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This archive is divided into two sections. The first happened in the morning. The rest took place that evening. This transcript illustrates just how close-knit and full of good will we RinkChat folk are.

Some lines in this transcript refer to things that happened in RinkChat the night before, as preserved in Songs and Getting Older. Reading that archive first will help you understand this one a little better, but it's not essential, by any means.

Ayako has entered.
* Ayako splashes around in the stream.
Ayako: Brrr, that's cold!
Ayako: It's too early in the morning for that.
* Ayako towels herself off and builds a fire on the bank.
Ayako: C'monnnn, light!
* The fire has been seen to be not lighting by Ayako.
Ayako: Hmph.
* Ayako shivers.
* Ayako wraps herself in the damp towel.
* Ayako tries to stuff her whole self into the towel, but if she gets her feet in, her head and arms poke out. She tries putting her head and arms back in, but then her legs stick out.
Ayako: I'm gonna catch pneumonia or something. I wish I knew the right way to build a fire.
RinkChat: User Ayako has been labeled 'damp and cold' by Ayako.
* Ayako huddles within her towel.
* Ayako tries lighting the fire again, with no success.
* Ayako has an idea.
* Ayako rummages around in her extradimensional pocket (TM Sakura).
* Ayako comes out with a flamethrower!
* Ayako fires that baby up (pun intended).
* Ayako is hit by a massive groan at the pun from the rest of the world.
* Ayako falls over with the flamethrower
* Ayako manages to light her hair on fire.
RinkChat: User Ayako has been labeled 'ON FIRE!' by Ayako.
* Ayako stumbles into the stream again.
* Ayako loses the flamethrower in the current.
* Ayako is now wet and cold again.
RinkChat: User Ayako has been labeled 'wet and cold' by Ayako.
* Ayako shivers her way out of the stream.
* Ayako tries to dry off with the towel, but it's damp.
* Ayako catches pneumonia.
* Ayako dies, since no one is around to save her.
* Ghost of Sam saves Ayako.
* Ayako is saved.
* Ghost of Sam PUMPS AIR INTO LUNg.
* Ghost of Sam hooks Ayako up to an air compressor.
* Ayako thinks . o O (Uh oh.)
chug, chug, chug, chug
chug, chug, chug, chug
* Ghost of Sam pounds Ayako on the heart.
* Ghost of Sam listens for signs of life.
* Ghost of Sam hears none and hooks her back up.
chug, chug, chug, chug
chug, chug, chug, chug
* Ghost of Sam pounds Ayako on the heart again.
* Ghost of Sam listens for signs of life.
* Ayako kicks her leg.
Ghost of Sam: Ah!
* Ghost of Sam also kicks her leg.
* Ayako kicks her leg feebly.
* Ghost of Sam kicks her other leg.
chug, chug, chug, chug
chug, chug, chug, chug
chug, chug, chug, chug
chug, chug, chug, chug
chug, chug, chug, chug
chug, chug, chug, chug
Ghost of Sam: Whoops, it's not coming out.
chug, chug, chug, chug
chug, chug, chug, chug
chug, chug, chug, chug
chug, chug, chug, chug
* Ayako fills up with air.
* Ghost of Sam hits Ayako in the lungs.
* Ayako releases it all in an explosive breath and flies around the room.
* Ghost of Sam dumps a bucket of cold water on Ayako.
Ayako: AUGH!
Ayako: Thanks a LOT, Sam. Now I'm wet and cold again.
RinkChat: User Ayako has been labeled 'wet and cold' by Ayako.
NessaChan has entered.
* Ghost of Sam plugs Ayako's fingers into an electrical get her heart started, of course.
* Ayako goes *ZAAAAAAP* *CRACKLE*
* Ayako fizzles.
* NessaChan falls out of sky
* Ghost of Sam watches NessaChan land on Ayako while she's receiving the electro-shock therapy.
* Ayako goes *OOF*
* NessaChan goes splat
* Ghost of Sam is spellbound as the two FRY LIKE SAUSAGES!
Ghost of Sam: Oh no! The horrible accident has swapped their identities!
* Ayako sits up, shaking her head.
* Ghost of Sam pours cold water on both of them.
* Ghost of Sam pours too much, nearly drowning both, and we're right back where we started.
* NessaChan gets cold water poured on her
* Ayako KICKS Sam! What kind of lifesaver are you, anyway?
* Ghost of Sam kicks Ayako's leg.
* Ghost of Sam looks around to assure himself that nobody was watching, then sheepishly slinks away.
Ayako: Hmph.
* NessaChan feels like a duck
RinkChat: User Ayako has been labeled 'wet and FREEZING' by Ayako.
* Ayako shivers.

In this next section, anything that happens that isn't Ayako or Nessachan is me, starting with the arrival of...

Blanket has entered.
* Ayako GRABS Blanket!
Blanket: AACK!
* Ayako wraps herself and Nessa-chan up tight in Blanket.
* Blanket is cold.
NessaChan: gaack!
NessaChan: er.. I mean.. thanks.
* Ayako tries to generate enough body heat to warm herself and Nessa-chan up.
* Blanket wraps itself in itself.
RinkChat: User Ayako has been labeled 'WrappedInBlanket' by Ayako.
* Ayako observes the formation of a tessaract.
* NessaChan turns into a Nessasicle
* NessaChan takes a nap
* Ayako FINALLY gets warm, inside the tessaract.
RinkChat: User Ayako has been labeled 'FINALLY warm' by Ayako.
Blanket has left.
* Ayako is still warm without Blanket.
Warmth has left.
Ayako: SAM! Make it come back!
It has entered.
Ayako: AUGH!
Ayako: That's NOT funny!
RinkChat: User Ayako has been labeled 'cold' by Ayako.
NessaChan: eek!
* NessaChan hides under a rug
Rug has left.
NessaChan: Aiyeee!
* Ayako will GET Sam, once she sees him in a material form.
* A pencil draws a swashbuckling outfit on Ayako and a black badguy cloak on NessaChan.
NessaChan: keen! I'm snide snidely!
* Ayako swashbuckles.
* NessaChan ties Ayako to a railroad track
NessaChan: mwaahahaa
* An eraser erases the ground under Ayako.
Ayako: ACK!
Ayako: Not you too!
* Ayako falls underneath the railroad track, so the train doesn't hurt her.
* NessaChan robs a bank
* An eraser erases the bank, and a pencil draws a jail.
* NessaChan is in jail
NessaChan: curses! Foiled again!
* Ayako throws aluminum foil at Nessa-chan.
* All the scenery and costumes are erased, and a paintbrush paints an ocean and a ship and pirate costumes.
Ayako: Arr.
NessaChan: gaacK!
* NessaChan puts on a pirate costume quickly
* Ayako covers herself belatedly. Sam! How dare you take off my clothes! I'M TELLING LEEN!
* A pencil draws a fig leaf.
* Ayako realizes she's wearing a pirate costume now, but it's the principle of the thing!
Ayako: At least this costume is warm.
* NessaChan puts a parrot on her shoulder
* An eraser erases the parrot, and a pencil draws a hippopotamus.
* NessaChan is squashed
NessaChan: oroooo.. ..urk..
* Ayako tries to bat the hippo off Nessa-chan with the fig leaf.
* A paintbrush paints rocks in front of the ship.
* A pencil puts a moustache on Ayako.
Ayako: HEY!
* Ayako shaves.
* A pencil puts a longer moustache and a beard on Ayako.
* Ayako twirls her moustache and strokes her beard.
* Ayako then shaves again. She just always wanted to do those things.
* A pencil puts a moutache of twigs and a beard of leaves on Ayako.
Ayako: YES! A MOUTACHE! I always wanted one!
* Ayako tires of the moutache, and gets rid of it and the beard.
* An eraser puts a hole in the ship below NessaChan.
* NessaChan and hippo fall into the ocean
* NessaChan tries to swim
* An eraser erases the water, and a paintbrush paints a vast desert.
* NessaChan and hippo sit in the vast desert
* A pencil makes the hippo a monster.
NessaChan: Aiyeee!
* Ayako valiantly fights the monster with her shining sword.
Ayako: Swash! Buckle!
Ayako: Oh, that was a few scenes ago.
* Ayako 's sword disappears in the middle of the "buckle".
NessaChan: it's a hippolumphergriff!
* NessaChan hides under rug
NessaChan: er.. sand
* An eraser erases everything, but the ceiling sags down and threatens to squash them all.
* Ayako turns into Big Bad John and holds up the ceiling.
Ayako: Oh wait. Big Bad John dies. Never mind.
* NessaChan gets a stick and pushes it up
* The ceiling sags down around the sides.
NessaChan: gwaaaa
* NessaChan rips up the ceiling
* Ghost of Sam snickers. Ain't I a stinker?

Later, that evening....

Ayako has entered.
* Ayako GETS Sam!
Ayako: Some kind of lifesaver YOU are!
Ayako: Oh. Hi all.
* Ayako slaps Sam into the stocks.
* Ayako doodles kanji all over Sam while he's in the stocks.
* Ayako is only pretending to know kanji.
Kiki has entered.
Mousie: KIKIKIkikikikiiiiiiiiI!!!!1
* Mousie missed Kiki a LOT.
* Kiki missed Mousie even MORE!!!!!!
Mousie: Mmmwwwuuuuoooaaaaahhhhh!
* Kiki HUGS Mousie and WON'T let GO EVER EVER EVER!!!!!!!
* Ayako puts a big "KICK ME HARD" sign on Sam's back.
* Psychosis kicks Sam hard
* Sam kicks himself hard.
* Sam 's kick knocks the sign right off.
* Ayako superglues it back on.
Ellmyruh: Why are we beating up on Sam?
Ayako: Because Sam only PRETENDED to save my life when I was dying from pneumonia, and instead made me WETTER and COLDER!
* Ellmyruh still loves that song, she takes Sam's side.
* Kiki is STILL hugging mousie
* Mousie is still being hugged!!! YAYYY!!!!!
* Sam pats Ayako on the head -- yes, you're a good little girl -- and shoos her away.
* Ayako hits Sam.
* Sakura helps Ayako out and hits Sam, too.
Sam: Wow. If I had patted Mia on the head like that, she'd STILL be screaming about it.
Sam: You are much too patient and forgiving.
Ayako: And NOW Sam is being CONDESCENDING.
Sam: Oh! That's better.
* Ayako pokes Sam in the eyes.
* Psychosis gives Sam some "Clear-eyes"
* Sam twists Ayako's nose.
Ellmyruh: Facial features again.
gremlinn: Is this a Three Stooges bit?
* Ellmyruh gives Sam a wet, slimy toad.
* Ayako puts ice down Sam's back.
* Sam throws the wet, slimy toad at Ayako
* Ayako ducks.
* squidgunner wonders why the tooad hit him in the noggin...
* Sakura hits Sam over the head with another mallet.
* Ayako ties Sam's ears together.
* Ellmyruh takes pictures.
* Psychosis makes goofy cartoon sounds as Sam is getting beaten up
* Sam stuffs Ayako in a trash barrel, mashing her in with the end of a broomstick.
* Sam caps the can.
* Ayako oozes out of the barrel and takes shape as Ayako again, much like the T-1000.
* Sam snatches Mousie and flings her at Ayako.
* Ayako catches Mousie and sets her down gently.
* Kiki gets tossed along with Mousie, seeing as she's still hugging her
* Ayako set Kiki down gently, too.
* Sam stomps on Sakura.
Sakura: Ow.
* Ayako puts matches between Sam's toes and lights them.
* Ellmyruh blasts the fire extinguisher at Sam's toes.
* Sam weaves Ayako's fingers together in a strong, durable fabric.
* Mousie and Kiki roll across the floor and knock everyone down like bowling pins!
* Ellmyruh lands on top of Ayako.
* Ellmyruh rolls off of Ayako, retrieves the slightly scorched toad, and tosses it to Sam.
* Ayako drops an anvil on Sam's head.
Ellmyruh: Nooooooo!!! Now the toad is dead!
Mousie: Dead toads rule.
* Sam is knocked down, thus diverting the imminent spray of his firehose from Ayako into Sakura.
* Moonstar attacks Sakura.
* Sakura tries to fend off Moonstar and Sam and fails.
* Sakura has been beaten badly by Moonstar.
* Sakura has been drenched by Sam.
* Sakura gives up and collapses.
Moonstar: My job here is done. Good luck, Sam-chan. ^_~

Moonstar, by the way, is Sakura.

Moonstar has left.
* Sam high fives Moonstar and heads for Ayako.
* Sam 's high-five misses as Moonstar vanishes in thin air.
* Ayako tackles Sam as he's off-balance from the high-five.
* Sam , off-balance, stumbles to the side, trips over Mousie and Kiki AGAIN, and runs FULL TILT into Ayako, sending her sprawling off a CLIFF to DROWN IN THE TORRID SEAS BELOW!
* Ayako flies back up, much the way a brick doesn't.
* Sam conks Ayako on the head with a mallet as she ascends, sending her down again
* Sam hits Ayako AGAIN when she comes back up. Ayako, the human yo-yo!
* Ayako finds a secret cave that leads up right underneath Sam's feet...
* Sam sides to the side.
* Mousie steps to the step.
* Sam STEPS to the side, that is.
* Ayako 's hand bursts out of the ground and grabs Sam's ankle.
* Sam trips and falls on Ayako, CRUSHING HER INTO A PANCAKE.
* Sam pours ice and fire on Ayako.
Moonstar has entered.
* Sakura beats up on Moonstar.
* Moonstar beats up on Sakura.
* Sakura pulls out her henshin pen and... ah, forget it.
* Ellmyruh hurls Moonstar at Ayako.
Moonstar: Hey!
* Ayako ducks, and Moonstar gets thrown off the cliff.
* Moonstar stops in midair and launches herself at Elly.
* Ellmyruh does the Keanu and stops Moonstar with her hand.
* Sam scoops up Ellmyruh and plunks her down on Ayako and the cave, effectively blocking off the exit.
Sam: Wait, hang on.
* Sam stuffs Mousie around the edges so Ayako doesn't seep out.
* Ayako knows where there's another exit to the cave, but is NOT TELLING where it is this time.
* Sam stands to the side to watch everyone fight without him.
Sam is away.
* Sakura attacks Sam.
Sakura: Hahaha...
Sakura: Oh, gah, he's away.
* Sam bonks Sakura on the head.
* Moonstar flies high into the air and, with a cry of "Omae o korosu!", launches herself at Sakura again.
* Ellmyruh notes that Sam is away and thinks this is a good time to escape.
Ellmyruh: Bye, everyone!
Sam is back.
Ellmyruh: Hey! SAM was away!
Mousie: Sam is vewy, vewy sneaky.
* Ayako gets out of the cave and gets out her spiffy machine gun.
* Sam rolls up Sakura into a bowling ball and SLAMS HER INTO AYAKO'S HEAD A MILLION TIMES!
* Sakura uncurls and goes after Sam again.
RinkChat: User gremlinn has been labeled 'Grem Reaper' by gremlinn.
* Moonstar attacks Sakura again, trying not to hit Sam.
* Ellmyruh wishes Sam wouldn't use her as a human shield.
* Sam uses Ellmyruh as a human sword.
* Ellmyruh covers her eyes.
* Sam STABS Ayako and CHOPS Sakura.
Fire_Ice_Death has entered.
Fire_Ice_Death: Hi

Now, you'd think Fire_Ice_Death would be an alter-ego of someone else already present, right? Not so. He or she was someone new to RinkChat and picked an interesting time to try it out.

* Ayako throws Fire_Ice_Death at Sam.
* Sam grabs Fire_Ice_Death and wields it against...I don't know, SOMEBODY.
Sam: FID: Hi. We're having a small war to the death.
* Mousie thinks Fire and Ice Death is only so much lukewarm water, really.
* Ayako takes her damp towel, twists it up, and snaps it at Sam.
* Sam howls.
* Moonstar kills Sakura and Ayako. Old-fashioned, but effective. ^_^
* Sakura dies.
* Ayako doesn't die.
Moonstar: Mwahaha...
Fire_Ice_Death has left.
* Sakura kills Moonstar.
* Moonstar had Chantage perfume on, so she revives. HA!
* Moonstar nominates herself for best Jaffar impersonation.
* Sam twists up Ellmyruh and snaps it at Ayako.
Ellmyruh: IT???
Sam: her
Ellmyruh: That's better.
Sam: Ellie: Sorry. With you twisted all up like that, you looked like a towel.
Ellmyruh: Since when do towels have curly hair, eyes, and jeans?
Ellmyruh: Yes, curly eyes are interesting things to have.
Sam: Ellie: But it was all twisted up!
Ellmyruh: Sam: So? That doesn't matter. I thought you were all knowing!
Ayako: Ellmyruh! Now you know the evilness of Sam! Come, join our side!
* Ayako stuffs Sam's head into a toilet.
* Ayako flushes.
SneakyQ has entered.
* Sam uses SneakyQ as a human shield, which, because it is Sneaky, is more than enough camouflage to keep out of everyone's sight.
* SneakyQ is a human shield?
* Ayako sees a Q sticking out, and pulls out SneakyQ and Sam!
* Sam packs Ayako into a ball and drops her into a vat of pancake batter.
* Sam turns on the blender.
* Sam takes the pancake batter out and TENDERIZES IT GOOD.
* Ellmyruh thinks she should have Sam cater her wedding.
* Sam caters Ayako to the wedding.
* Ayako pulls out one of Sam's hairs!
* Ayako puts the hair on the wedding cake. What a terrible caterer you must have had, Elly!
* Ellmyruh kicks Ayako and uninvites her from the wedding!
* Sam sees Ayako pop out of the cake and looks at Ellmyruh. "I didn't know it was THAT kind of wedding!"
* Ayako decides to go all the way, and shaves Sam bald.
Ellmyruh: AYAKO!!!!!!!! What are you doing in my cake?
Ayako: Sam baked me into it!
Ayako: And he used PANCAKE batter for a cake!
* Mousie throws a handful of superballs up in the air and runs out of the way.
squidgunner: ow!
* Sam boings all around the room.
* Sam watches Ayako belly dance for the wedding party and flirt with Sean.
* Sakura snickers and takes pictures.
* Ayako DOES NOT belly dance and flirt with Sean!
* Sam catches Ayako whispering in Sean's ear.
* Ayako slaps Sam. Stop suggesting things about me!
* Sam slaps Ayako back with a glop of pancake dough and reminds her that SHE was the one flirting!
* Ayako rearranges Sam's vertebrae.
* Ayako was suggesting to Sean that he go pay more attention to Ellmyruh!
* Sam steals the enamel on Ayako's teeth (and gives it to eric).
* Mousie covers her eyes and pokes a hula hoop at people, hoping to harm someone.
* Ellmyruh grabs a piece of hairless cake and saunters out the door.
Ellmyruh has left.
* Sam stuffs Ayako's foot into her ear.
* Ayako stuffs Sam's legs down his throat.
* Sam coughs them back up on Ayako.
Ayako: Ewww!
* Moonstar helps Sam by twisting Ayako's legs and arms into an impossible and painful position.
squidgunner: wow, Twister!
* Sam spins the dial. Left hand up right nostril.
* Sam stuffs Ayako's left hand up her right nostril.
* Ayako stuffs Sam's HEAD into HIS nostril.
* Ayako causes a Sam implosion.
* Sam bleeds excessively but survives.
* Sam stuffs Ayako's nose into her, uh...INTO SAKURA'S NOSE!
Sakura: EWW!!!
* Sakura pulls Ayako's nose out of hers.
* Ayako wipes her nose off vigorously.
* Sam stuffs Sakura, Ayako, and squidgunner into the hula hoop and rolls them down THE GRAND CANYON!
squidgunner: "How was the canyon?" "Just grand!"
* Sakura dives out before it hits bottom and floats back up to Sam.
* Sam hands Sakura an anvil and watches her plummet back down and splat on the ground with a little white poof.
* Sakura throws the anvil up to Sam, hitting his head,
* Ayako eats Sam's fingers off.
* Ayako spits them out. Eww, Sam. Where have those BEEN?
* Sam ties Ayako's arms and legs together behind her back. (That way she won't know!)
* Ayako shoots Sam full of arrows.
* squidgunner wonders if grem reaper is finally going to end this nonsense, or if he's too busy spending all those millions of dollars he's making by appearing in commercials for electrical appliances...

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