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Archives: Lipstick Express To Canada


Sometimes the teasing in here gets merciless, but we wouldn't do it if it weren't welcome. Sosiqui was cracking up instead of getting indignant, so this is technically all her fault. The teasing she got was, you know, an accident.

The whole episode was born out of a typo she made a few days earlier. Monkeyman was showing off his "MonkeyCam" page, and Sosiqui said she "wants the Monkeyman NOW!" It's hard to escape a typo like that.

* Sosiqui finds a box and begins assembling a package.
* Ellmyruh has her suspicions about this "package."
Sosiqui: Postage to Canada... 4 bucks, and one day more than Priority Mail. Not bad. One more day, one more dollar.
* Sosiqui likes the US Postal Service now.
Ellmyruh: Awwwww. A package wackage to Canada. CUTE!
Sosiqui: :P!
* Ellmyruh thinks this might be a good time to hide behind the RinkCouch.
Sosiqui: Elly, you don't even know where the package is going :p
* Ellmyruh is fairly certain that she DOES know where this package is going.
Sosiqui: Oh yeah? :p
Marvin: Yeah?
* Ellmyruh is also fairly certain that she knows what is IN the package.
Ticia: Sosi: I think we can deduce from what we know about you...are you the kind of person who would send Monkeyman something "personal"? From what we can deduce about Monkeyman. Is he the kind of guy who would ask you to send something personal? And come up with a satisfactory answer.
Sosiqui: You suck.
Ticia: hehe
* Ticia hides
Sosiqui: I'm sending him a tape of Mystery Science Theater 3000.
Sosiqui: So nyah
Marvin: I'm sorry. It's all my fault
* Sosiqui giggles. You people suck, but you also rule.
* Ellmyruh was RIGHT!
Ellmyruh: Don't forget to write a nice little note to include in the package!
Sosiqui: Like what? *suspicious glance at Elly*
Ellmyruh: You're ASKING for POINTERS???
* Ellmyruh mwahahahas.
Sosiqui: I was asking what you were insinuating!
* Ticia thinks Ellie is right. A nice little note is the way to go.
* Sosiqui thinks she knows very well what Elly is insinuating :p
Ticia: Something with lipstick marks that smells of perfume, maybe.
Sosiqui: GAH
Ticia: ....the note should smell of perfume, not the lipstick
Sosiqui: For one, I don't even WEAR lipstick...
Ellmyruh: Yes, I was thinking lipstick would be a bonus.
Sosiqui: and for two, I WOULD NEVER DO THAT!!!
Ticia: I would suggest "Passion Red."
Marvin: How will men ever be attracted to you then?
Sosiqui: My wonderful personality? I don't know.
Ticia: Marvin: She doesn't seem to have a problem with MONKEYmen.
Sosiqui: GAH
* Ellmyruh recommends "Dispassionate Red."
Sosiqui: LOL. Dispassionate red? I still don't wear lipstick.
* Ellmyruh amends that to Purple.
* Sosiqui LOLs at the idea of PURPLE lipstick.
Ellmyruh: But purple would be YOU, Sosiqui. And I think Mr. Mm would know that. :-P
Marvin: Exactly
Sosiqui: Grrrr
* Sosiqui would never EVER KISS A NOTE!
Sosiqui: It's too icky saccarine mush GAH.
Ticia: Sosi: here are some things you could write in the note:
Ellmyruh: LOL LOL LOL Ticia!!!
* Ellmyruh thinks it would be extremely funny if Monkeyman came in just now.
Sosiqui: GAH. Oh please, NO NO NO.
* Sosiqui would have to LEAVE RONKWROWKS FOREVER if that happened... LOL
Sosiqui: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!
Sosiqui: I am NOT IN ANYTHING HERE!! Except trouble, maybe.
Marvin: I wanna be in trouble!
Ghost_of_Leen: PURPLE
Marvin: LEEN!!
Ticia: LEEN!
Sosiqui: Save the other purple-loving person!
Ghost_of_Leen: Sorry, can't even save meself.
Ticia: LOL! YES!!!! THis is the PERFECT POEM! (well, ok, not really, but the title is great.)

The title, in case that page disappears someday, is "No Happiness Without My Monkey."

* Sosiqui gives Ticia a GLARE for the very IDEA of writing MUSHY STUFF!
Sosiqui: ROFL! LOL LOL!
* Ellmyruh DIES of laughter.
* Sosiqui DIES too!
* Marvin survives
* Sosiqui would love to know where this idea of mushy stuff came from.
* Ellmyruh is NOT to blame.
Ticia: Well, you have to put SOMETHING on the note.
Ticia: You can't just KISS it with your RED PASSION lipstick and spray perfume on it!
Ellmyruh: Just buy some on the way to the post office.
Sosiqui: I don't WANT to KISS ANY NOTES!
* Sosiqui really really REALLY hopes Monkeyman DOESN'T come in right now.
RinkChat: User Monkeyman has been invited to the room by Ellmyruh.
Sosiqui: Gah.
Sosiqui: That won't help if he's not even ON. :p (Good thing.)
RinkChat: User Monkeypoo has been invited to the room by Ellmyruh.
* Ellmyruh hides.
Ticia: And maybe someday you can be like the person in this poem:
* Ellmyruh gags.
* Sosiqui is NOT going to spray stuff on a note and is DEFINETLY NOT GOING TO KISS IT!!
Ticia: So you don't deny you're going to write a note?
Sosiqui: *sigh*
Sosiqui: Yes. I have written a note. And I fear telling you that. For good reason.
Monkeyman has entered.
Sosiqui: ACK!!!!!
Monkeyman: HELLO!
* Ticia dies laughing with Sosi
* Monkeyman reads.
Sosiqui: NO
Sosiqui: READING
Sosiqui: THE
Sosiqui: BUFFER!
Sosiqui: NO
Sosiqui: NO
Sosiqui: NO!
* Monkeyman can't contain himself and leaves.
Monkeyman has left.
Sosiqui: GAH!
Ticia: ROFL
* Sosiqui GLARES at the rest of you!
Sosiqui: You are SO suck.
* Ticia hides
Sosiqui: Gah.
Ghost_of_Leen: It's ok, Sos.
Ghost_of_Leen: Most recent IP address for Monkeyman:
Ghost_of_Leen: Most recent IP address for Ghost_of_Leen:
Ticia: oh, Leen is MEAN!!!
Sosiqui: LEEN
TalkingDog: LOLOL
Sosiqui: YOU SUCK!!!!
* Sosiqui DIES!!!!
BurgerKing: Hehehehe!
Ghost_of_Leen: heheh
RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'Leen RULES!' by Ticia.
Sosiqui: ROFL!
BurgerKing: That's hilarious!
Ghost_of_Leen: Oh man, I needed that.
* Ellmyruh is REALLY DYING now!
Sosiqui: I would almost say that deserves an archive, but... NO NO NO. LOL!!!
Grishny has entered.
Grishny: So, why doesn't Sosi want the buffer read?
Ticia: We were teasing Sosi about her crush on Monkeyman and how she should send a note with kisses and perfume and stuff....
Ticia: and Leen came in as Monkeyman.
* Sosiqui is just laughing hysterically.
* Ticia couldn't resist that last dig at Sosi.
Grishny: Sosiqui has a thing for Monkeyman?
Sosiqui: I DO NOT
Sosiqui: GAH! LOL!
Grishny: Wow, well, you learn something new every day, I always say.
Ellmyruh: ROFL!!
* Ticia gags at this one
Sosiqui: Grrrrr!
Ticia: Aren't you the one who said you want monkeyman?
Sosiqui: Well, yes, but that was a TYPOPO
Ticia: Yeah, a TYPOPO of the heart!
Sosiqui: It was NOT
Grishny: Leen is Monkeyman!?! No WAY?!
Grishny: So Sosiqui had a crush on Leen without knowing it?
Sosiqui: LOL LOL LOL
Grishny: That's scary.
Grishny: Well, if Monkeyman is really a man and not Leen, I could see those two together. They'd make a cute couple, don't you think?
Sosiqui: CUTE COUPLE???
* Sosiqui thinks the REAL Monkeyman should come in so he can defend himself.
Ellmyruh: Awww, Sosiqui is missing Monkeyman!
Ticia: Awwww. So cute! She wishes he were here!
Sosiqui: Grrrrr!
Grishny: Yeah! And their children would be adorable!
Sosiqui: CHILDREN??
Ticia: Awww...little Sosiquis and Monkeys!!!
* Sosiqui sighs.
RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'Sosi and Monkey sitting in a tree!' by Ticia.
Sosiqui: Ticia, don't make me kill you.
RinkChat: The chat room topic has been removed by Ticia.
Mike: Would the kids be Sosimonkeys or monkeyquis?
Sosiqui: Gah.
BurgerKing: Hehe. RinkChat is definitely a good cheering-up place.
* Sosiqui sends the transcript to Monkeyman so he can KILL YOU later.
TalkingDog: ooo
* Ellmyruh notes that Sosiqui is sending Monkeyman an email. Add a purple lips graphic!!!
Sosiqui: I AM NOT!!!!!
Sosiqui: Ick ick ICK.
Grishny: YEAH! Smooochinessesses!
Ellmyruh: You're not emailing him? I bet he'll be sad.
Sosiqui: I am, but NO SMOOCHES!
* Sosiqui can't decided if an archive of this would be hysterically funny or embarassing. Probably both.
Mike: That "kissmoochsmacklove..." word would likely be fitting, if you're taking suggestions for the love note.
Sosiqui: E
Ellmyruh: Send him a LOVE KNOT!
Sosiqui: No love! NO LOVE!
Ticia: awwwwww
Sosiqui: *sigh*
Ellmyruh: Sosiqui is sighing over Monkeyman!
Sosiqui: I am NOT
* Ellmyruh remembers that she might be able to meet Sosiqui at some point in the near future. Hmm. Should she be worried for her safety as a result of today's events?
* Sosiqui sends the email with a conspicous LACK OF ANYTHING ICKY MUSHY
* Sosiqui is given a @-`-,--`,--`-,-- by Ellmyruh.
Ellmyruh: (I won't be offended if you pass that rose along to Monkeyman.)
Ticia: LOL
TalkingDog: LOL
Sosiqui: LOL!!!
* Ticia sends an email to Monkeyman, telling him to watch out for the hidden ICKY MUCHYness in Sosi's email.
Ellmyruh: LOL!!
Sosiqui: GrrrrrrAAAAAAAAH!
Grishny: Sosiqui, you really need to learn to express your feelings better. How will he know you love him if you refuse to display any affection?
Ticia: Yeah, be a little PASSIONATE, Sosi!
Sosiqui: If this gets archived, I had BETTER get a RinkAward for it. That's all I have to say.
Ellmyruh: .memo Monkeyman Be on the lookout for a loveydovey package from the U.S.
Ellmyruh: ooooops.
Sosiqui: I DO NOT.... oh, pooie. You guys don't take explanations.
Ticia: ROFL
Sosiqui: What part of FRIENDS do you not get? Gah! (LOL)
TalkingDog: The R.
* Ghost_of_Leen thinks it time to give some things to Sosiqui to tease Ticia about.
Ticia: Leen: be good.
* Sosiqui is, all things considered, really REALLY glad that that was Leen and NOT Monkeyman.
* Ghost_of_Leen will make sure it gets archived so Monkeyman gets a fair chance at seeing it.
Sosiqui: *sigh*
Ellmyruh: Brunnen-G was right: Romance IS in the air in RinkWorld.
Stephen: When is BG ever not right?
Sosiqui: In the AIR? ROMANCE? GAH!
Mike: "In the air"? You mean like polution?
Grishny: More like pollen.
Sosiqui: Next thing, you guys will be suggesting... no, wait, I'm NOT going to give you guys ammo.
RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'Sitting in a tree' by Ticia.
Ticia: We'll let people decide WHO'S sitting in the tree.
Monkeyman has entered.
TalkingDog: Is this the REAL MM???
Stephen: Monkey monkey monkey... MAN!
* Sosiqui is cautious. Are you real?
* Ghost_of_Leen whistles.
Sosiqui: Leen, come on.
* BurgerKing pokes Monkeyman to see if he's real.
Ghost_of_Leen: Hi me... I mean Monkeyman!
Monkeyman: AARGH!!!!!
Monkeyman: I MISSED TEH SOEMTING GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
* Sosiqui is confused.
Mike: MM SMELLS like the real one.
Monkeyman: Sosi: I see that I have been impersonated. I WANT LOGS!!!!!!
Ticia: Just DON'T read the buffer, Monkey!
Monkeyman: Ticia: Too late...
* Sosiqui sent already. Check email. If you're real, that is.
* Monkeyman will check email.
* Ticia looks at Monkey's IP suspiciously

At this point Sosiqui tested Monkeyman through private messages, to see if it was really him.

Sosiqui: It is him.
* Sosiqui now dies laughing.
Monkeyman: LOL, Leen!
TalkingDog: oh my goodness...MM made IMPOSSIBLY GREAT TIMING...and now I must leave. Later peoples!
* Monkeyman bounces up and down in his chair.
* Sosiqui wonders if Monkeyman read the email.
Monkeyman: Curiosity killed the cat...
Monkeyman: But curiosity TORTURED the monkey before it got to the cat!
Ellmyruh: No, don't die of curiosity. SOMEONE around here would be very upset.
Sosiqui: Elly!!!!
Monkeyman: I could have been here sooner, but I needed to, erm, well, you guys don't want to hear about it.
* Monkeyman will read it NOW.
Grishny: Monkeyman: Yeah, you better read it. It's a love letter.
Sosiqui: IT IS NOT!
Grishny: Monkeyman: be careful, it's full of hidden mushiness.
Monkeyman: YES!
* Ellmyruh goes to freshen up her PURPLE lipstick.
* Ticia puts on her PASSION RED lipstick.
* Stephen is wearing black lipstick.
* Sosiqui has NO LIPSTICK! Gah!
* Grishny has NO LIPSTICK EITHER! This is a good thing.
Sosiqui: Um. Thanks for sharing.
* Ellmyruh will send Sosiqui some lipstick and be sure to put a note in the package.
* Monkeyman holds off on reading the email just because he has it now and wants to see all the goofiness in here. :-)
Sosiqui: Gah. And now I have to go to class.
Monkeyman: Aww...
Ellmyruh: While the Sosiqui's away, the cats will play!
Ticia: Bye, Sosi! Be sure to write that note! And remember!!! LIPSTICK!!!!
* Sosiqui KILLS Ticia and Elly.
* Sosiqui HUGS Monkeyman!
Sosiqui: Waitaminute...
Ticia: Oh, how cute! They're HUGGING!
Sosiqui: GAH.
Sosiqui has left.
Monkeyman: Sosiqui ended her email transcript to me with this line: "LOL LOL. Please kill them all when you get a chance. ;) Especially Leen."
Ghost_of_Leen: Me?! Boy, next time I won't let her off so easily.
Mike: "Please kill them all"? How sweet--she's already begging boons of her Monkeyknight. Awwww.
* BurgerKing is an integral part of the transcript.
Monkeyman: You WERE integral. Your character shows the humanity of the whole piece, the "straight man", as it were. Without you, the whole thing would seem otherworldly, and strange...
* Mike wishes MM could read this aloud. Oooh, i can't wait for this to be archived.
* Stephen can't wait for the archive either, so he can have some bleeding clue as to what's going on.
Monkeyman: So you guys all PROMISE not to tease Sosi about this anymore?
Ghost_of_Leen: NO
* BurgerKing never teased anyone... he just laughed a little.
Monkeyman: Because she laughs pretty hard at this stuff, and might die laughing...
Ellmyruh: OH, CUTE!!! Monkey is worried that she'll DIE!
Ellmyruh: We certainly don't want Monkeyman to die of a b0rken heart.
Grishny: What do we want him to die from then?
* Monkeyman is starting to worry that you lot might be the first bunch to make him blush in YEARS.
* Ellmyruh just mistyped "Monday" as "Monkay."
Monkeyman: LOL, Elly!
* Monkeyman has a VERY hard time typing the word "money" now.
Ellmyruh: I imagine Sosiqui does, too.
* Ellmyruh ducks!
Monkeyman: I'm sure she does. :-)
* Monkeyman thinks Elly will have to try harder than THAT to embarrass Monkeyman.
Monkeyman: But if you need more fuel for the fire, I can tell you that I am also sending her a package...
Ellmyruh: A package?
Monkeyman: Why yes, I AM a package.
Monkeyman: Thanks for noticing!
Ghost_of_Leen: ewwwwww. ahem.
* Monkeyman should go eat breakfast and/or shower.
Ellmyruh: Eating showers is not recommended.

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