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Familiarity with The Sting, Part I and The Sting, Part II will be helpful in appreciating this particular chat session. The "2.0" stuff is a reference to one of the items on I Think.

It started when I addressed one of Howard's concerns in a rather unorthodox manner: I wasn't actually present in the chat room.

Howard: Wanna see me switch identities?
Speedball: Go for it Howard
Howard has left.
Nyperold has left.
Speedball has left.
Howard has entered.
Howard: It didn't work. Sam must have erased Julio.
Ghost of Sam: I recently cleaned up the RinkChat accounts by removing those that hadn't been used in a long time.
Howard: How'd he do that? Is this the Twilight Zone?
Ghost of Sam: Yes.
Ghost of Sam: I have eyes everywhere.
Howard: speechless
Howard: Stephen. What are you trying to pull?
Ghost of Sam: WMM says hi.
Howard: Oh no she doesn't. I hear her upstairs in the kitchen.
Howard: Sam! Saaam! I think Stephen is pickin' on me.
Howard has left.
Stephen: What I don't get is why you monitor the chat as "Ghost of Sam" like that
Stephen: Why not just come in chat and go "away"?
Stephen: I think you dig freaking people out like that :)
* Stephen then wonders if Sam's even watching this
Stephen: Oh, by the way, the new "I Think" update ruled
Stephen: Hrm, apparently it's not all that easy to get Sam's Ghost to appear
Stephen: Maybe I need to hold a seance
Stephen: Dang, I think I'd need other people for that
Stephen: Well, that's doable
* Stephen summons Radebur
Radebur has entered.
Stephen: Hey Rad, you up for a seance?
Radebur: yeah
Stephen: Okay, great
Stephen: Uhm... maybe one more
Stephen2_0 has entered.
Stephen: Here we go
Stephen: My updated version
Stephen: 3 should do the trick
Stephen2_0: Hi all! I'm like Stephen, only better!
Radebur: oh great too losers now!! loL!!!
Stephen: Anyway...
* Stephen gets out a table and a crystal ball
Stephen: Have a sit
* Stephen sits
* Radebur sits
* Stephen2_0 sits, but with gusto
* Stephen turns out the lights, and lights a candle
Stephen: Everyone, we need to hold hands
Radebur: d00d i am not gonna make out with you so dont try putting on the moves!!!!~!~ lol!!!
Stephen: Sigh. Be quiet, Rad
* Stephen holds Rad and Stephen2.0's hands
* Radebur holds hadns
* Stephen2_0 takes the original (inferior) Stephen's hand as well as Rad's
Stephen: Okay
Stephen: Now, everyone, I want to you to close your eyes
Stephen: Be extremely quiet
* Stephen2_0 closes his eyes
* Radebur closes his eyes
Stephen: Concentrate on summoning the spirits...
Stephen: Oh wise and powerful spirits from the great beyond, if you are there, give us a sign!
Stephen: Anybody? Hello?
* Stephen secretly raps on the bottom of the table with his knee
Radebur: whoa!!!! a spirit!!
Stephen2_0: Jeez you idiot, can't you see he's doing that?
Radebur: shut up u will scare away the ghosts!!!
* Stephen2_0 sighs
Stephen: Quiet, the both of you!
Stephen: Close your eyes and concentrate
Stephen: Oh powerful spirit, thank you for manifesting yourself to us today
Stephen: If you are still here, tell us your name
Radebur: radebur or terry
Stephen: Not you, you idiot!
Radebur: sorry this is getting stupdi
Stephen: Dangit, I created you, now be QUIET</I>
Stephen2_0: Hahaha, you don't even to how to use the italics tag
Stephen2_0: I can't believe I'm only 1 version higher than you
GhostOfStephen has entered.
* Stephen gasps
GhostOfStephen: Ooooohhhh.... who has summoned me here today?
Stephen: I have, oh powerful spirit from the netherworld!
Radebur: i'm scared
Stephen2_0: It's obviously just Stephen1.0 logged in on another window
Dave has entered.
RinkChat: User Stephen has been kicked from the chat room by Dave.
Stephen has left.
Dave has left.

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