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Did you know that The Mystery of Brackly Hall, as featured on Adventure Games Live has a secret ending? Well, actually, it doesn't. In fact, none of this conversation will spoil the game for you. But it might have!

Stephen: Whoo!! Got the secret ending to Brackly Hall!
gremlinn: There's a secret ending?
Stephen: Yeah!
Stephen: You need to use the flamethrower to destroy the hedge maze.
gremlinn: Oh, well I couldn't get the flamethrower because I couldn't figure out how to empty the swimming pool.
gremlinn: Does it have anything to do with the traveling circus clowns?
Stephen: Yeah! If you give the clown lavendar 50 times, he gives you the pump.
Stephen: To drain out the water from the pool.
gremlinn: 50 times?? How is someone supposed to try that?
gremlinn: That's evil.
Stephen: The book tells you to do that. You need to pull random books from the bookshelf a total of 9 times.
Stephen: Then you get the book "HOW TO GET SECRET ENDING."
gremlinn: Oh, well, then I was close. I found the first 7 books.
Stephen: Ahhh... Yeah, you need to try a little bit more.
gremlinn: I guess the fact that the 1st and 7th books are identical threw me off.
gremlinn: Ok, I have the flamethrower. Do I need to burn down every square?
gremlinn: This could take a while.
gremlinn: whoa, cool.
Sam: Heh. Stephen thinks he's so smart. NONE of you have found the EXTRA special secret ending yet.
Sam: (You do that by using the flamethrower on all the people in the house.)
gremlinn: I burned down the maid just to test it out. So I can do that for the other guys too?
Stephen: I tried that, but the butler pulled out some Jeet Kun Do on me!
Sam: You need the tape and the cat hair and the maple syrup to disguise yourself first. Then the butler thinks you're his ancient Jeet Kun Do instructor, whom the butler is quite sure he could NEVER beat -- so he doesn't bother to try.
gremlinn: Hmmm...I guess I should have raided the weapons bunker before I got the flamethrower. Now I can't get out of the house past the snipers.
Sam: Did you at least get the swizzle stick? You can dig your way out.
gremlinn: No, where to I get that? From the clowns?
* gremlinn hopes no one comes in who hasn't played, because of these massive spoilers.
* flyingcats is just not reading any of it
Sam: No, you need to put a piece of tape on the Snobby Waitress. Then she goes into the kitchen after you pet her and comes back with a swizzle stick stuck on her. Then you distract her with the $20 bill and swipe it.
gremlinn: Oh oops, forgot to pick up the piece of tape after torching the butler.
Sam: Oh no!!!!! That might be a bug, then, because it might not be possible for you to win now.
Sam: There's but one hope. Select the 'stall' option 838478968384 times, and then the Marine Space Militia Air Strategic Defense Command Legion Troop will bomb everybody away.
gremlinn: Ok...good thing I have a fast connection.
* gremlinn gets bored of hitting stall after 239 times and gives up.
Sam: You only lasted 239 times? I figured you'd be good for 1582 at least.
gremlinn: Maybe I'll try again later tonight.
Sam: Hang in there. You're already 0.0000000001% of the way, so don't give up.
gremlinn: It gets hard because after the 200th time, you have to go to the phone and negotiate with the SWAT team for more time every time you hit stall.
gremlinn: And every time you use the phone, you have to go down to the 7th floor basement to find another dime.
gremlinn: Darn pay phones.
Sam: Oh yeah, I forgot about that. And, of course, to find a dime, you need to move the junk in the basement around 48 times.
gremlinn: The worst part of it is, that your broom breaks every time you move the junk around, and you have to go up to the attic to repair it.
Sam: And to repair it, you need to dust for cobwebs 117 times, until you get enough to weave into a piece of durable string, so you can repair the broom with that. Yeah, I see your dilemma.
Marvin has entered.
gremlinn: Marvin: Brackly Hall spoilers, don't scroll up if you haven't played.
Marvin: I've beat it :)
gremlinn: Did you find the 2nd special ending?
Marvin: Nope...
gremlinn: That's what we were discussing.
* gremlinn is at 239 stalls, 27 pieces of junk moved towards finding the next dime, and 93 cobwebs acquired for the next broom.
gremlinn: Yay! 28 pieces of junk.

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