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This is a pretty good example of what not to do when you come into RinkChat. There are text filters in place to keep profanity out, though, so that particular rule in the policy sort of enforces itself automatically. It's pretty amusing sometimes when this feature gets discovered by new users in practice.

PurpleBlender has entered.
PurpleBlender: Hi
PurpleBlender: I am back.
Nyperold: Hello!
Ciaran: Hi.
PurpleBlender: whats going on
Ciaran: *shrugs* Porbably insanity, as per usual for this room.
PurpleBlender: ummmm
PurpleBlender: im bored
* Ciaran is listening to Aqua. Nonono, don't kill me. I have a good reason.
PurpleBlender: aqua?
PurpleBlender: whatever
PurpleBlender: no stuff
PurpleBlender: I am eating Skittles.
PurpleBlender: No stuff!?!?!?!?!
PurpleBlender: no stuff???????????????????/
Ciaran: Um?
PurpleBlender: I typed no stuff
Ciaran: So we see.
PurpleBlender: ahhhhhhh
PurpleBlender: no stuff again
Monkeyman: Stop trying to swear. This is a family chat room, and you agreed to abide by its rules when you first logged in, whether you read them or not.
PurpleBlender: you can't swear in this room?
Monkeyman: Maybe you should read them now. Click on the Policy link if you want to.
PurpleBlender: im boredddddddddddddddd
Monkeyman: We're not here to entertain you, you know.
Monkeyman: We're here to entertain ME. ;-)
Travholt: Shut up about it and say something interesting.
PurpleBlender: ummmmmm
PurpleBlender: I am eating skittles.

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