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While the admins were visiting Brunnen-G in New Zealand, Ellmyruh was endowed with substitute admin powers in my absence. (These powers were given with the implicit understanding that they should be abused at Stephen's expense.) So Ellmyruh had some fun with Stephen by possessing him for one line, but not as much fun as Stephen had with it afterward. The opening italicized line was the possessed line. Stephen didn't actually say that. Later on, "Step" showed up. That was Ellmyruh also, and she possessed her alter ego for a line. It was completely coincidence that it turned out to be the same line. If this explanation is confusing, don't worry. It gets worse.

Stephen: What comes after N?
Stephen: Stephen: The letter "O"
Stephen: Stephen: Ah, thanks.
Stephen: Stephen: No problem.
Stephen: Stephen: Damn, you're looking good today.
Stephen: Stephen: I should think so. I always do!
Stephen: Stephen: You can say that again!
Stephen: Stephen: I always do!
Stephen: Stephen: LOL!
Grishny: Uh oh. He's slipped back into the delusional state again.
Grishny: Does anyone know where he keeps his medication?
* Ellmyruh is crying and her stomach hurts and her cheeks hurt.
Stephen: Step: What's up?
Stephen: Stephen: Oh no, not you. Go away.
Stephen: Step: What? What's the matter??
Stephen: Stephen: You, you moron. GO AWAY!
RinkChat: User Stephen has been kicked from the room by Stephen.
Stephen has left.
Stephen has entered.
Stephen: Man, that guy is SUCH a loser
Stephen: Stephen: No kidding!
* Grishny searches through Stephen's things
Grishny: Hey, I found a syringe! Maybe this will help.
Stephen: Stephen: That Grishny dude seems to be trying to drug you.
Stephen: Stephen: Probably another rabid fan. I deal with them a lot.
Stephen: Stephen: Oh, I'm sure. Being so cool and all must be a pain.
Stephen: Stephen: Well...sometimes. But most of the time it's cool
* Grishny injects Stephen with the contents of the syringe
* Stephen passes out
Stephen: Grishny: Dude, chill out. I think you killed him.
Kelly: Ha! I got Stephen's "Op"!
Stephen: Kelly: You shouldn't take stuff from people who are passed out.
* Kelly doesn't feel so proud anymore.
Grishny: Hey, there's actually two of him here! How'd that happen?
Stephen: How do you mean?
Stephen: I'm Stephen. That guy on the floor there is Stephen.
Stephen: And he just kicked out Stephen a little bit ago.
* Stephen lies on the floor
* Stephen checks Stephen's pulse
Stephen: Uh.... I think he's dead.
Stephen: Way to go, Grish.
* Grishny shrugs
Stephen: Step: What's up?
Stephen: Oh no! He's back!
* Stephen would kick Stephen if he could
Stephen: Step: Why do you guys hate me?
Stephen: Stephen: We hate you because you abbreviate "Stephen" as "Step". AND you're a moron
Stephen: Step: Oh, sorry.
Stephen: Stephen: You did it again!
Stephen: Stephen: Okay, that better?
Stephen: Stephen: Much.
Step has entered.
* Step would kick Step if he could.
Stephen: Hey Step. What's up?
Step: What comes after N?
Stephen: Step: The letter "O"
Step: Stephen: Thanks.
Stephen: Stephen: BAH! YOU DID IT AGAIN!
Stephen: Stephen: No, that time I was addressing "Step," not abbreviating Stephen.
Stephen: Stephen: Ah, okay. Sorry.
Step: Hi Steph!
* Stephen wakes up
Stephen: Blerghhhhh
Stephen: Stephen: Ah! You're better! I thought you were dead
Stephen: Ehhhh....................
Stephen: Stephen: Are you okay?
* Stephen eats Stephen's brains
Stephen: Oh no! A zombie! And now there are two!
Stephen: Blehhhhhhh
Stephen: Eghhhhhh
* Stephen grabs a shotgun and blasts off Stephen's head, sending bits of brain everywhere.
* Stephen charges Stephen
Step: Don't shoot me!
* Grishny crawls inside the brainless Stephen's head
Grishny: Wow, nice and roomy in here!
* Stephen cocks the shotgun again, and sends a flying load of shot into Stephen's chest, knocking him back and covering the walls in a nice mixture of ribcage and organs.
Stephen: Bleghhhhhhhhhh
Kelly: Typical Southern CA mentality...shoot first, ask questions later. ;-)
Ellmyruh: Exactly.
Stephen: Ell/Kell: Better than being dead, I say.
Stephen: Or a dirty, dirty zombie.
* Stephen runs out of shotgun and ammo and pulls out a .45
Step: Bleghhhhhh
* Stephen dives to the floor and starts biting Stephen's ankles
Stephen: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* Stephen kicks Stephen's head off
* Stephen unloads the .45 into the twitching bodies of the two zombies
Stephen: I think that should about cover it....
Stephen: I feel kind of bad that the two of them became zombies, just as soon as they learned to accept to me. Oh well. Such is life
* Step twitches.
* Stephen is out of ammo for the .45.......
* Kelly is a Texan. He has plenty of ammo.
* Stephen grabs a chainsaw
* Step loves everyone here!
* Stephen hacks up Step (the person, not the abbreviation) into many small bits
Step has left.
Stephen: I wasn't sure if he was a zombie, actually
Stephen: But you can never be too careful
Ellmyruh: Well, Step's dead now, I guess.
Brunnen_G: That was interesting.
* Stephen would like to note that that's what the inside of his head is like, ALL THE TIME.
Stephen: Only there's this guy who tells me to start fires.
Grishny: Stephen, as: FIRESTARTER!!!
Stephen: Grish: I wish. I have to use matches and gasoline and paint thinner and stuff
Stephen: This is why people think I'm...evil. Or so I've been told.
Stephen: None of you think that, do you?
Kelly: Oh, no. We don't think you're evil.
Ellmyruh: We don't?
Stephen: Good. Because if you did, I'd have to feed you your own intestines before I killed you.
* Grishny imagines that it would be somewhat difficult to digest one's intestines.
Kelly: /msg Brunnen_G Stephen's evil. I hate him.
* Stephen notes down Kelly's name in his "To Disembowel" list
Grishny: "With all that implies" is a nice catch phrase, don't you think? You can use it at the end of almost any sentence, and you sound ultra-cool.
* Brunnen_G does not feel like eating intestines, with all that implies. Hey, you're right.
Grishny: I think Kelly is TOAST, man! With all that implies.
gremlinn: Just how many lists do you keep?
Stephen: A LOT. Sometimes the doctors say I should stop, but I just put them on my "Part of a Commie Plot to Kill Me" list and ignore them.
gremlinn: And am I still on one of them?
Stephen: Yes.
gremlinn: The general troublemaker list, I think.
Stephen: You are #9, for saying that I'm a "mediocre upstart"
gremlinn: Ok.
* Brunnen_G thinks it is interesting to note, with all that implies, that it rules to say "one one one one one" in speech after sarcastically saying something lame.
Ellmyruh: LOL!! You guys did that??
* Brunnen_G , Sam, Leen, and Dave started saying "one one" at the end of sentences to indicate lamer speech. Yes.
gremlinn: Oh, the "one one" as in "!!!!!11"
Brunnen_G: Yes.
Ellmyruh: Did you say, "PROUD!!!!!!! one one"?
Brunnen_G: Sam said that a few times, yeah
Brunnen_G: We went past some goats at the roadside and Sam said "GOAT DA BETS ANIMAL"
Brunnen_G: Trying to pronounce ahcker typing rules.
Ellmyruh: Did he ever potest?
Stephen: Actually...this list reads like a "Fairly Cool People List"
Stephen: Howard is on it, as are Brunnen-G and Paul A.
Kelly: Who's number one on the troublemaker list?
Stephen: The first person is Paul A. But Sentryballboy has three marks on it.
Brunnen_G: Wait, I'm on the list of people Stephen wants to disembowel? When did I get on that list? I'm flattered, but I'd like to know what I actually did to deserve it.
Stephen: No, you're on The List
Stephen: Let's not confuse lists here.
saintjane has entered.
Ayako: Hiya saintjane.
Stephen: Ayako: Do you just sit there, waiting for people to come/leave so you can say hello/goodbye?
Ayako: Something like that.
* Stephen thinks Ayako is RinkChat's equivalent of a Wal-Mart greeter
Stephen: Are you like 110 years old?
Ayako: Is 19 close enough?
saintjane: stephen you are a real git
Stephen: saintjane: And you sound like a communist to me.
Grishny: Define "git"
Brunnen_G: Anyone who needs "git" defined must, I suppose.
Stephen: I swear, you red devils are gonna pay for your crimes against us one day.

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