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Most of these words are defined in the Fun Words glossary on the RinkWorks feature, Fun With Words. Nyperold's lines at the end are references to prior archives.

* Ellmyruh ARGHs. She has a case of obdormition.
Ellmyruh: Obdormition in my foot, to be precise.
Faux_Pas: Try some ointment on that.
Ellmyruh: Ointment?
Faux_Pas: If it doesn't clear up in a few days, see a doctor.
Stephen: If you defenestrate your foot, it'll wake up on the way down.
Ticia: I hate it when my foot falls asleep in the middle of the day....I know it'll be up all night
* Stephen is a snollygoster.
* Faux_Pas is a bezonian.
ChaosJedi: Dang, exams make me hungry.
* Faux_Pas gives CJ an ort.
Faux_Pas: It's just a skosh from a steatopygianic bovine. A bit pinguid, to tell the truth. You might not want it.
Kiki: And a hush falls across the room....
Faux_Pas: Kiki! Your braces-less teeth are most eesome!
Kiki: eesome? what's eesome?
Faux_Pas: It's a fun word.
Kiki: ooh! thank you!!
Faux_Pas: You are welcome!
Stephen: Whoa! Jugulate is a verb!!! YES!!!
* Stephen jugulates CJ.
Stephen: FP: You're a gormless cicisbeo, that's what you are.
Kiki: FP: you are not! in fact, you're quite evancalous!
Stephen has left.
Faux_Pas: Drat. Here I was about to comment on Stephen's callipygian frame.
Kiki: I'd rather comment on his steatopygian frame...
Faux_Pas: Kiki, you aren't suggesting that Stephen's steatopygian frame is overly brobdingnagian, are you?
Kiki: not really, i'm just captious.
Faux_Pas: We have Sam to thank for such fun ways to insult one another. Three cheers for that master of bumf. Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!
Faux_Pas: He is like a bolus tickling my uvula.
Nyperold: Very bodewashian.
* Kiki is currently dicalced
Nyperold: Those Knights who say "Ni!" are so bosky.
* Faux_Pas switches back to monosyllabic words. Hmmm. "Monosyllabic" has five syllables.
Travholt: Yeah, I pondered that the other day, too. Try to explain to someone that you talk monosyllabic.
Faux_Pas: Hmmm... "palindrome" isn't one.
Travholt: I've noticed that, too.
Travholt: I think I made a post about that, actually.
* Kiki is footling! Yaaaaay footling!
Faux_Pas: Enough of the sesquipedalian verbage!
* Travholt abbr. his lang.
Nyperold: "Dave Makes Collation"
Nyperold: "The Donnybrook of Rapid Oxidation"
* Nyperold imagines Leen: "ESURIENT! ESURIENT!" etc.
Mia: This STUPID truck pulling a STUPID trailer with a STUPID machinery thing on it got in front of me and went a STUPID 20 mph on a STUPID 35mph road! STUPID! AND YOU CAN GO LIKE 40 MPH ON THAT ROAD.

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