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Archives: Green Eggs and Chat


This archive is best read on a boat. Or with a goat. Familiarity with the Glop and Grace chat transcript will help in appreciating this one.

Sam has entered.
* Waythorn offers green eggs and ham to Sam.
Mousie: I like green eggs and ham! I really like them, Sam I Am!
Waythorn: Would you eat them them with a cat? Would you eat them on Rinkchat?
Mousie: I would, I would, Waythorn, my friend! I would make it a new trend!
Waythorn: But would you could you, be so brave; to eat them if prepared by Dave?
* Mousie dances. She puts her whole self in.
Issachar: You put you whole self out....
* Mousie shakes her whole self all about.
* Sam wonders why Mousie shook herself all about.
Waythorn: If Mousie has the shakes, it could be malaria.
Issachar: I think she has the hokey-pokeys.
Sam: Mousie, do you have malaria?
Mousie: No. I'm doing a dance.
Mousie: I put my whole self in. Then Iss said I took my whole self out, and then I had to shake myself all about! I'm about to do the most important part.
Waythorn: This green eggs and ham feast might not stop; if Dave makes green eggs with noodly glop.
Mousie: Since THAT is what it's all about, Green eggs and ham are definitely out.
Mousie: I hope that David wouldn't pout...But green eggs and ham might make me stout!
Mousie: If our chef is always Dave, it's noodly glop I always crave.
Sam: Green eggs and ham you shouldn't miss, would be those prepared by Iss!
Sam: To everyone, a free cigar; when our chef is Issachar.
* Mousie does the Hokey Pokey and turns herself around.
Issachar: Yay, I was waiting for that part!
Mousie: I truly love green eggs and ham, But noodly glop sounds!
Waythorn: No need for one to rant and rave; for noodly glop prepared by Dave.
Sam: Adding to the rhymes of Waythorn, note that noodly glop comes with corn.
Waythorn: So long as we are here with Sam; to safely eat green eggs and SPAM.
Waythorn: For green eggs and spam -- that ersatz meat; is the choice for an online treat.
* Sam thinks it's a little hokey, to mix green eggs and pokey.
Mousie: BUT that's what it's all about!!!
Waythorn: It's my stomach that's turned all about, actually...
Mousie: Being here would be more sublime, if we could stop this endless rhyme.
Stephen has entered.
Stephen: Hey folks
Issachar: Well, I'm off to eat my scrumdely-umptious chicken-and-pasta dish, for which I *still* have not received any plaudits in this quarter.
Sam: We eat Iss' food and then, consume the food of good ol' Stephen.
Mousie: Yay, Iss, for making such a great dish that all of us can only hear about and not taste or smell or enjoy at all.
Issachar: LOL y'all. See ya later!
Waythorn: Bye, Iss.
Issachar has left.
Sam: "Hey folks," says Stephen, then not a word; the snobbish brute, I'll give the bird.
famous: Just as I say Hi to Stephen, I think that I must now be leavin'.
Waythorn: Farewell, famous, step from the light, and bid all RinkChat a fond goodnight.
* Stephen isn't so sure he likes this game, it strikes him as rather...lame
Sam: Stephen doesn't like this game, but would he, could he, with a rhyme I can't think of?
famous: Goodnight it's not, for I'll be back...just make sure by then we've stopped rhyming chat.
Dave has entered.
RinkChat: User Dave has been kicked from the chat room by Dave.
Dave has left.
Sam: Dave sucks.
Sam: We are all cool people, and Dave left.
Mousie: Maybe he doesn't suck. Maybe he just has bad taste.
* Waythorn decides not to speculate on what Dave tastes like.
Sam: Earthlink will FEEL STEPHEN'S WRATH!
Mousie: I wonder if Stephen's wrath feels as bad as Dave's taste.

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