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Book-A-Minute Bedtime

The Three Investigators Series

By Robert Arthur, William Arden, M. V. Carey, and others

Ultra-Condensed by Samuel Stoddard and David J. Parker

Bob Andrews
We're investigators. Here's our card.
Person In Need of Investigators
What do the question marks stand for?
(The Three Investigators witness something SPOOKY, and their jaws go SLACK. They hold this POSE so the cover artist can DRAW them.)

Jupiter Jones
(sitting in a junkyard) According to my calculations, this was all an evil trick.
Pete Crenshaw
You're right, Jupe! Let's go! And catch him!
(They solve the MYSTERY. Worthington takes them to ALFRED HITCHCOCK.)

Alfred Hitchcock
Thunderation. So it was an evil trick all along. Thunderation.
(The boys BEAM with PRIDE.)


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