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Archives: Mia vs. Mina


This is what happens in chat rooms that your parents warned you about.

Mina has entered.
Mina: Stephen! My love!
Mia: Hi Mina!
Stephen: AHHH! MINA AND MIA IN THE SAME ROOM! Can't handle that!
Stephen: Oh, hrm, my class starts in like 2 minutes. I should leave.
Mina: Stephen! No! Don't leave me!
Stephen: Sorry, I have to go.
RinkChat: User Stephen has been labeled '@class' by Stephen.
* Mina pouts.
Mina: I'm counting the hours til I get to see you, my darling!
Mina: I'll be on the first flight in the morning!
Mina: Not for long. Stephen's gonna kill him.
Mia: Well, while he's still alive, stay away from MY Huggy Bear, will you?
* Mia now has incentive to make sure Darien lives.
* Mina hrmphs.
* Mia hrmphs.
Mina: Okay. I absolutely cannot stay up late tonight. I have an early, early flight to catch in the morning. So If I'm still here at 10:30, everyone has to tell me to leave!
Mia: Where are you going...?
Mia: If it's San Diego, I'll be right behind you.
Mina: Why, to California, to be with Stephen, of course.
* Mia begins checking flight plans.
* Mina knows Stephen's address. And it's not San Diego. So there. ^_^
Mia: Well, that's where the plane will land. So there. :-P
Mia: Mina! Can't you stay away from my Huggy Bear, future sister-in-law...?
Mina: Ha! That's EX future-sister-in-law to you!
Mina: After all, if I leave Darien for him now, we can avoid all that messy killing stuff.
Mia: Don't worry! I'll keep Darien alive! JUST STAY AWAY FROM STEPHEN!
Mina: Stephen likes me way better anyway.
* Mia pouts.
Mia: But MINA!
Mina: I'm way cuter than you, Mia.
Mia: What?? No!
Mia: Who told you that...?
Mina: Maybe if you're real nice to me, I'll let you be one of my bridesmaids.
Mina: Mrs. Mina Keller.... That sounds nice. ^_^
Mia: GAH!
* Mia cries. "I thought you were my FRIEND!"
Mina: Silly, silly girl. Don't you know in-laws are *never* your friends?
RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'For the Love of Stephen' by Mina.
Rivikah: The love of Stephen? What kind of crazy would want that?
* Mina cackles evilly.
Mia: I'm warning you...stay away from him....
Mina: Goodnight, Matthew! Would you like to come to my wedding t
* Mina oopses.
Mia: Ha! Not so cool now, are you?
* Mina has inherent coolness that cannot be infringed upon by a silly thing like that.
Mia: Right. Thief!
Mia: You just want to get close to Stephen so you can KILL him!
Mina: KILL HIMM?!?!?!?!? Never! Such blasphemy! You are not fit to be in Stephen's presence!
Mina: Well, little lady, I suggest you start shopping for a new Huggy Bear. I hear Darien's free...
Mia: I don't WANT a new Huggy Bear. I've already got a perfectly good one. Thanks, though.
Mia: Actually, I really have nothing to fear from you, Mina. He's already proclaimed his undying love for me. So there.
Mina: Hey, if that makes you feel better...
gabby: His undead love! Ew! Gross!
Mina: I guess Darien wouldn't be a good choice anyhow, him being your sister and all.
Mia: Right.
Mina: I would think the fact that you're related to Darien would kinda turn Stephen off, don't you?
Mia: Actually, no, it doesn't.
Mia: It know...Romeo and Juliet. Except that we aren't going to commit suicide at the end.
Mina: I mean, maybe he's just trying to *use* you to get closer to Darien, huh?
Mia: Use ME? He'd never do that.
Mina: Maybe he'll be all nice and sweet, and proclaim his "undying love," and then -BAM! Darien's dead, and Stephen's with me.
Mia: No, he may kill Darien, but he won't betray me.
Mina: Oh, now come on. You know Stephen better than that.
Mia: Yes, I do. And I KNOW he would NEVER betray me.
RinkChat: User Mina has been labeled 'Stephen is MINE!' by Mina.
Mia: But, Mina, YOU, however, I don't know. Maybe YOU are the one who is using Stephen. To get close to him, so he won't kill your Darien.
Mina: Well...we'll see, won't we? I mean, what's going to stop him from betraying you when his *true* love comes to see him tomorrow?
Mia: He won't. I know he won't.
gabby: Mia: Handcuffs work every time.
Mia: Because, you see, *I* am his true love.
Mina: Maybe I am. You don't know, do you? I could be using him...and what if I break his poor little heart, and he can never love again? Then where will you be? Without your little huggy bear, that's for sure.
Mia: I have nothing to worry about.
Mia: He won't betray me for you.
Mina: I could have that boy wrapped around my little finger in no time. And then I'd reduce him to a simpering little pile of goo that can do nothing but mourn the loss of me. And then Darien and I will RULE the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!@!!~
Mia: I'll KILL you first!
* Mina cackles even more evilly.
* Mia attacks Mina.
* Mina jumps out of the way, easily avoiding Mia's clumsy and desperate attack.
gabby: Mia and Mina / Each is Stephen's one true love / They hope he can't count.
* Mia falls to the floor and whirls to face Mina.
* Mina is impressed that Mia can whirl while on the floor.
Mia: I'm like that.
* Mina wields her really long nails as claws to fend off Mia's whirling.
gabby: Just don't let your swords clash. It might cause an explosion and title credits.
* Mia stands up and backs slowly away from Mina.
* Mina braces herself from the sudden pounce she expects.
RinkChat: User Mia has been labeled 'Stephen is MINE! Forever!' by Mia.
* Mia pounces on Mina.
* Mina was luckily prepared with a haiku! - Stephen is quite cute / Huggy Bear he is no more / I beat Mia up
Mina: Ha-HA! You cannot compete with the powers of me!
Mia: Haikus will do you / no good, for Stephen is mine / for eternity.
* Mina pulls Mia's hair while she is distracted!
* Mia yelps, then claws Mina's face.
* Mina winces, but recovers in time to trip Mia.
* Mia falls, but recovers in time, to do it gracefully.
* Mina calls for a temporary truce.
Mia: Actually...okay.
Mina: Ahh, Mia, all curled up on the floor, defeated...
Mia: I am NOT defeated!
Mina: What *are* we going to do with you?
* Mia backs away.
Mina: You know, I would let you have Stephen, but I don't want to break the poor guy's heart...
Mia: What....?
Mia: What are you going to do, Mina?
Mina: I mean, can you imagine how he'd feel if I told him I was leaving him for Darien?
Mina: He would be crushed!
Mina: But, at the same time, if I tell Darien I'm leaving him for Stephen...
Mia: Darien will be crushed....
Mina: Well, I think even you can figure out that it's a tough decision to make.
* Mia begins to understand, if only a little, why Mina is doing all of this....
* Mina is just doing it to be silly. But don't tell. ^_^
Mia: Oh, right.
Mina: Anyway... I don't know. Stephen and I probably aren't all that compatible.
Mina: You know? Cause he's into all that Supreme Dictator stuff...and that's just not my thing.
Mina: And while it would make Darien happy if I killed Stephen... ehh, I don't know. I mean, I really don't think Stephen could take over the world anyway.
* Mia pounces again, clawing Mina's face.
Mina: Hey! We called a truce!
Mia: Truce is over.
Mina: No fair! And I *was* going to let you have Stephen! But you may have just ruined that, missy!
Mia: Stephen is mine forever.
RinkChat: User Mina has been labeled 'Heartbreaker' by Mina.
Mia: You can't *give* Stephen to me because he isn't *yours* to give.
Mina: Too late. I already did.
Mia: So you said. Pig.
Mina: You can have him, Mia. I think I'll stick with my Darien.
Mia: Gee. Thanks. :-P
Mina: Hey, future-sister-in-law, I have this plane ticket to California. You want it?
Mia: Sure!
* Mina is done now. That was fun. ^_^
Mia: We should do it again some long as I ALWAYS end up with Stephen.
Grishny: Ya'll are weird.

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