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Though this was not archived until 11/14/04 and the game itself was deleted some time later (recoverable only thanks to some ancient backups), the memory of LifaceWorld instantly became a staple in the history of the RinkChat community. It came at a time when Brunnen-G had just written The Mystery of Brackly Hall, the first of the Adventure Games Live games not written by me. It prompted others to consider writing their own games, and that discussion fell into the conversation below.

Sam: That would RULE! LifaceWorld.
Brunnen_G: Hehehe
Liface: Of course
[Brunnen_G->Sam] I'll die laughing if he takes you up on that. :-)
Liface: It would have 2 locations . 1.) you are in a room P.s. go north to win. 2.) Yay. You won.
Brunnen_G: YES! Liface, you RULE.
Liface: Yeah.
Brunnen_G: Sam: YES!!!!
* Brunnen_G WON!
Sam: Dang, you're fast.
* Brunnen_G wonders how fast gremlinn will be able to play LifaceWorld.
* Djinn WON!
Liface: OH MY GOSH!
* BurgerKing won, too! Hurrah!
* Liface is the 7th person to win
Brunnen_G: That game RULES!
* Jimmy_Of_York got lost
Brunnen_G: ROTFL Jimmy
* gremlinn will finish in under 1 second and get identical time recordings.
* Djinn is the third person to win!
Speedball: Yeah-ha! I won! hehe
Liface: I can't play it again?
Ayako: I WON!
Mousie: Didn't I win LIface World when I married him?
BurgerKing: Finally, an adventure game in which my inability to tell east from west doesn't matter!
Liface: Know
Sam: grem: I don't get it. How come you haven't finished it yet?
Liface: No, she didn't marry me.
Sam: Heh. LifaceWorld already has more winners than Brackly Hall. LIFACE'S GAME IS WAY MORE POPULAR!!!!!!!
Brunnen_G: LOL
Mousie: Oh, yes I did. And I LLLLLUUUUUUVVVVVV him twwwwwuuuuuuuly! Smoochiewoochie smooch smoooch!! Mmmwaahhh!
Liface: It's just a hall of fame.
Liface: Heh. Brackly hall Sux0rs. Liface com rox0rs
Sam: Liface: Thank you for providing RinkWorks with a new game!!!!!
Liface: Cool. Thanks
Liface: If the universe wanted its physical laws to evolve with the changing whims of lowly writers, then so be it.
* Sam imagines the eventual Game of the Ages tagline: "Over 5000 times larger than the smash hit, LifaceWorld!"
Brunnen_G: LOL!!
* Jimmy_Of_York wants to make a game. 1) You are in a torture chamber. a) die quickly b) die slowely
Speedball: ROTFLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* Brunnen_G 's mind boggles at the thought of what Liface just wrote.
* Speedball abuses the '!' and is darn proud of it!!!!
Liface: Lol.
Sam: JOY: That sounds too hard.
Sam: BG: Quote from DotA.
Liface: Huh? Duel of thje ages favorite quotes.
Sam: Not bad, Liface. I like being quoted.
Brunnen_G: It's just so funny seeing Liface quote a line like that. It doesn't seem right somehow :-)
Sam: I know. Very bizarre.
BurgerKing: "Not bad, Liface. I like being quoted."
Liface: Yeah.
Mousie: It had to be a quote; there were no misspellings.
Help has entered.
Help: Hello Everyone.
* Help stinks at every single game in Atventure Games Live.
Ayako: Help: Did you try LifaceWorld?
Help: Ayako: Which one would that be?
Ayako: Um, I think the link was
* Djinn has won LifaceWorld 14 times! Whoo!
[Sam->Brunnen_G] Heh. I wonder if a 'w' command in the start file would work out....
[Brunnen_G->Sam] LOL!
Ayako: Sorry, it's
Ayako: No!
Ayako: It's
* Ayako is an idiot.
* Sam makes an improvement to LifaceWorld.

As I'd discussed with Brunnen_G, I changed it so that as soon as you register for the game, you win. You didn't even have to "go north."

* Ayako FINALLY got it right.
Liface: Djinn, you so craaaaaaaazy
[Sam->Brunnen_G] Seems to work just fine.
Liface: I saw that Sam
[Sam->Brunnen_G] A 'lose' command would be just as humorous.
* Help croses his fingers and enters.
* Brunnen_G loves the improvement. So much less confusion.
Pliffilif: damn. was hoping that village idiot got food poisoning from the sandwich so I could stick his head on the statue.
* Jimmy_Of_York thinks that takes all the challenge out of it...
* Ayako FINALLY got it right just in time for Sam to pipe up with the right link.
Speedball: HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Sam: LOL
Brunnen_G: Pliffilif: LOL!!!
BurgerKing: It's even better!
* Liface and folex are leaving. We will get back on at his house. BYE!!!!!!!!!
Liface: Folex is better tahn me
* Djinn is craaaaaazy.
Liface: BYE!!!!
Liface: And play me game now!
Djinn: Bye, Liface.
Tubba: Bye foface.
Liface has left.
Pliffilif: then again, if I can come up with that, the answer's probably under my nose.
* Sam thinks it's too easy this way and therefore makes it slightly harder:

And this time, I set it up so you lose the instant you register. Seemingly, due to the AGL engine understandably not accounting for the possibility of losing the game before the very first move, the 'undo' button caused an empty menu to appear, and all you could do was hit 'OK' endlessly.

Speedball: ROTFL!
Sam: Hmmm. Hitting the 'undo' button does interesting things.
Tubba: This is the best reaction tester I've ever seen.
Brunnen_G: Oh, that's AWESOME! You get killed, then you get stuck in purgatory for all eternity.
Leen: lol
Brunnen_G: Not carrying anything, and not being able to do anything except say OK! OK! OK!
Tubba: I'm stuck.
* BurgerKing thinks it should really be a sequel.
Speedball: I feel like I'm in the beginning of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.
BurgerKing: "Infinitely more difficult than the original!"
Sam: Ok, all you morons have to stop being interesting and exciting and generally entertaining company. I had every intention of getting work done on GotA tonight, so stop having fun and distracting me.
Brunnen_G: Sam: Just say "no" to Rinkchat.
* Jimmy_Of_York thinks it's still too hard. the button is too small. it take me at least 3 minutes to get my mouse on it
* Iss will make a maze that goes like this: "You see a maze in front of you. What will you do? * Enter the maze." .....
Iss: ..... "You go straight for awhile. Then you turn right. Then you turn right again. Then you go straight. Then you turn left. Then you turn right. Then you turn left again. Then you go straight. Then you jump over a pit. Then you turn left. Then you go straight. Then you turn right and EXIT THE MAZE!!! YAY!!!"
* Iss thinks many people would enjoy his maze more than Sam's or B_G's.
* Brunnen_G thinks LifaceWorld needs a maze like that.
* Liface gives up on The maze4
* Liface thinks making maps are too hard.
RinkChat: User Liface has been labeled 'LifaceWorld r0X0' by Liface.
Liface: yays
* Djinn hates all AGL games except for LifaceWorld.

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