn't declared his love for me. He only kissed me.
Stephen: Even worse!
Mia: Even worse?
Stephen: Well, that he thinks he can just go around kissing you without even the hint of pretext.
Stephen: I demand satisfaction! Dave will die!
Mia: Oh, all right, if he must.
Stephen: He must, he must.
Mia: I suppose a girl's honor SHOULD be defended.
Ayako: Hey, what about MY honor? Stephen kissed me without declaring any love for me.
Stephen: Did not.
Ayako: Did so.
Stephen: It's all a bunch of lies.
Mia: Ayako: When did Stephen kiss you?
Ayako: Mia: You were there.
Ayako: He did it to make you jealous.
Stephen: Clearly you are thinking of a dream you had.
Ayako: I haven't woken up screaming, so it wasn't a dream.
Ayako: I hope you've brushed your teeth by now.
* Stephen is pretty sure none of this ever happened....
Mia: Pretty sure?
Stephen: Well, I have a spotty memory sometimes. Though it doesn't SOUND like something I'd do.
Mia: Wait.
Mia: You are saying it COULD have happened?
Stephen: No, of course not. Yes.
* Stephen is almost positive none of this happened. Except in Ayako's sick, sad little mind.
Mia: I remember something like that happening....WHO was it?
Ayako: See, Mia remembers it.
* Mia thinks and thinks really hard.....
Mia: Actually, Stephen....I think it WAS you....
Stephen: Inconceivable!
* Stephen readies a libel lawsuit against both Mia and Ayako.
Mia: Is it, really?
Stephen: It is completely, totally, and in all other ways, inconceivable!
* Mia glares at Ayako. "If it is, I will have to kill you."
Stephen: Ayako is a liar, a coward, a cheat, a thief and an all-around ne'er-do-well.
Ayako: Who's scruffy-looking?
Stephen: I'm going to start pronouncing your name "Eye-ya-koh" for this most libelous accusation of my moral character.
Ayako: Why Stephen, did you profile me? I hope this isn't indicative of more unhealthy interest in my person.
Stephen: No, I did that a long time ago. You know, back when I kissed you?
Stephen: Errr....
Stephen: I mean, back when you claim I kissed you.
* Mia slaps Stephen.
Mia: You KISSED her?
* Stephen cringes.
Stephen: Hey! I didn't do anything!
Stephen: (I don't think.)
Mia: You just SAID you kissed her!
Stephen: I'm pretty sure I didn't....
Mia: I'm pretty sure I remember something like that!
Stephen: Oh, you slap me for something you're pretty sure you might remember?
Mia: No, I slapped you for ADMITTING you kissed her!
Stephen: Typo!
Mia: A TYPO?
Stephen: Yes!
Stephen: A totally innocent typo.
Stephen: But, wait, you kissed Dave!!
Mia: HE kissed ME!
Stephen: You certainly didn't seem too broken up over it.
Mia: I didn't know what to say.
Stephen: You just said, "Well, he's a good kisser." I would take that to mean you certainly weren't *upset*
Mia: Well, true....
Mia: And I have nothing to compare his kiss with!
Mia: So of COURSE it would be good!
Stephen: Not true. I've only had chicken pox once, but it certainly wasn't GOOD.
Mia: Ayako? Can you help him remember?
Mia: I mean, by telling him what you told me.
* Ayako copies and pastes what she PMed to Mia: Let's see... it pretty much went: * Stephen HUGS and KISSES Ayako to make Mia jealous! / * Ayako o.Os. / Ayako: Uh... Stephen? / Ayako: Brush your teeth.
Mia: And I remember that!
Stephen: Okay, well...uh...maybe that happened....
Stephen: Maybe.
Mia: hrmph.
Stephen: I don't recall.
Mia: Uh-huh.
Brunnen_G has entered.
* Brunnen_G is *shocked* at what obviously goes on around here at night.
Ellmyruh: BG: Just to catch you up, read this: Mia: Stephen: And you just have problems, don't you? / Stephen: Mia: I have one big one. Her name is "Mia." / Stephen: You see, I'm desperately in love with her, and that really messes me up. / * Mia blinks. "Oh...."
Stephen: Wow, I love the fact that Ell transcribes EVERY FREAKING THING I SAY.
* Ellmyruh KNEW she'd freak Stephen out with that one.
Brunnen_G: Yeah, she's obviously got some kind of a thing for you.
Stephen: No kidding.
* Brunnen_G wonders if there's a chance of another Rinkwedding coming up, although it looks like it might be a battle, if so.
* Stephen thinks RinkWeddings = PIE so...
Stephen: I mean, maybe Ellmyruh can marry her tape recorder, which she is so obviously in love with.
* Zullin thinks Ellmyruh's tape recorder is HOT.
* Ellmyruh doesn't use a tape recorder.
* Zullin retracts his statement.
Stephen: Your insane logs then. Whatever you use to keep track of everything.
* Brunnen_G suddenly realises why this has been happening. It's *spring* where you all are.
Brunnen_G: You're all hormone-crazed seasonal love fiends.
Brunnen_G: It's lucky you have me around to maintain sanity.
Stephen: You? Sanity?
* Stephen isn't the one named after a fictional undead assasin.
Brunnen_G: Well, maybe not sanity, but at least I'm not a hormone-crazed love fiend like everyone else around here...
Stephen: Only because your cold, undead, black heart is incapable of it.
* Brunnen_G would like to bet Stephen anything that a reader poll asking which of us is more sane would go *heavily* in my direction.
Brunnen_G: Although it seems that you would be more likely to win a poll on which of us more people currently want to be HUGGY BEARS for.
Stephen: Oh, like we trust RW readers.....
Stephen: They're more nuts than you!
Stephen: At least I don't forget that I'm writing in the third person half-way through my emotes!
Brunnen_G: Mm, OK, I do that. Huh. Force of habit.
* Brunnen_G remembers *sometimes*
* Stephen thinks it's okay, because I do it sometimes, even though Stephen is perfect.
Mia: Yes, BG, but he's only MY Huggy Bear. No one else's.
Stephen: Mia: I dunno... Elly obviously hangs on my every word...
* Ellmyruh doesn't necessarily hang on Stephen's every word. Nope. She just happens to have eyes everywhere sometimes.
Mia: Are you saying Elly is your Huggy Bear, too?
Stephen: No, but I think she'd like to be......
Mia: But she ISN'T, so it's all right.
Stephen: Well...not YET...
Mia: hrmph.
Brunnen_G: What is this place, the Stephen fan club?
Stephen: Uh...yeah.
Brunnen_G: Oh. OK. Just so I know.
RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'Stephen Fan Club' by Stephen.
* Zullin starts to write some Stephen fan fiction.
Brunnen_G: You know, this really calls his Supreme Dictatorship into serious question. Supreme Dictators are not anybody's huggy bear.
Stephen: lolol anime horse!!!!!!!lol
Stephen: Ooop, sorry, Rad took over for a sec.
Brunnen_G: So when did you stop being gay, anyway? :-P
Brunnen_G: I mean, I don't want Samuel L. Jackson to come around and beat me up because he thinks I'm some kind of rival.
Stephen: You know, you can just SHOT UP and EAT A BAG OF HELL whenever you'd like. I hate you.
* Mia frowns.
* Mia thinks Wes's devotion to her might be a better choice....
Ellmyruh: I won't drop names, but I don't think you're the only RinkyDink in Wes's life.
Mia: Yeah, yeah. But I can handle not being the only RinkyDink in Wes's life....
Stephen: You mean you don't mind sharing with Dave?
Mia: Well, it's better than sharing YOU. :-P
Stephen: I dunno... I'm a lot of man for one woman to handle, you dig?
Mia: No, I don't think so.
Brunnen_G: Oh, there just *has* to be another Rinkwedding around here soon. The romance levels are reaching toxicity these days.
Ellmyruh: Stephen's now a polygamist?
Stephen: Yeah, Mia converted me to Mormonism!
* Stephen ducks
Mia: Hrmph!
Brunnen_G: Maybe this is the next Survivor spin-off. We put Stephen on a desert island with his harem and they fight it out for his hand until one is left.
Stephen: That sounds like GOOD WATCHING!
Brunnen_G: Of course, they'd need to catch rats to eat, and stuff like that, but that makes it more fun to watch.
Brunnen_G: I have to admit, back when I first met you all, I would *never* have thought Stephen would become the object of everybody's lust like this. Well done.
* Mia has NOT been reduced to...a HAREM....
Ellmyruh: No, Mia, you're not a WHOLE harem.
Stephen: Of course not. You can be HEAD of the harem.
* Mia is mortally wounded.
Brunnen_G: Good, that always helps the ratings.
Mia: Gah!
* Zullin suspects that several contestants might deliberately fall into the fire to avoid victory.
Stephen: Zullin: SHOT UP
* Mia doesn't think you fully realize the extent to which she has been hurt.
Stephen: I'm sorry, dear.
Stephen: Nobody meant you would actually be in my harem. You obviously couldn't qualify.
Mia: I'm not sure I understand what you are implying....
Stephen: I mean, it simply wouldn't be fair to the other contestants. They wouldn't have a shot at winning.
Mia: Thanks, Stephen...I think....
* Travholt got a hair cut today!
Brunnen_G: Are you going back to get another one cut tomorrow?
Travholt: Yeah. Don't want to strain the hair dresser, you know.
Brunnen_G: Hehee. My hair looks about a foot longer in winter than in summer. A lot of the curl goes out of it when the humid weather stops.
Brunnen_G: I mean, it was shoulder length in March when Sam and Leen and Dave were here, and now it's almost down to my waist, just because it's gone back to being *straight*.
* Brunnen_G unfortunately only has two possible looks, depending on the humidity: frizzy mess, or deranged hippie.
Ayako: You could shave your head.
Brunnen_G: Well, yes, but that would add "hideously ugly" to the range of options.

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