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Archives: Cell Phone Prank Riot


* Ellmyruh just discovered that her cell phone can receive text mesaging from the Internet for free.
Leen: COOL!
Leen: How does one send you a text message?
Ellmyruh: It's like email sent to my phone! This rules!!! Okay, I should probably find out how many messages I can receive for free.
Sam: Ellie: Yes!!!! SPAM TIME!!!!!! I mean...uh...
Ellmyruh: ROFL
* Brunnen_G thinks text messaging is the BANE OF MODERN SOCIETY
Brunnen_G: Text messaging is entirely about people typing things like "c u l8r!!"
Brunnen_G: I've seen it. It's like having your very own personal AOL chatroom which you can't get rid of.
Ellmyruh: Ick. I'm thinking more along the lines of: People can send me a written message so that I don't have to check my email or voice mail. Oh, wait. That's what Brunnen-G just described.
Ellmyruh: Wow. Text messaging is for people who are too lazy to check their email or voice mail. That's scary.
Brunnen_G: And the ads for text-capable phones here ENCOURAGE that.
Brunnen_G: *shudder*
Brunnen_G: They run ads here with so-called humorous text message versions of popular songs, all in AOL-abbreviation-speak.
Leen: Sounds like fun! Our phone doesn't do that.
Ellmyruh: Are you sure? I didn't think mine did, either.
Leen: Doubt it... our phone instantly became out-of-date after we bought it. :(
* Brunnen_G thinks this may be why the Ancient Egyptians had a written language without any vowels. They invented mobile phones and text messaging. That's why their civilisation collapsed
* Sam would only send worthwhile text messages to a phone.
Sam: Such as, "Hi!"
Ellmyruh: YES! I have UNLIMITED text messaging!
Leen: COOL!
* Sam picks a random number and hopes it's Ellie's.
Ellmyruh: hahahaha!
[Ellmyruh->Sam,Leen,Brunnen_G] Okay, here's my cell phone number: XXXXXXXXXX
Brunnen_G: So can anybody text message you from anywhere, like that?
Ellmyruh: Yep.
* Leen snickers.
* Ellmyruh dies.
* Leen laughs and laughs and laughs!
* Ellmyruh got the text messages, that's for sure.
* Ellmyruh 's co-workers want to know what happened.
Leen: hahahahaha
* Leen wonders how the smiley looked on the phone screen.
Ellmyruh: Like this: :-D
Leen: hehe
* Ellmyruh now wants AIM smileys to work on her phone.
Leen: Does it ring when you get messages?
Ellmyruh: It makes the noise that means I have a message.
Ellmyruh: And it was fast, too!
Leen: I'd say!
Sam: Dja get mine? Dja get mine?
Ellmyruh: Uhhh. No.
Sam: Aw.
Ellmyruh: That's weird..
Sam: Yeah. You got Leen's message before I even knew she sent it.
Ellmyruh: YES! I GOT IT!!!! RULING!
Sam: YAY!!!!
Ellmyruh: This is WAY too much fun.
* Brunnen_G thinks this is SO COOL!
Leen: I suppose one needs to say who it is from in the text... otherwise you wouldn't know!
* Brunnen_G sent one
* Ellmyruh waits.
* Ellmyruh dies again.
Brunnen_G: How does it come out? All in capitals, or the way it was typed, or what?
Leen: What'd it say?!
* Ellmyruh quotes:
Ellmyruh: "receiving text messages during working hours is a federal offence and grounds for dismissal"
Ellmyruh: No caps.
Brunnen_G: Ah
Leen: hehehe
* Ellmyruh is addicted.
Ellmyruh: RULING!
Ellmyruh: You guys RULE!!!!!
* Brunnen_G will try not to abuse it, but you never know. :-)
Leen: hehehe
Ellmyruh: hehehe
* Sam promises not to abuse it more than 18 times a day.
Ellmyruh: LOL
* Sam notes that he was kidding, in case that "LOL" masked uncertain fear.
Ellmyruh: I'll let you know if they put a limit on the messages, but for times!
* Ellmyruh likes to make a big deal out of nothing.
Ellmyruh: OH NO!
Leen: What happened?
* Brunnen_G just abused text messaging. :-)
Ellmyruh: Don't send me more messages right now!
Brunnen_G: That was me, Ellie.
Ellmyruh: They just sent me a message saying that I have to pay for further messages!!!
Brunnen_G: ROTFL
Leen: ack!
Leen: Or did BG say that?
Sam: LOL!!! What did BG just send?
* Ellmyruh calls Verizon and RANTS.
* Brunnen_G repeats "That was ME, Ellie."
Ellmyruh: Ohhhhhhhhhh
Brunnen_G: Sorry. It was just too funny.
* Sam DIES.
Leen: LOL LOL LOL!!!!!
* Ellmyruh is CRYING from laughter.
Sam: I thought Ellie was just PLAYING ALONG after the first couple lines.
Ellmyruh: I wasn't paying attention because that message made me irate.
Ellmyruh: Err...not irate at BG. Irate at Verizon for LYING to me.
Leen: hahahahha
* Brunnen_G RULES
Sam: What exactly did she say?
Ellmyruh: "VERIZON TEXT MESSAGING *** You have exceeded your monthly messaging limit *** Please pay for further service at our webs"
Leen: hehehe
Ellmyruh: I didn't notice that "webs" was cut off before.
Brunnen_G: Ah, I must have gone over the text length without noticing.
Sam: BG: You RULE.
* Ellmyruh is VERY glad she hung up before she got a Verizon operator!
Leen: hehehe
Sam: LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!
* Brunnen_G is just about on the floor. I'm glad too.
Sam: Man, you picked up that phone FAST.
* Ellmyruh is still DYING.
* Sam thinks Ellie is possibly the rulingest sport ever.
Ellmyruh: LOL LOL LOL

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