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The Buccaneer (1958)



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Ordinarily, I'm a fan of pirate movies, at least the old ones where they still knew how to make them. 1958 is pushing it -- most of the best of the genre came from the 1930s and 1940s and usually starred Errol Flynn -- but there was still hope for this pirate saga, which was directed by Anthony Quinn and "supervised" by Cecil B. DeMille. Actually it was DeMille's last film, and it was a remake of a 1938 film with the same name, for which DeMille was the full-fledged director.

At any rate, the remake is plodding and very near pointless. There's a story buried somewhere in there, but it's mired down by trifling direction and distant performances. There are moments when it builds up steam but generally these moments are undermined by the ones that follow.

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