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The Bold Caballero (1936)



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This odd Zorro flick is unusual for more reasons than merely that "Zorro" isn't in the title. Instead of saving poor Spanish settlers from the oppression of a corrupt Commandante, he's saving Indians. It's not a problem so much as a strange infusion of one culture and another's mythology that takes some getting used to.

Although The Bold Caballero has a lot of flat dialogue and dated acting, it has a fun sort of story to it. An interesting twist is Don Diego's love interest -- the Spanish governor, who thinks Zorro killed her father. A quick pace, good natured humor, and an intriguing convergence of schemes (although I'm not sure all of them are sound) make up for the lack of substance. It's pure escapism, nothing more and nothing less.

But I do have one question. If the famous 'Z' mark is made in flesh, wouldn't the mark transferred to a cloth in blood be reversed?

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