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We are a hilarious group sometimes.

gremlinn: I'm just taking a wild stab.
* gremlinn accidentally stabs flyingcats.
flyingcats: Uhh, no.
flyingcats: You can't do that.
flyingcats: Anyways, I think I just ate an eyelash.
gremlinn: It shouldn't hurt you.
flyingcats: What, being stabbed, or eating eyelashes?
gremlinn: Eyelashes.
flyingcats: Oh. I hope not.
Ellmyruh: Being stabbed with an eyelash shouldn't hurt too much, either.
Zullin: In a pinch.
* Ellmyruh PINCHES.
Cynthia: Owwwww!
Cynthia: That wasn't very nice!
Ellmyruh: I sowee.
* Cynthia decides to sit here and watch the bruise darken.
* Ellmyruh does, too.
flyingcats: Yikes! I just ate ANOTHER eyelash! Geeeez!
Ellmyruh: Just how do you eat eyelashes?
Zullin: How is that happening?
gremlinn: Are they falling into your mouth?
Zullin: Ooops! I just CHEWED OFF my own EAR!
* gremlinn admires Zullin's flexibility.
flyingcats: I don't know! I just keep feeling something on my tongue, and I pull whatever it is out, and it's an EYELASH!
Ellmyruh: You are WEIRD.
flyingcats: Moi???!?!?!?
Zullin: LOL
gremlinn: Maybe they're nose hairs...
flyingcats: Ewwww!
Ellmyruh: Yes, fc has long nose hairs. I should know.
* Ellmyruh ducks!
* flyingcats smacks Elli!
flyingcats: No, they're DARK. And I don't have nose hairs.
Zullin: Some lizards lick their eyes to keep them moist, I think.
gremlinn: Yep, it's true.
Ellmyruh: Ouch.
* flyingcats can't lick her eyeballs. She isn't flexible.
* flyingcats isn't a lizard, either.
Ellmyruh: Yes she is.
flyingcats: Nuh uh.
* Ellmyruh re-reads something. flyingcats said the hairs aren't nose hairs because they're "DARK." Does this mean that you have BLONDE nose hairs?
gremlinn: EWWW!
* Ellmyruh is ducking for all she's worth.
flyingcats: I MEANT that they were DARK the way my EYELASHES are DARK.
Zullin: Suuure.
* gremlinn nods in mock agreement.
Ellmyruh: Maybe they're even red.
flyingcats: Megan Allain had neonish blue mascara once.
Ellmyruh: Yes, I've seen blue mascara. I have NOT seen blue nose hairs.
gremlinn: They're BLUE now??
* Zullin screws up his face in mock disgust.
flyingcats: They are NOT blue! None of my hair is blue!
gremlinn: Not even your armpit hair?
flyingcats: Not even my armpit hair.
Ellmyruh: Except for the part above your ankles.
Brunnen_G has entered.
Zullin: Hi BG!
Ellmyruh: Welcome to stupid o'clock!
Brunnen_G: flyingcats has armpit hair on her ankles?
* Brunnen_G scrolls down. Interesting conversation, guys.
Brunnen_G: If flyingcats has really long nose hair like you say, it won't matter if she goes bald later in life.
Brunnen_G: She can grow the nose hairs really long and brush them up over.
gremlinn: Ewww!
gremlinn: That's a rather interesting mental picture.
Brunnen_G: You are all weirdos.
* flyingcats IS a weirdo. flyingcats does NOT have nose hair of any noticeable length.
Stephen has entered.
Brunnen_G: Speaking of weirdos.... :-)
* Ellmyruh decides to distract BG by telling her she should go look at Ellmyruh's NEW official Web page.
Brunnen_G: Oh, I should.
* Brunnen_G bookmarks it to look at more closely later.
Brunnen_G: Well, my site has started the big decline. I put a link to a site I like on it. Blah. I suck.
Brunnen_G: Next I'll be posting angst-ridden poetry and my personal diary.
Brunnen_G: I'll have to start writing some.
Ellmyruh: Add some NSync links, too.
flyingcats: And pictures of your SLIPPERS.
Brunnen_G: OK, I have to admit I never thought of pictures of my slippers.
Brunnen_G: Who does that?
flyingcats: Oh, only WEIRD, WEIRD people.
Brunnen_G: Oh, I see. People who have blonde nose hair and eat their own eyelashes? That sort of people?
flyingcats: Exactly.
gremlinn: Well, she didn't eat them on purpose.
flyingcats: But not me.
Ellmyruh: LOL! I took a picture of them a while ago, because I mentionoed them in Chat and Sam wanted to know what they were. I recently got around to developing the pictures and figured it would be something different.
Zullin: If you eat TWO eyelashes, I think you've eaten them on purpose, at least subconsciously.
gremlinn: Twice is a coincidence; three times is a pattern.
Ellmyruh: Four times is a meal.
Zullin: Five times is a lifestyle.
gremlinn: Six times is digestive problems.
flyingcats: Yeah! Coincidence still. I just gotta keep my mouth shut.
gremlinn: I think they must want to be eaten.
Brunnen_G: What was that thing in that James Bond book?
Brunnen_G: Once is coincidence, twice is...something...
Brunnen_G: Three times is enemy action.
flyingcats: Oooh! Enemy action!! I MUST keep my mouth shut.
Brunnen_G: No, once is "something," twice is coincidence. Oh, whatever.

Once is happenstance, according to Mr. Auric Goldfinger.

Brunnen_G: I'm not sure how it can be enemy action for flyingcats to eat her own eyelashes three times, so it all falls apart there.
flyingcats: Maybe they attack my stomach.
Brunnen_G: Well, the Bond movies are getting a little weak these days, maybe that'll be the next one.
gremlinn: The Stomach Is Not Enough
Brunnen_G: The Evil Eyelashes of Dr Flyingcats
gremlinn: Goldlash.
Brunnen_G: Yeah!
Brunnen_G: That way they match her nose hairs.

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