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Archives: The Sting, Part I


The less said about this, the better: you're better off discovering what this one is all about as you read it. And when you're done, you just might want to read it all again.

Stephen: Hrm... guess it's just us 3
Radebur: yeah
Stephen: Oh, you actually there, Rad?
Radebur: yup
Stephen: Hrmph. Fun.
Stephen: I'd make a joke about it being noon in NZ, but I don't think BG would like it
Radebur: huh?
Stephen: Uhm... never mind. Long story
Radebur: oh ok
Stephen: Let me make a guess... you're new to chat?
Radebur: only to rinkworks chat
Stephen: Ah. Well, as the Supreme Dictator around here, let me welcome you :)
Radebur: huh?
Radebur: do you make this site?
Stephen: No, that'd be mainly Sam's doing. I just started calling myself Supreme Dictator one day
Radebur: u are a weird guy
Stephen: Well, whatever you say, Rad
Stephen: We're all a bit odd around here :)
Radebur: not me
Stephen: Okay. Then what are you doing in chat this late?
Radebur: it's my job.
Stephen: Oh? Your job is to be in chat?
Stephen: :P
Radebur: no!
Radebur: i am at work you idiot
Stephen: I knew :P Was joking
Radebur: oh
Stephen: So... where do you work?
Radebur: i work at at&t, answering calls. nothing to do late at night
Stephen: Ah. Pretty dull then?
Radebur: yeah, but only when youre on at night
Radebur: at day it's better
Stephen: I see. You like it there?
Radebur: it's ok
Radebur: but it's easy and i can go to school and work a lot of hours here
Stephen: Ah, cool beans
Stephen: What are you studying?
Radebur: telecommunications
Stephen: So then the job at the phone company is appropriate, eh?
Radebur: yeah... but i don't want to be answering phones for ever!
Radebur: my dad works here, got me this job. when i get my b.s. i can get a better job here
Stephen: Ahh. Heh heh :)
Stephen: So...uh, how long have you been a RinkWorks visitor?
Radebur: huh?
Radebur: rinkworks?
Stephen: Uhm... yeah, the site we're on right now :)
Radebur: ooohhh
Radebur: i dunno. a little while
Radebur: man you are stupid, stephen
Brunnen_G is back.
Stephen: You've got a bit of a mean streak, eh?
Radebur: just joking!!! jeez
Stephen: man
Stephen: You certainly don't *sound* like you're joking
Radebur: sorry
* Stephen wonders what Brunnen must think of this weird conversation
Radebur: brunnen_g are you like that show on scifi channel?
Brunnen_G: That's me. @~:-)
Radebur: oh. i saw that and it was stupid
Brunnen_G: Yes.
Stephen: Rad: I've heard it gets better... besides, it wasn't stupid it was weird
Radebur: plus it was a rip off of farscape with a living ship and stuff
Stephen: Actually, LEXX was made before Farscape
Radebur: whatever
Radebur: i just hate it when they play stuff like twilight zone all the time
Stephen: Okay
Stephen: You just mocked Twilight Zone. For that you must DIE!
* Stephen pulls out a katana and goes to work on Rad
Radebur: dude you are really weird
Stephen: Rad: I was thinking the same about you :P
Radebur: man i wish some people would call about something
Radebur: i hate working nights
Brunnen_G: I don't mind it.
SpiderBoy has entered.
Brunnen_G: Hello, Spider-Boy
Stephen: Heya, SB!
Radebur: hey are you a spider?? hahaha!
SpiderBoy: Hey, just stoped in to see who is here
Brunnen_G: Well, here we are. Not much is happening.
Stephen: I'm writing up a huge Millennial character thingy :)
Radebur: what is that? something else weird?
Radebur: you guys all like weird stuff here
Stephen: I'm sorry Rad
Brunnen_G: We prefer to think of it as mentally stimulating, Rad. :-)
Radebur: brunnen okay whatever. i like things that ARENT werd
Stephen: Rad: You must hate yourself then :P
Stephen: Joking!
Radebur: stephen i dont know why you hate me
Radebur: jk
Brunnen_G: I like many things, Radebur. Some of them are weird, or at least funny. That's just other people's opinions.
SpiderBoy has left.
Radebur: i like spider man the show
Radebur: whyd they take it off tv???
Radebur: probly for more pokemon!!! lol!!!!
Radebur: Hey everyone, Stephen rules! And Twilight Zone is the best TV show ever!
Stephen: Why, that's so true Rad.
Radebur: huh!?!?!?!?!
Radebur: What's that?
Radebur: Yeah Stephen, you rock!!
Radebur: what? i didnt say those things
Radebur: i think my computer has a virus or soemthing
* Brunnen_G wonders if Stephen worked out how to use the Liface Weapon....*grin*
Radebur: No really, I did. Stephen, you are the man! And Brunnen, LEXX is pretty cool, albeit too complex for me
Brunnen_G: We have our defenses here, Radebur.
Stephen: LOL. Man Rad, you're right on now.
Brunnen_G: LOL
Radebur: ok this is weird!!!
Brunnen_G: *ROTFL*
* Brunnen_G now *knows* Stephen worked out how to use the Liface Weapon.
Brunnen_G: This chat room is not entirely defenseless.
Radebur: ok i ran scandiskc and i think its okay now
Brunnen_G: ***ROTFL***!!!
Radebur: Yup. I'm fine. What's a Liface Weapon? :)
* Stephen is laughing so hard he can barely type
Radebur: i gotta go!!! somethings wrong with my computer!!!!
Radebur has left.
Stephen: Hahahahahaaha!
Brunnen_G: Poor Radebur. Stephen, you were right, you are the man.
Brunnen_G: That ruled.
Stephen: :) Jeez he was annoying
* Brunnen_G is helpless with laughter ... scandisk...
Stephen: Hehehehe
Radebur has entered.
Radebur: ok im back
Brunnen_G: No offense, I hope, Radebur. That was really funny.
Radebur: oh ok brunnen_g
Radebur: i rebooted my computer and ran the virus checker and it came out okay so i guess it was just like the internet got mixed up
* Brunnen_G reads Radebur's post and relapses into hysterical laughter
Radebur: Yes, it was hilarious
Radebur: you guys are weird
Brunnen_G: Go on Stephen, tell Rad what you did.
Stephen: Brunnen: Awww. Do I have to?
Brunnen_G: Stephen has the power of the Liface Weapon. It's far too long a story, Rad.
Radebur: did oyu hack my computer!~?!?!?!
Radebur: i read about you guys!!! im gonna call the cops!!!
Brunnen_G: Of course he didn't.
Brunnen_G: It's just a chat room thing.
Brunnen_G: Calm down, will you? We're not like that.
Radebur: ????
Stephen: Uhm... don't worry Rad. I was just messing with you a bit
Stephen: It's okay, no harm, no foul
Radebur: well i guess u didnt put on any viruses so its ok
Radebur: but if you stole my credit card number im gonna call the cops!
Brunnen_G: Radebur, we would NOT do anything like that.
Radebur: lol this is a work computer anyway!!!!
Stephen: I assure you, I was never on your computer
Brunnen_G: Give me a break.
Radebur: if you ahcked the company files, i dont really care!!! hahahahahaah!
Stephen: ahcked!?
Brunnen_G: SAM!!!!
Stephen: What kind of weird joke is this?
* Brunnen_G is VERY suspicious indeed
Radebur: huh???
Brunnen_G: HAHAHA!
Brunnen_G: You have to be one of the other regulars, if not Sam or Dave himself.
Stephen: Hey! Where's Darien at!?
Stephen: Hrmph. He's not on AIM...
Stephen: But that could all be part of the plot!
Radebur: you guys are weird
Brunnen_G: Come on Radebur, the game's up. Who are you really?
Radebur: Okay. I'm really Brunnen-G.
Stephen: What??
Stephen: Uhm... Brunnen, huh?
Brunnen_G: No, he's not me.
[Radebur->Brunnen_G] Don't tell Stephen, it's really me, Darien :-}
[Brunnen_G->Radebur] I thought it might be.
[Brunnen_G->Stephen] HAHAHA. It's really Sam. He just private messaged me not to tell you.
[Stephen->Brunnen-G] Seriously!? HAHAHAHAHAHA! What's he doing up so late?
[Brunnen_G->Radebur] I just told him you were Sam.
[Brunnen_G->Radebur] This should be good.
[Radebur->Brunnen_G] LOL. Good idea ;-}
Radebur: hey!!! id idnt say that either!!!
Radebur: are you doing that again!?!?!
Stephen: lol. Yes :)
Stephen: Okay... well, let's see if we can't figure out who you are from your IP...
* Stephen remembers about the /ip command
* Brunnen_G thinks this is wonderful
Stephen: Dangit, I can't /ip Sam! Heh heh, I think I've got you
Radebur: what the heck are you guys talking about??
Brunnen_G: We KNOW it's you!!! Sheesh, give it up, will you?
Stephen: Are you... SAM!?
Radebur: who is sam??
Radebur: jeez my name is radebur or terry, not sam
Brunnen_G: TERRY?
Radebur: yeah thats my real name
Stephen: Hahaha Sam. Hilarious
[Stephen->Brunnen_G] He's really Sam, right?
[Brunnen_G->Stephen] He said he was, how should I know? I can't ip him or anything.
[Brunnen_G->Stephen] All I know is, his spelling improves dramatically in the private messages
eric_sleator has entered.
Brunnen_G: OK, why don't you tell us more about this phone company you work for?
Radebur: brunnen_g its at&t
* eric_sleator cries like a little girl
Radebur: eric_sleator u are a wierd guy
Radebur: whats up with all these weirdos??
Stephen: This "Radebur" is apparently really Sam up late, messing with us
[Brunnen_G->Radebur] Darien, you are the MAN!
[Radebur->Brunnen_G] He, he. Thanks...
Radebur: who iz sam!?!?!?!
[Stephen->Brunnen_G] HRmph, he hasn't given up yet.
Stephen: Jeez Sam, you just have insomnia and decided to generate some archivable content?
eric_sleator: it's not sam...sam can spell and never misspells anything (except he sometimes accidentally types "hack" instead of the correct "ahck")
Radebur: i dont know who this sam is but hes not me!!!! really!!!
Silvercup has entered.
Silvercup has left.
Brunnen_G: What does "Radebur" mean?
Radebur: brunnen_g it is from a book
Brunnen_G: If you're really new to this site, you should read Sam's Book-A-Minute. It kind of stinks. Sam's not very good at things like that.
Brunnen_G: He likes to think he's funny, but he isn't.
Radebur: who is asm?
Radebur: i mean sam
eric_sleator: radebur: you
Radebur: eric no i am radebur or terry
* Stephen grows tired of this. Come on Sam!
[Brunnen_G->Radebur] LOL, I'm really enjoying messing with Stephen's mind like this
[Radebur->Brunnen_G] Hehehe. You have him convinced it's Sam
Brunnen_G: Radebur, we KNOW you're Sam. JEEZ.
Radebur: eric_sleator are you trying to plan to kick me???? i hate you weirdo
[Brunnen_G->Radebur] I have an idea. Call me "Craig". It's not my name, but pretend you found it out.
[Radebur->Brunnen_G] ;-} Good plan
Radebur: hey craig, don't let them kick me
Brunnen_G: ?!?!?!?!
Brunnen_G: WHAT??
Stephen: craig? Now this is just getting odd
[Brunnen_G->Stephen] That's my NAME!!!!
[Stephen->Brunnen_G] SERIOUSLY?? Sam just gave out your name!? I didn't even know he knew it!!
Radebur: come on craig! lol!!!
Brunnen_G: OK, only Sam knows that!!!!
Brunnen_G: No way. You're not Sam, he wouldn't give that out. DAVE, right?
eric_sleator: dave! of course! it makes perfect sense!
Brunnen_G: I think Sam must have told Dave. Sam wouldn't tell.
Stephen: Hahhaha! Okay Sam, thanks for solving that mystery. What are you doing on so late?
Radebur: no craig im not sam... im the guy in the office next to you at work!! hehehe
Brunnen_G: That is RUBBISH!
Brunnen_G: He is not.
Stephen: I don't think it's Dave... but maybe it is. I can't /ip him either (can't do it to admins)
Radebur: ok my name is terry not sam or dave you weirdos
[eric_sleator->Stephen] now is the time to kick
[Stephen->eric_sleator] no, no, I want to see where this goes
[eric_sleator->Stephen] good idea
Brunnen_G: LOL LOL LOL
[Brunnen_G->Radebur] *ROTFL* Stephen's going to kill both of us.
* Brunnen_G thinks OK, OK... enough is enough. Stephen's going to kill both of us for this.
Radebur: craig wut do you mean? hahahahhahaah!
Brunnen_G: Sorry Stephen. All a web of deceit.
* Stephen is confused *__*
Radebur: Man, you're easy Stephen
* Brunnen_G is hysterical with laughter.
Brunnen_G: Stephen, that was the greatest.
Radebur: I expected more from my arch-nemesis
Stephen: Uhm... someone want to fill me in?
* Brunnen_G hugs Darien. This rules.
Brunnen_G: LOL LOL LOL
Stephen: DARIEN!?!?
Radebur: The one and only :-}
Radebur: Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated
Brunnen_G: eric: It was me and Darien all along. That isn't my name.
Brunnen_G: That is so archivable.
* eric_sleator doesn't know who to believe
Stephen: Okay guys, I tip my hat to you
Stephen: Man, that was pretty clever
Brunnen_G: I hope someone is saving this.
Stephen: Well, it auto-saves
Stephen: Sam can get it tomorrow
Brunnen_G: We can fill in the private messages for Sam later, perhaps.
Radebur: I've been saving the private messages :-}
Brunnen_G: Way to go, Darien.
Stephen: You guys really had me going
Radebur: Except
Radebur: There's one more secret to be revealed
Radebur: I'm *not* Darien!
Radebur: Mwahahahahaha!
Stephen: Indeed! He's not!
Brunnen_G: No way.
Radebur: You see, it is I, Stephen!
Stephen: Hahahahaahah!
Stephen: Oh man, hahahaha!
Stephen: Jeez that was hilarious
Radebur: :)
Radebur: Really, I am Stephen
Stephen: Really, he is
Stephen: How else do you think I took over Rad?
Brunnen_G: I can't even BEGIN to tell you how much that ruled, Stephen.
eric_sleator: is brunnen really craig?
Stephen: I was saving private messages from both sides
Brunnen_G: I thought it might be you at the beginning, actually, but then I changed my mind and thought you must have worked out how to take over his messages.
Stephen: This is going to make one cool archive :) The layers upon layers of lies were great :)
* Brunnen_G thinks this, if nothing else, justifies Stephen's claim to Supremacy.
Brunnen_G: Hehehehe
eric_sleator: so did radebur used to be a real person, not stephen?
Brunnen_G: I think this is going to go down in history.
Brunnen_G: And you know something else...
Brunnen_G: Darien is going to be PISSED.
Stephen: Brunnen: Probably :) Serves him right for being AWOL
Stephen: When everyone was gone, I was trying to get a totally new style self-chat on
Stephen: And I was acting like a lamer
Stephen: I kept it up when Brunnen came in.
Brunnen_G: Darn it, it would have been so funny if it *had* been Darien. This is even better, though.
Stephen: Brunnen: Yeah, I was sort of disappointed to have to reveal it as me
eric_sleator: but is craig your real name, though?
eric_sleator: it is craig, isn't it?
eric_sleator: i won't tell anyone, i promise
Brunnen_G: Gah. I've created a monster.
Radebur: Oh, why'm I still in here?
Radebur has left.
Stephen: I'm gonna mail Sam with my files, and telling him to read the archive as well :)
* Brunnen_G bows to the Supreme Dictator and fades out
Stephen: Later BG! :)
Brunnen_G has left.
Stephen: eric: The funniest thing is, during my "self chat", while BG was here (but away) several times I typed things in the wrong window (and made mention of the fact)
Stephen: S/he didn't bother to scroll all the way back up or read them carefully, or else my plan wouldn't have worked :)
eric_sleator: stephen: you just got lucky that he didn't
eric_sleator: that was very elaborate
Stephen: Hehe
Stephen: It *was* elaborate. I was quite confused for a bit
eric_sleator: how'd you get confused?
eric_sleator: you instigated it!
Stephen: It freaked me out when BG messaged me and said that Rad was really Sam (I had told BG that Rad was Darien)
Brunnen_G has entered.
Brunnen_G: Hehe. I freaked you out when I revealed my deviousness? Glad to hear it.
Stephen: My only disappointment with that chat was the lack of Darien. He would have definitely messed with it even more :)
* eric_sleator could have added more fun to it if he had known
Stephen: eric: Heh heh. You came in too late. It was hard enough with just BG. Perhaps it's good Darien *wasn't* here
* Brunnen_G thinks we should plan something like this for a time Darien is here.
Stephen: BG: Oooh. That'd be devious
Stephen: I like it :)
Brunnen_G: Stephen: Maybe you should email Sam and tell him not to archive that yet. Too much of a warning to him. We can repeat it with Darien added in.
* Brunnen_G will be really bummed out if Darien comes in *now*.
Brunnen_G: We would need to have names and characters that were normal and real enough that he wouldn't think it was someone messing him around.
Brunnen_G: Maybe a couple of Radeburs, but also some normals who don't participate much in chat until much later.
Brunnen_G: Then when the morons leave or get kicked or found out, the normals can come up as decoys.
Stephen: Brunnen: Oooh! Yeah, I like that :)
Stephen: Also, it's harder because he's an op and can /ip people
Brunnen_G: What about if we get Sam in on it? He can deop Darien, maybe just for that day, on a pretext earlier.
Brunnen_G: I'm sure Sam would be up for something like that.
Stephen: Hrmm... yeah, that works :)
Stephen: Something silly like Sam's debugging and doesn't want any ops
Brunnen_G: Ah HA! Yes.
Stephen: And with Sam's involvement, we can add even *more* layers of "reality"
Stephen: Heh heh :)
Stephen: This is good
Stephen: What we need is a day where we know that Darien is going to be in here all day...

To be continued...

So now that the secret of Radebur has been revealed, here's what really happened before Brunnen-G returned. The lines of Stephen's dual self-chat, as represented above, are pretty much intact, but the speakers are not. As he hints at later, he got confused about which window was which and typed a couple of the wrong lines in the wrong windows. Here's how it actually went:

Stephen: Ah. Well, as the Supreme Dictator around here, let me welcome you :)
Radebur: huh?
Radebur: do you make this site?
Radebur: No, that'd be mainly Sam's doing. I just started calling myself Supreme Dictator one day
Radebur: Hrmph. Looks like I confused the two windows
Stephen: Dangit! Did it again
Stephen: So...uh, how long have you been a RinkWorks visitor?
Radebur: huh?
Radebur: rinkworks?
Stephen: Uhm... yeah, the site we're on right now :)
Stephen: ooohhh
Stephen: i dunno. a little while
Stephen: Stupid freaking Windows!
Radebur: man you are stupid, stephen
Stephen: ha, ha

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