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Imagine what it would be like if you kept a handful of perfectly ordinary people up past their bedtimes until they got tired enough to be really silly. Now imagine what it would be like to keep them up like 16 hours past that. Now imagine what it would be like if they were not perfectly ordinary to begin with but actually quite mental. Now imagine these people on laughing gas. Now imagine them on RinkChat. What you are imagining is roughly the equivalent of the Wall Street Journal compared to this.

A bit in the early part of this transcript warrants explanation: as a joke, the chat room (back when this conversation occurred) would change all instances of "manmeat" to "girly-wuss."

Wormwood: Has anyone read The Age of Spritual Machines? Some guy thinks that we'll all go the way of Total Annihilation (IE, we'll all become robots as our conciousnesses are transferred to machines).
Wormwood: Maybe HE will, but I somewhat LIKE this bag of flesh I call myself.
gremlinn: I'd rather be a robot.
ahmoacah: My bag of flesh could use some better knees.
Cynthia: I'd offer you my knees, but they're not much better.
gremlinn: My knees are still good.
* Cynthia swipes grem's knees and gives one to ahmoacah and keeps one for herself.
gremlinn: My left patella!
* Cynthia nods and smiles.
* gremlinn does too.
* Cynthia smiles at gremlinn.
* gremlinn wonders why.
Cynthia: grem: Because you're smiling.
* Wormwood nods and his head falls off.
* gremlinn leans forward and falls down where his knees should have been.
* Cynthia wonders if grem's kneelessness is going to interfere with his bread-delivery stalking service.
gremlinn: No, I can knead without being kneed.
gremlinn: As I was saying, I need not be kneed to knead.
Cynthia: Oh, okay. I can give you back one of your original knees anyway, but you'll have to take the matter of the other up with ahmoacah.
gremlinn: But I need my liver to deliver.
ahmoacah: Wow, gremlinn breaks into your room and leaves you homemade bread?
gremlinn: Yes, and I stalk her too.
ahmoacah: gremlinn, please stalk me! I like homemade bread!
ahmoacah: You can have your knee back... It's the wrong size.
gremlinn: Thanks.
gremlinn: For fifty cents, I'll even play scary taped sound effects whenever I'm in your house/apartment.
Cynthia: Oooooooh!
gremlinn: Though most of my clients prefer the soundless stalkings. A more true-to-life experience.
* Cynthia is impressed. New special features!
* Cynthia will save her money, too, though.
gremlinn: Yes. Through new advanced technology, you'll see my crazed visage appear as a reflection on the inside of your window at night.
ahmoacah: Ooooh, scarrrry.
ahmoacah: OK, it's Silly Hour in the ahmoacah household.
Cynthia: Even on the third floor?
gremlinn: I float.
gremlinn: We all float down here.
Cynthia: Ah. I see.
Ellmyruh has entered.
* Ellmyruh hires gremlinn to stalk her and leave homemade bread behind.
ahmoacah: I'm laughing my head off. Or I would be, but I'm too tired to.
* gremlinn was just being silly before, obviously.
gremlinn: I don't really know how to make bread.
Cynthia: Then do I want to know where it came from?
gremlinn: It was leftover manly bread from Monkeyman's place.
* LaZorra gags.
* Cynthia isn't feeling so well all of a sudden.
* Ellmyruh was just reading about fancier coding she can learn for Web stuff. Ellmyruh's head is near exploding, and now she's thinking about manly MonkeyBread. *Kabloom*
gremlinn: It's probably a little bit more muscular in composition than you're used to, but you develop a taste for it after a while.
Cynthia: grem, if I start claiming to be a :-{ hunk of girly-wuss, I'm going to start stalking you.
gremlinn: What do you get if you combine a manly bread loaf with meatloaf?
Cynthia: The stuff in my fridge?
gremlinn: A loaf of girly-wuss.
* Cynthia is giggling uncontrollably now and smothering herself with a pillow.
Cynthia: Hey! If I have a stalker, I shouldn't have to smother myself!
gremlinn: Stop! It's my job to smother you with a pillow.
gremlinn: Cynthia beat.
gremlinn: Beating is my job too, by the way.
Cynthia: Oh, good. Saves me a lot of self-flagellation.
gremlinn: You have flagella?
Cynthia: Ever since you started substituting Monkey-bread, I haven't been able to get rid of the bloody things.
LaZorra: The truth comes out: Cynthia is a microorganism!
Ellmyruh: gremlinn stalks microorganisms?
gremlinn: Oh no! A manly microorganism!
gremlinn: That's it. I'm done stalking you.
Ellmyruh: Wait. You're calling Cynthia a manly microorganism???
Cynthia: WHAT?
Cynthia: Not ME! The crap you put in my FRIDGE!
gremlinn: I didn't start it!
gremlinn: Blame Monkeyman.
Ellmyruh: And Darien.
ahmoacah: Monkeyman's bread turns people into manly microorganisms????
ahmoacah: You could sell that stuff!
Ellmyruh: Oh! I blamed Darien at work the other day! Everyone looked at me funny, but it ruled!
gremlinn: Yeah. Then they start micro-managing things.
Brunnen_G has entered.
Ellmyruh: Perfect timing, Brunnen-G!
* Brunnen_G wonders why it is perfect timing.
Ellmyruh: I'm not sure what's going on still, but ahmoacah is fun when she's tired.
ahmoacah: ME???? What about gremlinn and Cynthia!!!?
* gremlinn stalks by Ellmyruh.
* ahmoacah did not give Cynthia the manly bread!
* Cynthia is dying.
gremlinn: Stop! It's my job to kill you! Oh wait, not anymore.
Cynthia: I thought you reversed that after we got that whole bit about me and the stuff in my fridge being separate entities cleared up.
* gremlinn is not responsible, period!
gremlinn: Oh, okay.
Cynthia: That's not a period! That's an exclamation mark!
* Cynthia looks up from being in the process of dying on the floor to apologize to Brunnen_G for the total incomprehensibility of all of this.
gremlinn: It could become comprehensible if someone logged it all.
ahmoacah: I have a question, though. Why would a microorganism need to be smothered with a pillow?
Brunnen_G: Why would *anyone* need to be? These things generally become apparent.
Brunnen_G: Yes you are. You're about five foot four, right?
Cynthia: Five one.
Brunnen_G: Five ONE? There you go, then.
ahmoacah: So you need to be smothered because you're not a microorganism yet. But you still do have flagella.
ahmoacah: Have I got it right?
Brunnen_G: Cynthia has flagella?
* Cynthia cries.
* Brunnen_G has a sense of starting something all over again.
* LaZorra smothers Cynthia with a loaf of bread.
LaZorra: I can't abide grown microorganisms crying.
[Cynthia->ahmoacah] Oh, man ... I almost typed Monkey Breast ... THAT would have been HORRIFIC.
* gremlinn comforts Cynthia and gives her little microcapsules to phagocytotically ingest.
[ahmoacah->Cynthia] Oh, man! I'm hurting here. That would've been very bad indeed.
* ahmoacah breathes...
ahmoacah: Too bad Cynthia can't.
* LaZorra opens a box that says "ACME Microscopic Handkerchiefs" and offers one to Cynthia.
ahmoacah: Watch it! Is that Wile E. Coyote's ACME?
LaZorra: Do you know of any other?
* Cynthia can't even see that microscopic handkerchief. She is NOT MICROSCOPIC! She is human!
Brunnen_G: I realised today, looking at the photo I took of the boat I'm working on, that it says STALK down one side.
Brunnen_G: It actually is a radio station advert saying "NewsTALK", but in the photo all you see is STALK.
ahmoacah: Watch it, gremlinn might start leaving you manly Monkey bread.
* gremlinn will try stalking that boat.
Brunnen_G: You'd sink.
gremlinn: I'll stalk on it.
Brunnen_G: I'd have liked to see you try it today. It wasn't stalking weather. It was "Klingons attack the Enterprise in the days before special effects" weather.
Brunnen_G: You know, how everybody would suddenly rush over to one wall and fling themselves against it.
gremlinn: Yeah, those are cool scenes. And they can travel well over the speed of light and never get thrown off an inch.
Ellmyruh: This is the strangest conversation.
Brunnen_G: No it isn't. There are at least four or five conversations I recall in here that were stranger.
ahmoacah: Oh, so it's the sixth-strangest conversation? Obviously we need more of that bread.
Ellmyruh: Manly Monkey Bread, stalking boats, Klingons, microorganisms.
LaZorra: That's pretty strange.
ahmoacah: And pillows. They're important.
Cynthia: And you weren't even here for the knee-switching earlier.
Brunnen_G: Knee-switching. Oh.
Ellmyruh: Ok, that takes it up a level.
* LaZorra checks her patellas. Yup. Still there.
* Brunnen_G has no opinion on what to say about knee-switching.
ahmoacah: We gave them back!
Ellmyruh: But did you talk about baking turkeys in the sand?
gremlinn: Now we did.
ahmoacah: I thought it was hot dogs in the sand.
Cynthia: ahmoacah, if you'd nevet complained about having bad knees, this would never have happened.
Cynthia: *never
Cynthia: *NEVAR!!!!!111
ahmoacah: Oh, right, blame it all on ME.
gremlinn: Before that we were talking about turning ourselves into robots.
ahmoacah: Yeah, so it was gremlinn's fault.
Cynthia: And how you and I are going to die long before eighty.
* Brunnen_G wonders what is bad about ahmoacah's knees. The colour scheme? Their ethical values? The fact that they're located in the wrong part of her body?
Ellmyruh: Um. I don't dare ask where ahmoacah's knees ARE.
ahmoacah: Under my desk, where they're safe.
ahmoacah: Isn't that where you keep yours?
LaZorra: Actually, mine are preserved in a jar on my desk.
Ellmyruh is away.
Brunnen_G: You are all very strange.
Brunnen_G: Even for microorganisms.
gremlinn: I just pretend to be.
gremlinn: Honestly, I don't really know how to make bread.
Cynthia: IANAM!
ahmoacah: I am not a monkeybread?
Cynthia: "I am not a microrganism." I got tired of typing it.
gremlinn: I believe you. We all do.
Cynthia: grem: *sniffle* No you don't ... you're just ... *sniffle* saying that! *sob*
LaZorra: Of course we believe you, Cynthia. Now how long have you had this problem...?
* ahmoacah 's head hurts now.
gremlinn: Cynthia: stop colonizing ahmoacah's head!
* Cynthia curls into a little ball and cries.
LaZorra: See! See! She exhibits typical movement of a non-vertabrate animal.
* Cynthia throws a pillow at LaZorra.
LaZorra: While curled into a ball?
Cynthia: I'm talented.
LaZorra: Wow.
ahmoacah: I need to get me one of those pillows to smother myself with.
Ellmyruh is back.
Ellmyruh: Cynthia's head is now colonized?!
* Cynthia 's lungs collapse.
gremlinn: See, she has lungs.
ahmoacah: owww, owww, oww.
gremlinn: She IS a talented microorganism!
gremlinn: That would actually be a cool thing for a hypnotist to make someone believe: that they're a paramecium or suchlike.
Cynthia: This is starting to sound more and more like the newest cartoon show: Cynthia the Talented Microrganism.
Ellmyruh: Or it could be a horror flick.
Cynthia: Right after the Powerpuff Girls.
* Brunnen_G thinks that would be a terrific name for a show.
ahmoacah: I'm laughing so hard I've started coughing.
[Cynthia->ahmoacah] I'm long past dead.
[ahmoacah->Cynthia] I'm nearly there too...
Ellmyruh: If gremlinn were a hynoptist, I'm sure he'd have all his subjects doing insane math problems. And palindromes.
* LaZorra gives ahm some freshly-baked bread--courtesy of gremlinn--to smother herself with.
Ellmyruh: WHAT?!
Cynthia: EEP!
Cynthia: *BREAD!
ahmoacah: Noooooo! Not girly-wuss!
Cynthia: *BREAD!@
* Ellmyruh does NOT need to hear about this.
gremlinn: MONKEY BREAST???
Brunnen_G: Ok, now I *do* find this amusing.
[Cynthia->ahmoacah] Oh, NO! I really did do it!
[ahmoacah->Cynthia] LOL!!!! On purpose?
[Cynthia->ahmoacah] No!!!!!
[ahmoacah->Cynthia] LOLOLOL!!!! ROTFL!
LaZorra: Boneless-Skinless Monkey Breast!
Ellmyruh: ew ew ew
LaZorra: Just heat and eat!
ahmoacah: Oh my.... Oh, my.
* Cynthia knows that now is the time to go off and shoot herself.
* Cynthia joins the ranks of People Who Have Made Hideously Embarrassing Typopos.
gremlinn: You mean Sosiqui?
Cynthia: Well, yes, but I wanted to make it sound more inclusive.
ahmoacah: Oh gosh. I hurt so much.
[Cynthia->ahmoacah] That must have just been fate.
[ahmoacah->Cynthia] You were doomed, the minute you typed it in to me. ;-)
[Cynthia->ahmoacah] Don't I know it.
* Cynthia is crying from laughter again.
Cynthia: Oweeee.
ahmoacah: LOL.
Ellmyruh: Argh. I just spilled water all over the world.
gremlinn: Thanks. We needed some down here in SoCal.
ahmoacah: Ellmyruh, don't get any on the monkey brea... stuff.
Ellmyruh: Oooh, it got on my car payment.
ahmoacah: Oh gosh, I read that as Elly getting Monkey Breast on her car payment.
Ellmyruh: No, no, no. I'll leave the Monkey Breast thing to OTHERS.
* Cynthia recalls the bumper sticker she saw when she was out the other day: "It's a Monkey Thing. You wouldn't understand."
LaZorra: EEEWWW, look it's a Monkey Thing!!
gremlinn: heheh, get a picture of it?
Cynthia: Nope. Wish I had. But it doesn't matter, since I AM LEAVING RINKWROKS FOREVAR in shame.
gremlinn: NOOOO
* Cynthia is not going to survive this chat session at this rate anyway.
gremlinn: Wait a second. This is a user room, so it won't be automatically logged, right?
* Cynthia 's jaw drops.
Ellmyruh: Yes it would.
gremlinn: Oh, okay.
Brunnen_G: Ellmyruh is here. That activates the automatic logging feature.
Brunnen_G: Whether or not the chat room has one. ;-)
Ellmyruh: LOL!
* Cynthia THWACKS grem with a pillow for scaring her.
* LaZorra smacks gremlinn around some for doing that.
gremlinn: Doing what?
Cynthia: Oy. My stalker. I get to beat up on him first.
LaZorra: My apologies.
Cynthia: Okay, everyone just assume that I LOL at whatever you say.
* LaZorra puts gremlinn in festering pools with pestering fools.
gremlinn: Cynthia: a^2 + b^2 = c^2.
gremlinn: Just try to LOL at that.
ahmoacah: LOL!
Cynthia: Some people are just HYPERSENSITIVE.
Brunnen_G: Hypersensitive, yes, that would be me. I'm not the one who spends their time thinking about monkey breasts.
gremlinn: "I am merely a microorganism and I definitely truly admire Manly Bread"?
ahmoacah: LOLOLOL!!!!
* Cynthia smothers gremlinn with the pillow.
Ellmyruh: You people are insane.
ahmoacah: Are you implying Cynthia is bread mold?
Cynthia: Isn't THAT where the whole microorganism thing CAME from?
ahmoacah: No, it came from you flagellating yourself. Silly.
* Ellmyruh zeroes in on the "ell" found in "flagella."
* ahmoacah is disgusted to discover her head is infested with bread mold.
gremlinn: It's brain mold now.
ahmoacah: EWWWW.
gremlinn: Fortunately, I'm the man for this job.
ahmoacah: What job? You're going to stalk my brain mold?
LaZorra: You're the man to infest her head with bread mold?
ahmoacah: Oh, hey, they MAKE brain molds. Like to put Jello in.
* gremlinn expertly licks the mold off ahmoacah's brain without disturbing so much as a single one of her thoughts.
Brunnen_G: OK, that deserves its own quotes page.
* Ellmyruh saves THAT one for all eternity.
Cynthia: And people think French-kissing is gross.
ahmoacah: My sides HURT.
Ellmyruh: ***News flash*** gremlinn has just LICKED AHMOACAH'S BRAIN
Brunnen_G: Licked MOLD off ahmoacah's brain. Ordinary everyday brain-licking pales in comparison.
ahmoacah: Oh, oww, oww, ow.
Brunnen_G: Not that... there is such a thing as ordinary, everyday ... er ... ignore me.
gremlinn: Normally I'd go wild and eat the whole thing, but I know how valuable ahmoacah's brain is to RinkWorks.
* ahmoacah DIES with laughter.
Ellmyruh: Oh my.
ahmoacah: Ew! Ew! Ew!!!!!!!
Ellmyruh: I like the "Normally I'd go wild" part all by itself.
* LaZorra puts a tooth-proof cover on ahmoacah's head.
* Cynthia thinks this would be the best time in the world for a newbie to come in.
Ellmyruh: Will "You lick mold off ahmoacah's brain" be an option in SOAT?
gremlinn: I'd have to work on that one.
* ahmoacah breathes again. *gasp*
* LaZorra offers ahm some breath mints. Brain fungus did not at all agree with her.
ahmoacah: Oh, thanks. I think I'd choke if I took one right now.
* ahmoacah takes a breath mint now.
gremlinn: Oh, just realized something.
gremlinn: I've got the bread mold on my tongue now. Any volunteers to get it off for me?
ahmoacah: AUGH!
Ellmyruh: =-o
* gremlinn looks around hopefully.
* LaZorra backs away slowly.
Brunnen_G: Sure. Hold still. I have a big machete somewhere.
Ellmyruh: gremlinn did NOT just ask someone to lick his tongue. NO
gremlinn: Certainly not!
* Brunnen_G has no intention of licking anybody's tongue in a chatroom.
Brunnen_G: This doesn't mean I would lick gremlinn's tongue if we were NOT in a chatroom, just in case you wonder.
ahmoacah: Use the manly monkey bread. Keep away from the rest of us.
gremlinn: Darn.
ahmoacah: He didn't say you had to lick it off.
Brunnen_G: Yeah, it's not like it's on his brain or anything. Licking is for brains. And eyeballs. I think.
ahmoacah: Yuck.
gremlinn: Yeah. Some lizards do that.
Brunnen_G: Well, I'm only going by what I hear. It may not be reliable.
Brunnen_G: Not that I associate with brain-licking lizards.
ahmoacah: Lizards lick mold off brains? gremlinn is a lizard?
gremlinn: No, eyeballs.
gremlinn: They lick their eyes to keep them clean.
LaZorra: So we now have two subhuman chatters established.
Cynthia: YES! The secondary character! Cynthia the Talented Microorganism and her friend gremlinn the Lizard!
Ellmyruh: Definitely a horror flick.
Brunnen_G: This would have to be a *Japanese* cartoon, I think.
* gremlinn the grizzly lizard.
Ellmyruh: gremlizz
ahmoacah: And ahmoacah the Brain-Licked. Nah, doesn't have the same ring.
Brunnen_G: You know, I tell people the chatroom I go to isn't like the rest of the Internet. I tell people it's full of normal people.
* Brunnen_G wants to stay here all night watching you people talk about licking mould off each other's brains like lizards.
* Brunnen_G will use this as evidence that the Internet is really a very sane, educational and ordinary place, if you know where to look.
LaZorra: Educational, I like that part.
Brunnen_G: Of course it's educational.
Brunnen_G: I never spoke to a sentient microorganism before.
Brunnen_G: I want to see you all stay awake right through until 3.30 a.m. TOMORROW morning too.
ahmoacah: :-O
Brunnen_G: I think it might cross some sort of silliness threshold and collapse Rinkworks into a black hole of silliness.
gremlinn: Like a silliness event horizon?
Brunnen_G: Probably.
ahmoacah: Wait, we aren't already there?
* Cynthia just keeps smashing her face into the pillow.
ahmoacah: I announced my silliness event horizon when it happened.
LaZorra: How come I didn't get an invitation?
ahmoacah: I proclaimed it for all to see!
gremlinn: When was that? I missed it too.
ahmoacah: BG wasn't here yet. I said something like "Now it's silly hour in the ahmoacah household."
gremlinn: Oh yeah...I DO remember that.
gremlinn: I thought your family members were doing hijinks in the background or something.
gremlinn: "It's silly hour for the ahmoacahs. Watch as they perform all sorts of crazy circus stunts."
Cynthia: So there's more than one ahmoacah? So which one got the brain-licking? Or did you do them all?
gremlinn: A most amusing mental image of ahmoacah trying desperately to concentrate at the computer while people jumped and frolicked behind her, throwing objects and performing somersaults like crazy.
Cynthia: And instead the reality is that she was sitting all alone at her computer, unsuspecting, while you snuck up behind her and LICKED HER BRAIN.
gremlinn: Oh, I definitely did not SNEAK UP on her. She knew I was there when I started sawing through her skull.
gremlinn: What do you think I did, stick my tongue down her auditory canal?
ahmoacah: EWwWwWwwWWW!
* Brunnen_G thinks gremlinn is entirely too focused on sticking his tongue places.
Brunnen_G: Still, I guess it's natural if he's a lizard.
* LaZorra sticks gremlinn's tongue to her bathroom window.
Ellmyruh: ewww
LaZorra: Wow, it sure is sticky!
* Cynthia is never going to be able to look at her nice cheerful window stickies the same way again.
* gremlinn caht tahk thow.
LaZorra: Look, gremlinn just hangs there, it's so sticky!
gremlinn: No, I float.
Cynthia: You're really adamant on that floating point, aren't you, grem?
ahmoacah: As long as you stuck it to the window *after* he licked my brain, I'm ok with it.
Brunnen_G: Yes, but then she'd have your cerebrospinal fluid dripping down her window AS WELL AS gremlinn's spit.
gremlinn: Yuck!
Ellmyruh: EWWW
ahmoacah: No, he only licked off the mold!
gremlinn: Now really, this is a family chat room. Talking about cerebrospinal fluid is totally uncalled for.
Brunnen_G: Yes, of course. I apologize.
Brunnen_G: Let's get back to talking about licking people's tongues.
gremlinn: It's okay. Maybe I overreacted.
Cynthia: This has gone beyond cute-sucking.
Ellmyruh: Now it's cute-licking.
* Cynthia collapses again.
Cynthia: No. No. No.
gremlinn: Can I get my tongue back now?
LaZorra: germ: seems to be stuck.
LaZorra: *grem, LOL!!!
Brunnen_G: germ? LOL
* Cynthia covers her mouth and nose.
* LaZorra does NOT want to wake her parents up to have them see what she is laughing about, so LaZorra hyperventilates.
Maryam has entered.
Cynthia: Oh, hiya, Maryam!
Brunnen_G: Maryam, welcome to your worst nightmare.
Maryam: That's not very promising.
* gremlinn licked ahmoacah's brain, but it was for a good cause.
* Maryam reads the buffer and says, "..."
Brunnen_G: Maryam: Don't read the -- oh. Too late.
* Cynthia thinks that grem is LYING and that he really is a GERM out to STALK and INFECT and KILL us ALL. To DEATH.
Cynthia: TEH DEATH.
gremlinn: YES you are right let DEATH TIME commence.
LaZorra: Death to the Germ and his Monkey Breast!
gremlinn: MONKEY BREAST! Oh yeah, can't forget that.
Cynthia: NOoooooooooooo
Maryam: grem: That's the most bizarre mating ritual I've ever heard of, and I just spent the week watching a Star Trek marathon.
gremlinn: I was just stopping Cynthia from colonizing.
Maryam: I don't know why. I've never been much of a Trekkie. Maybe it's something in the air.
LaZorra: Yes, germs!
Maryam: It all comes back to gremlinn, doesn't it?
LaZorra: It's all his fault.
Cynthia: Always.
Brunnen_G: He's really Darien in disguise, I think.
ahmoacah: Darien in disguise licked my brain????
Brunnen_G: Uh oh.
gremlinn: :-}
Brunnen_G: I hadn't thought of *that* connotation.
Cynthia: Geez, everybody's had his tongue in ahmoacah's brain.
ahmoacah: Geeeeross!
* Brunnen_G has never been anywhere near ahmoacah's brain, and never plans to be.
ahmoacah: Aw, BG doesn't want to meet me. ;(
Brunnen_G: Of course I want to meet you. Just don't bring your brain along.
ahmoacah: I think I'd be pretty boring without it.
Brunnen_G: I mean, if we're talking RinkUnions. I think that's a prerequisite anyway.
gremlinn: Yes, I am Darien, and I WIN!
Brunnen_G: Ha. A common misquote. I'M the one who always wins in the end.
ahmoacah: Stay out of my brain.
gremlinn: I didn't enjoy it, for the record.
Brunnen_G: Oh, great. He not only licks mould off your brain, he tells you it wasn't even a very GOOD brain?
gremlinn: Well, uhh, I didn't mean it that way.
ahmoacah: Probably because he didn't get to eat the whole thing.
LaZorra: B_G: That's proof that he's done this before.
gremlinn: Of course I have.
Brunnen_G: What are you, a connoisseur? You can lick somebody's brain and say, "Ah, yes, this would be a 1972, perhaps a '71?"
ahmoacah: '74 vintage, actually. A fine year, I must say.
gremlinn: And Cynthia is my sidekick the Bloodmopstress.
* Cynthia salutes grem, her mop at the ready.
* gremlinn points to a puddle behind ahmoacah's chair. "That's from the skull-sawing."
* Cynthia gets right to mopping.
LaZorra: Ooo, Cynthia the Talented Bloodmopstress Microorganisim!!
ahmoacah: There is no puddle!
gremlinn: Not anymore. Cynthia's quick.
ahmoacah: *blink*
Brunnen_G: I still think I would *totally* watch a show called "Cynthia the Talented Microorganism".
Brunnen_G: On the other hand, anybody with my screen name is probably not qualified to judge potential TV show quality.
Maryam: What could a microorganism be talented in doing?
Cynthia: Throwing pillows at people while remaining curled into a tiny ball.
* LaZorra can vouch for Cynthia's pillow-throwing ability.
ahmoacah: OK, so it is almost 5 AM.
ahmoacah: And I am GOING to bed. I will just have to miss out on the rest of the fun.
* Cynthia was going to go to bed about four hours ago.
ahmoacah: This time I mean it!
gremlinn: The fun is over. And I will enforce that while you are gone.
Ellmyruh: Good night!
Brunnen_G: Sleep tight. Don't let the brain-licking-lizards bite.
Cynthia: Ewwww, he BIT her now?
ahmoacah: I won't. He'll be outside the window-quilts.
Maryam: Night ahmoacah!
* ahmoacah HUGS Cynthia!
gremlinn: g'night
LaZorra: I'm going to go, also. So long, all you crazy people!
gremlinn: g'night
ahmoacah: 'night!
ahmoacah has left.
* Brunnen_G needs to get offline now. Darn.
Maryam: Bye, BG!
Brunnen_G: You people rule.
Brunnen_G: And, gremlinn, the fact that I said I wouldn't lick your tongue in person is IN NO WAY a reflection of any personal animosity.
gremlinn: Oh, of course.

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