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This self-chat is a speculative story about what RinkWorks might be like in the Dragonball Z universe.

Mina has entered.
Mina: RinkWorks Z: The Untold Story...
Mina: (by Mina M. Dreamweaver)
Mina: Once upon a time, there was this guy named Brandon.
Mina: He was just a normal guy, mostly, except that he had a tail and was super strong.
Mina: That is to say, he was a kung fu space god from outer space.
Mina: Brandon came to RinkWorks to destroy it.
Mina: He didn't know he was supposed to destroy it, though.
Mina: He was actually sent there by Stephen when he was a little baby.
Mina: But Brandon grew to like the people on RinkWorks and didn't destroy it.
Ghost of Sam: Ok, I can't wait to see how this turns out.
Mina: There was Sam, a goofy but lovable guy with big hair.
Mina: And there was Sam's chick, Leen, who was a techie whiz with lots of gadgets.
Mina: Then there was Dave, who was evil, but not strong enough to kill Brandon.
Mina: So Brandon hung around and helped out the good guys.
Mina: Everything was just honky-dory, until one day...
Mina: Leen picked up a strange signal on her energy tracker.
Mina: It was way more powerful than anything the friends had seen before!
Mina: They had gathered for a picnic, when out of the sky...
Mina: ...came STEPHEN, the evil kung fu space god!!!!
Mina: "DARIEN!" he yelled.
Mina: Everyone was confused. Who was this Darien?
Mina: Stephen flew over and landed in front of Brandon, our kind-hearted hero.
Mina: "Darien! Why have you not destroyed this worthless place, as you were told to do?" Stephen bellowed.
Mina: Brandon made a funny face. "Destroy it?" he asked. "Why would I want to do that?"
Mina: "These are my friends! Who are you?"
Mina: "Do you not remember, Darien? You were sent here by the rulers of our planet to destroy this place! You should have accomplished this years ago!"
Mina: With that, Stephen punched Darien in the face, sending him flying back into Sam.
Mina: Mina, Brandon's cute and bouncy girlfriend, ran over to the intruder.
Mina: "Hey! she yelled. "Don't you hurt him!"
Mina: Mina jumped up and kicked Stephen in the face.
Mina: (See, Mina was actually the daughter of the Monkey King, who was quite a burly fighter himself. So she packed some punch, for a girl. :-})
Mina: Stephen, however, was not daunted by her attack.
Mina: He grabbed Mina by the waist and jumped into the air.
Mina: "HA HA HA! Darien, now what are you going to do? Destroy this place, or I will destroy this girl!"
* Mina has to take her cake out of the oven. She will be right back.
Mina is away.
Ticia: Mina stopped fighting so she could take a cake out of the oven?
Mina is back.
Mina: Brandon jumped up. "Never! These are my friends, and I won't let you hurt them!"
Mina: Sam jumped up too. "Brandon, I will help you! I'm not the greatest fighter, but this guy's a jerk!"
Mina: Dave, who was standing with his back to the group (as he was wont to do), looked over his shoulder.
Mina: "Brandon!" he yelled. "You are my arch-enemy, and I will kill you as soon as I get the chance. So I will help you, but only because no one else is going to destroy you!"
Mina: Sam, Dave, and our hero, Brandon, clenched their fists and began to glow.
Mina: They jumped into the air where Stephen was, prepared for a fight.
Mina: While Dave and Brandon distracted the bad guy, Sam was able to wrest Mina from his grasp and bring her safely to where the others were waiting.
Mina: Then he flew back up, and they all pummeled on Stephen for a while.
Mina: Just then, Mia came running over.
Mina: "Please, don't kill him!" she pleaded.
Mina: "He's not really a bad guy at heart! Just give him a chance!"
Mina: The guys stopped pummeling to listen to what Mia had to say.
Mina: "Besides," Mia argued. "He's kinda cute. I bet I can turn him to good!"
Mina: But Stephen was not about to be defeated by any such "turning to good" nonsense.
Mina: Using the distraction to his advantage, he blasted the three guys to the ground.
Mina: "NEVER!!!!!!!!!!@!!!~" he yelled. "Darien, if you won't destroy this place, then I will!"
Mina: Cackling evilly, Stephen shot big bolts of energy from his hands, destroying everything.
Mina: The end.
* Ticia claps politely.
Ticia: Yay, Steph...wait a second! The bad guy's not supposed to WIN!
* Ticia demands a recount
Mina: I figure it can't hurt to let Stephen win a little bit. After all, it's not like he'd *really* be able to destroy RinkWorks or anything.

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