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Would you like to submit your own question? Feel free! You can submit a question for a category already available to play, or you can submit a question for a totally new category which, should it ever gather enough questions from you, me, and other readers, would be opened as a playable trivia category.

Category Information

  • The numbers in parentheses next to each category below represent the number of questions in the pool for that category. The first number represents the number of approved questions; the second number represents the number of as yet unapproved questions. When you submit a question, this unapproved question count should be bumped up, although you may need to reload the page to see the change.
  • Question categories "in the making" are not necessarily guaranteed ever to accrue enough questions to open; that depends on you readers. I'll make up my own questions now and again, particularly for those categories that have a lot of promise and momentum.

Submission Guidelines

  • Obviously, submitted questions should have correct answers. If there is even the slightest room for doubt, double check your answer before submitting.
  • Questions should be "comfortably challenging" for those somewhat familiar with the topic.
  • Questions should ideally have four or five answer choices (including the correct answer), but more or less is perfectly acceptable if the question warrants it.
  • Difficulty level can be adjusted by varying the number of alternative answers.
  • Do not submit copyrighted material. By submitting a question, you are indicating that the submitted material is in the public domain, or, if the material is your own work, that you are releasing it into the public domain.
  • We reserve the right to edit or reject questions as we see fit.

Submit a Question

Categories Currently Playable:

RinkWorks Trivia (251, 9)Bible Trivia* (511, 801)
Academy Award Trivia (397, 2)Word Trivia (768, 9)
Spelling Bee (310, 2)Horse Trivia (223, 2)
Cow Trivia (204, 2)James Bond Trivia (221, 70)
Card and Board Game Trivia (274, 3)Video Game Trivia (401, 60)
Computer Game Trivia (406, 0)Car Trivia (219, 7)
Auto Racing Trivia (256, 6)Middle-Earth Trivia (307, 0)
Angband Trivia (213, 0)Geography Trivia (274, 54)
Comic Book Trivia (408, 11)

Categories In the Making:

Princess Bride Trivia (45, 22)Space Exploration Trivia (63, 4)
Movie Quotes Trivia (31, 5)Baseball Trivia (82, 63)
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