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More of Stephen, unhinged. The opening lines refer to A Brawl of Ghosts and Evil People.

Ellmyruh has entered.
Stephen: Oh no, it's Ellmryuh!
Ellmyruh: Oh no!!!
Ellmyruh: Who's Ellmryuh?
Stephen: Don't try and pull a Darien on me!
Ellmyruh: And WHY does she have a name that looks like mine?
Stephen: I know full well that you know full well that Ellmyruh is none other than... YOU!
Ellmyruh: Right. But you were talking about Ellmryuh at first.
Stephen: Who is you.
Stephen: Or rather, which is you.
Ellmyruh: Nope. I'm Ellmyruh. I have no idea who the impostor Ellmryuh is.
Ellmyruh: I wonder how you'd pronounce that. Ell-Mr-yuh, maybe?
Stephen: shot up
Stephen: Please eat that.
Ellmyruh: *snicker*
Ellmyruh: Why, thank you! But I was just about to do the Washu and brush my teeth online. I'll save it for later.
* gremlinn eats the bag, after carefully extricating the hell.
Stephen: gremlinn: No, you just ruined everything.
Ellmyruh: Sure, leave that part for ME.
* gremlinn makes a dessert out of it: hell-o.
* Ellmyruh groans.
gremlinn: New and Improved Formula! Flame-flavored goodness!
Ellmyruh: Ooooh!
gremlinn: 100% RDA of Brimstone.
* Stephen just beat Dave's sorry butt at online Jeopardy
Ellmyruh: Ah, that would explain the slamming door.
Stephen: Damn, Ell, I like how you'd been idle and then responded INSTANTLY after I put in my message.
Stephen: Watching the chat like a hawk, obviously.
Stephen: And now you're NOT responding.
Ellmyruh: I didn't feel like responding.
* gremlinn often works with RC filling the whole screen and another window on top, leaving the bottom 2 or 3 lines of chat visible.
* Ellmyruh was in a completely different window. Two of them, actually.
Stephen: You're all a bunch of liars.
Stephen: You guys monitor this place, 24/7.
Stephen: AND you have cameras all over my house. STOP WATCHING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gremlinn: Stop picking your nose.
Stephen: NEVER!!!
gremlinn: And don't slouch in your chair like that.

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