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Letter Groupings

Letters can be distinguished strictly by physical representation in a number of different ways. Sometimes groups of letters are given in the form of a puzzle, and you have to figure out the rule by which they are grouped. Below are several different letter groupings, which illustrate how many letters in the alphabet possess some particular characteristic. Some of the groupings below assume a sans-serif font.

AEFHIKLMNTVWXYZLetters drawn with only straight lines
COSLetters drawn with only curved lines
BDGJPQRULetters drawn with straight and curved lines.
BDOLetters with no endpoints.
PLetters with one endpoint.
ACGIJLMNQRSUVWZLetters with two endpoints.
EFTYLetters with three endpoints.
HKXLetters with four endpoints.
CEFGIJKLMNSTUVWXYZLetters with no enclosed areas.
ADOPQRLetters with one enclosed area.
BLetters with two enclosed areas.
BCDEHIKOXLetters with horizontal symmetry.
AFGJLMNPQRSTUVWYZLetters without horizontal symmetry.
AHIMOTUVWXYLetters with vertical symmetry.
BCDEFGJKLNPQRSZLetters without vertical symmetry.
HIOXLetters with horizontal and vertical symmetry.
ABCDEFGJKLMNPQRSTUVWYZLetters without horizontal and vertical symmetry.
HINOSXZLetters with 180 degree rotational symmetry.
ABCDEFGJKLMPQRTUVWYLetters without 180 degree rotational symmetry.
BCDGIJLMNOPRSUVWZLetters that can be drawn without taking pen off paper.
AEFHKQTXYLetters that can't be drawn without taking pen off paper.
COPSUVWXZCapital letters that look like the corresponding lower case letters.
ABDEFGHIJKLMNQRTYCapital letters that don't look like the corresponding lower case letters.
IJLetters that are dotted in lower case.
ABCDEFGHKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZLetters that aren't dotted in lower case.
BDFHKLTLetters that have ascenders in lower case.
ACEGIJMNOPQRSUVWXYZLetters that have do not ascenders in lower case.
GJPQYLetters that have descenders in lower case.
ABCDEFHIKLMNORSTUVWXZLetters that do not have descenders in lower case.
CDILMVXLetters that are Roman Numerals.
ABEFGHJKNOPQRSTUWYZLetters that aren't Roman Numerals.
EHISLetters that consist of just dots in Morse Code.
MOTLetters that consist of just dashes in Morse Code.
ABCDFGJKLNPQRUVWXYZLetters that consist of both dots and dashes in Morse Code.