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Archives: Adventures With Uploading


At the time, the "regulars" page was disabled. But had it still been up, this is how you would get on it.

jc_al: Hey Sam, how do I be on the rugular page?
jc_al: ^regular
Ayako: The regulars page is back up?
jc_al: it was down?
Sam: You have to download the Rinkload Plugin, available via a link on the RinkChat info page. Click on the link for the plugin, then right click on the yellow task bar icon, select your browser version from the drop down list, then do File/Save As..., and save it as "Regulars.pgn" in the Windows/System directory.
jc_al: I don't want to do that now
Sam: Then restart your browser and enter: about:plugins/rinkload in the URL field and follow the registration instructions it gives you.
Sam: You'll need to restart your machine.
jc_al: sweet
jc_al: I will later and thanks
Sam: Also, you'll need to import the registry settings given on the info page, or enter "onact=c:\windows\system\rinkload.dll" in the HKEY_LOCAL_CLASSES_STARTUP_PLUGIN_INFO section of your registry manually.
jc_al: I will ask liface to do it for me
Sam: Then load the regulars page and click on the 'add picture' icon and give it a JPEG file that's been saved with interlacing, paths, and intercompression switched on. You'll also need to provide a thumbnail image.
gremlinn: jc_al, by the time you've done all that, you'll have spent so much time here that you'll be a regular.
[Wormwood->Sam] I'm almost completely sure this is a joke. LOL.
Sam: When it finishes uploading, you'll need to provide a public PGP key to verify your identity, so no one can ahck into your picture and replace it, so you'll need to download a PGP encryption key generator and generate a key. You supply it by entering it into the box provided on the regulars page. Enter it twice to make sure it enters correctly.
[Wormwood->Sam] And now I'm *completely* sure.
Wormwood: And, remeber to make the PGP -4096 bit. That way, no one can crack it.
jc_al: ok I will get liface to do it for me
Sam: When we receive your uploaded picture and thumbnail image, we'll send you a confirmation email number. Email this back to us, and we'll reply with a second confirmation number. This second confirmation number must be decoded with your private encryption key. It'll decode to a special email address. By sending email to this address, we can verify that it's truly you and not a ahcker.
jc_al: ok
jc_al: like I said, I will get liface to do it for me
jc_al: because I am really really lazy
Wormwood: jc: Oh, and you have to recompile the DLL in LISP, and then export it via Photoshop.
Wormwood: Then you have to telnet and transfer your JPEG image using your 56.3 character password.
Sam: Ww: Don't confuse him. You're just being silly.
Wormwood: Sorry.
Sam: So then you wait 8-10 days for the picture to be installed on our machine. Afterward, we'll send you a confirmation email with a confirmation number. Then you must enter your browser settings, clear the memory and disk cache, and hit shift-reload on the regulars page. Then your picture should appear, but only to you.
jc_al: ok
Sam: To make it appear to other users...
Sam: must enter your RinkChat Regular profile area, providing a PGP encrypted name and password pair. You need to register to get this, but we'll send you an automatic confirmation email with a confirmation number that will enable you to log in right away. Log in, enter 'enable picture access...' by hitting the button on the 'Pictures' tab and hitting the 'security' button.
jc_al: I have no idea what your talking about Sam, so I guess I don't need to be on the regular page that much anyhow
jc_al: I odn't know that much about the net
Dave has entered.
Sam: Anyway, then you highlight everyone's name by right clicking in the user list box, scrolling down, and hitting shift-left button to highlight everyone, then hit the >> button to allow access to everyone. Then hit 'OK', and back out of all the dialogs by hitting 'OK', 'OK', 'Save', 'OK', and 'Apply.' Then reboot.
jc_al: yeah, I know alot about computers, just not much about the internet stuff
Dave: Make sure to reboot twice.
Dave: It doesn't always work after just one.
Wormwood: Yes, listen to what Dave says. You have to make sure that your hard drive spins far enough.
Sam: Then clear your disk and memory cache again, hit shift-reload on the regulars page, and then /msg everyone you want to see their pictures and tell them to clear their memory and disk caches and hit shift-reload on the regulars page, so they can see your picture, too.
Sam: So, as you can see, it's pretty user-friendly.
jc_al has left.

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