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Archives: Hot Night, Wright?


This is what happens when people are up late on RinkChat instead of sleeping: fun. It helps to know where everybody in this archive is. Ellmyruh and Ayako live on the west coast of United States; famous lives near the east coast; Zarniwoop lives in England; Brunnen-G lives in New Zealand; and dingdong lives in Australia. This conversation truly spanned the globe.

Ellmyruh: I so am not tired.
Ellmyruh: That said, I'm going to make myself go to bed in about 10 minutes.
Brunnen_G has entered.
Brunnen_G: Hi
Brunnen_G: Isn't it about 6 a.m. or something where you are?
Ayako: 3:45.
Ellmyruh: I need to get up soon.
* Ellmyruh takes a stab at BG time. 11:43 p.m.?
* Ayako guesses 10:43.
Brunnen_G: Nah, 12.43 am
Ellmyruh: I was close. I will get BG time figured out before all of the Admins leave us in the dust.
Brunnen_G: The admins are secretly planning to leave us in the dust?!?!?!?!
Brunnen_G: What dust? And why? Curse those admins and their evil secrets!
Ellmyruh: Oh, "us" meaning those of us who do not get to be in New Zealand soon.
Brunnen_G: Oh, right. OK. Just so long as I'm not going to be left in any dust.
Brunnen_G: Because I don't like dust very much.
* This is the sort of stupid pointless thing said at 1 am when it's too hot to sleep, by Brunnen_G.
Brunnen_G: It's good, though, because in another couple of hours everybody will be up and around in the USA, and I can see what this place gets like in your morning.
Ayako: On a Saturday morning, there won't be much activity.
* Ellmyruh 's toes and feet and nose are freezing.
* Brunnen_G just put a plastic bottle of water in the freezer and is waiting for it to turn into ice.
* Brunnen_G will then take it out and wait for it to melt again. Um. That suddenly sounds like a lot of effort for nothing.
Ayako: Uh.. yes, it does. Why are you doing it?
Ellmyruh: Ayako: Because it's 1 in the morning. I think.
Brunnen_G: Well, I *was* doing it so I could have some recently melted water with big lumps of ice still in it, to drink. But now I'm wondering if it is, like Ellmyruh says, a 1 a.m. kind of thing.
* Brunnen_G could probably just get ice from the ice tray and put it in a glass of normal water.
* Ellmyruh thinks tired Brunnen-G is rather interesting.
Brunnen_G: Nah. I don't usually start acting weird and stupid until maybe 3 or 4 a.m. 1 isn't late.
Ellmyruh: Oh. Then maybe I'm just seeing Brunnen-G through tired eyes and brains.
Brunnen_G: Well, the act of observing changes the observer and the observed, according to quantum. So maybe I'm being weird because you're too tired.
* Ayako doesn't recall seeing B-G on at this time of night before.
* Ellmyruh doesn't recall seeing herself on at this time of night before.
Brunnen_G: Ayako: I haven't been on at night since my last job. You weren't around then, I think.
Brunnen_G: There never used to be anyone in here at these times except Darien and Stephen.
* Brunnen_G just used to hang around at 1 a.m. at work in case people like Grace came panicking into chat when their cats acted oddly, or so on.
Ellmyruh: I wish I had been around when Grace was here.
Brunnen_G: I don't know why, but you always remind me of her.
Ellmyruh: Really? I think that's a good thing. The difference is that I'm not going to vanish into thin air.
* Brunnen_G has thought about this quite a lot, and canNOT work out ANY way in which Ellmyruh is like Grace, but still almost thinks of them as the same sort of person.
famous has entered.
Brunnen_G: Yay! famous!
Ayako: famous!
famous: Hi! :)
Ellmyruh: I like this room!
famous: Good morning.
Zarniwoop: Ian Wright, Wright, Wright!!
Brunnen_G: Ian Wright? I know that name. Hm?
Zarniwoop: This Ian Wright is, quite simply, Arsenal's greatest ever goalscorer. In 1991, he signed for the Arsenal, scoring on his debut. Making the number 8 shirt his own, Wrighty was, quite simply put, a goal machine. Finally, against Bolton Wanderers, at Highbury, Wright scored his fifth club hat-trick and the second goal took him to 179, breaking a seventy-year record held by Cliff Bastin. Wright left at the end of the season to fulfil a boyhood dream by playing for West Ham, then went to Scotland to play for Celtic, and finally retired from the game at the end of last season. He scored 184 for Arsenal.
* Zarniwoop is now very out of breath.
Brunnen_G: Oh, Arsenal. Right. I don't follow football much.
Brunnen_G: Actually, in the interests of accuracy, I should say I don't follow it at all. But now I know. Thanks :-)
Zarniwoop: He has since hosted his own talk show on ITV, been on This Is Your Life, and is now hosting this radio show with his old Crystal Palace striking partner, Mark Bright.
* Brunnen_G thanks Zarniwoop for the very comprehensive answer.
Zarniwoop: Happy to. IAN WRIGHT IS GOD!!!!!
Brunnen_G: You know, I would have been happy with a reply like, "He's this guy who plays soccer."
Zarniwoop: Oh yeah, and you can still see him at Highbury to see the Arsenal play if he isn't busy.
Brunnen_G: I will remember that next time I am at Highbury.
[Ellmyruh->Brunnen_G] And do you *ever* go to Highbury?
[Brunnen_G->Ellmyruh] I assume it's in England somewhere. Does that count?
* Brunnen_G commits to memory the glorious name of Ian Wright, the man who puts the Arse into Arsenal.
famous: Ohh.. gotta go. I'm working out in an hour. Ugh. 8:00 a.m. is WAY too early to be doing this.
Ayako: Bye famous!
Ellmyruh: Wow. Bye famous!
famous has left.
Zarniwoop: You know the saddest thing about Wrighty?
* Brunnen_G does not know the saddest thing about Wrighty.
* Brunnen_G is about to find out.
* Ellmyruh is in suspense.
* Brunnen_G prepares to be very sad.
Zarniwoop: He was only capped for England ten times. He still scored 2 goals.
Ellmyruh: Awwww
* Brunnen_G is HORRIFIED.
Ellmyruh: Only ten times???
Brunnen_G: And he still scored two goals??
Zarniwoop: You know the reason?
Ellmyruh: No! Tell me!
Zarniwoop: He played for Arsenal.
Ellmyruh: Good ole' Arsenal.
Zarniwoop: We're proud to say that name.
Ellmyruh: PROUD!!!!!!!!111111
Zarniwoop: I'm serious.
* Brunnen_G is silent at the sheer mind-numbing brain-crunching soul-wrenching anguish of it all. It was because he played for Arsenal....
* Brunnen_G dedicates this poem to the tragedy of Ian Wright, who plays for Arsenal. *ahem*
Brunnen_G: Oh Ian Wright, oh Ian Wright
Brunnen_G: To hear the tale of your sad plight
Brunnen_G: Casts all our souls into darkest night
Brunnen_G: Where light takes flight
Brunnen_G: And the biting nasty things of nastiness doth bite
Brunnen_G: Because you got two goals, but in spite
Brunnen_G: Of that, you only got capped for England twight
* Brunnen_G could not think of any way to make "ten times" rhyme
Brunnen_G: And all because you played for Arsenal
Brunnen_G: And we really think it was something parsonal
* Brunnen_G bows to the moved-to-tears, sobbing audience
* Ellmyruh attempts to clap but breaks down into a sobbing, weeping mess.
Brunnen_G: Thank you, thank you.
Brunnen_G: I owe it all to Zarniwoop.
* Ellmyruh tries to collect herself but now has a runny nose.
* Ellmyruh sniffs violently.
* Ayako wrings out her handkerchief and hands it to Ellmyruh.
Ellmyruh: I'm okay. Violent sniffing did the trick.
* Brunnen_G goes to see if the water bottle has frozen into ice yet
Brunnen_G: Yes, it has. Yay
Ellmyruh: You seem extremely enthusiastic.
Brunnen_G: I am.
* Brunnen_G squashes the bottle into delicious icy slushy water and big lumps of ice, and DRINKS it. AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
Brunnen_G: It doesn't seem to be helping much.
* Ellmyruh knows she must be tired when she's chuckling over someone drinking water.
Brunnen_G: What sort of country is this when it can be half past one in the morning and I've got every window and door in the house open and I'm eating ice cubes and I'm still too hot. :-(
Brunnen_G: Any halfway decent government would have put up a huge dome over the entire country and air-conditioned it by now.
Brunnen_G: It's just started raining so I thought that would make it cooler outside. Silly me
Ellmyruh: Warm rain?? ew
* Brunnen_G notes that "Warm Rain" is the name of Ferenc Maté's boat, who is a guy who writes the best books in the world about fixing or restoring boats. Just so you all know that.
Ayako: My life has been enriched.
* Ellmyruh will keep that in mind for when she restores and fixes up her boat.
Brunnen_G: Good.
* Ellmyruh adds "boat" to her shopping list.
* Brunnen_G has read all of those books, and owns two of them, and STILL has a boat that looks like something washed up after a hurricane.
* Brunnen_G must not be reading them often enough.
Ellmyruh: Oooh, does it look like a dead fish?
Brunnen_G: No, like a boat full of bits of bare wiring hanging in clumps out of the ceiling and everything half-finished to a high standard of mediocrity.
Ellmyruh: At least it's a HIGH standard, though.
Brunnen_G: Well, yes.
Brunnen_G: Some of it.
Brunnen_G: The rest is to a low standard of mediocrity.
* Brunnen_G was sort of hoping to at least get all the wiring back in place by the time Sam and Leen visit, but there's only a month left before then, and it's at LEAST a one hour job.
Ellmyruh: One hour?? You don't have nearly enough time!
Brunnen_G: I know. There are one-hour jobs to finish on that boat which I haven't touched since about 1998.
Ellmyruh: Three years isn't enough time to do a one-hour job.
Brunnen_G: Not the way I do it, no. I tend to rip into huge, improbably, insanely complicated projects with wild enthusiasm, and then get bored halfway through and start doing something else instead.
Ellmyruh: Heh. Well, I have four nearly-finished cross-stitched Christmas ornaments that I started when I was eight, if that makes you feel better.
* Brunnen_G also has large numbers of unfinished cross-stitch projects.
dingdong has entered.
Brunnen_G: At last, somebody else who isn't currently in some wonderfully cold climate. It must be even hotter there than it is here.
* Brunnen_G finished up all the ice and now has to wait for some more to freeze. :-(
dingdong: It's been a very warm day. Over 30, humid, and I've had to teach dance classes all day.
dingdong: The studio's air conditioned, but it doesn't do too well when there are lots of sweaty kids running around.
Brunnen_G: I was at an Air Patrol training thing all day. I feel like I got sunburned even just sitting *inside the building*.

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