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This transcript chat script has an every bit of all. I was so much tired it hurt, and when you type from the upper top of the head, not anything always hears the way it spoke. I think the most of us were so silly as to be tired, and why that's the way it happened.

Sam has entered.
Sam: Hello all.
Mia: Hiya Sam1
10Kan: Hi, Sam!
Brunnen_G: SAAMMMMM!!!!!
Darien: Hey, Sam.
Mousie: Sam!!!!!
Ticia: Hey Sam!
* Sam is too sleepy to work up the excitement but realizes that he should, with this prime crowd. Returning greetings, in order, as enthusiastically as I am able: Hiya Mia1, Hi 10Kan!, BRUUNNNNNNEN-G!!!!!, Hey Darien., Mousie!!!!!, Hey Ticia!
famous: Hello Sam
Sam: Hello famous
* Sam is so sleepy it hurts. Therefore, rather than taking a nap (attempted earlier but was met with failure), he will now repeat how tired he is at regular intervals, or as regularly as his tired old brain can approximate, so that you all will be reminded and perfectly well aware that he's tired so that much it hurts to keep one's eyes open yet can't stay closed them before it when I couldn't take a rest just then when he came on the second time so you will all know and become well informed under the sleepiness.
* Darien applauds Sam's incoherence. :-}
* Brunnen_G does too
Sam: Huh? Incoherence? I mist have mussed something. Sorry everybody, I'm afraid, but I'm afraid anything you said to me went up one ear and out the other.
Darien: So everything's normal, then. :-}
Mousie: SleepySamSleepySamSleepySamSlimShadySleepySam.
* Mousie is not sleepy. She is bored stupid.
* Sam attempts to entertain Mousie by doing a little step-kick conga line chorus line dance line dance. With his eyes shut. Step, knee, step, kick, step, knee, step, kick--OOF. Sorry Darien.
Mousie: Yeah, see, that would have entertained me, but it included no hula. Oh well.
Sam: Say, speaking of Kubrick...
Sam: I now understand EXACTLY what the title "Eyes Wide Shut" means. My eyes are in exactly that state now, with a little glazed-over to boot on top of that in addition.
* Brunnen_G thinks Sam is really pushing the boundaries of incoherence tonight
Mousie: ARE there boundaries to incoherence?
Brunnen_G: Not while I'm around.
* Mousie must have gone back in time in her sleep or something, because her head is full of nothing but old, worn out jokes and information.
Brunnen_G: That's OK...that's pretty much *all* my head is ever full of.
Brunnen_G: That, and cynicism.
Brunnen_G: But never mind. The sun is shining, the Asian killer wasps are gambolling playfully along the fence, and it probably won't start raining again for another couple of minutes.
Sam: It probably counts the amount of time from when the subliminal messages Mousie put in the tape are seen to when they start taking effect. I'm sure Mousie had the tape she gave me inserted with subliminal messages before so when I view the tape after, without my noticing, then later I am brainwashed, muddling up the clarify of my thoughts so Mousie will be the Famous Miss Mousie whenever I'm here later to say it.
Darien: I understand fnord exactly what you mean.
* Brunnen_G is also muddled in the clarify of her thoughts
* Mousie , if she WERE to insert subliminal messages, would use them for much more fun things, like making you cluck like a chicken on my command, or something.
Sam: cluck
Mousie: Perfect. I mean, um, Sam, what are you doing clucking like a chicken?
* Darien was terribly offended by Brunnen_G, because he has nothing better to do with his life than decide that everything everyone says is offensive and wrong.
* Brunnen_G is Darien's dream come true, since everything she says usually IS offensive and wrong
Darien: That remark was offensive. I'm going to sue.
Brunnen_G: Fine. Tell her I said hello. And that I find her offensive too.
Darien: I think she'll be offended if I tell her that.
Brunnen_G: Then after you go to Sue, you can go to Helen Wait.
Sam: Har har har.
Sam: I am so funny, I do the dance of joy.
Sam: cluck
Mousie: Perfect.
Sam: Ok, I am offensive by that.
Brunnen_G: Add it to the list. Darien is going to tell Sue about it, apparently
Mousie: I'm offended by the offense you all are taking.
Sam: The offense that was taken by Dave with righteous indignance and kicking, was not meant to be taken offense by Mousie, not being hardcore and all.
Dave: I wasn't taking offense. I was just randomly kicking you for bad jokes.
Dave: Now leave me alone, I'm trying to write.
* Brunnen_G decides to just be offended by everything
Sam: I'm taken offense by that remark.
* Brunnen_G realises she isn't naturally very good at taking offence, and decides to just not be offended by anything
Sam: I've still find that remark offense.
Mousie: How expensive is all this offense? I'm not sure I can afford to take so much.
* Darien decides that anyone who is being in any way offensive to anyone else nees to be punished for such heinous crimes.
Brunnen_G: I saw somebody stealing a gate the other day, but I said nothing in case they took a fence
Darien: Erm. That pun was offensive.
* Brunnen_G has been kicked from the chatroom by Mousie
Brunnen_G has left.
Brunnen_G has entered.
Mousie: Hey!
Brunnen_G: It was worth it.
Sam: Yeah so that's an example of regional humor in the nationalistic sense. "Offence" only means "a fence" because it has the 'c' in it, whereas in American the 's' is where the 'c' in "offence" makes it not funny.
Mousie: It SOUNDS funny.
* Sam has kicked by Dave from the chat room so he is not longer here.
Sam has left.
Sam has entered.
Sam: Hey. I was been kicked!
Dave: Uh-oh! The truck have started to move!
Sam: Dave you know I don't like being kicked. You should have warn me first before you kicked me in the future.
Mousie: Yes. I kept trying and trying to kick you, but then I just kept missing
Brunnen_G: Sam got kicked in the future? Better than getting kicked in the posterior, I guess
Dave: Unfortunately, the story I just wrote sucked, so I sent it to Sam. He's never got any good ideas, so I let him have my stupid ones.
Sam: Hey before you said the story written by you, a ruling and funny narrative venture, ruled, but now you don't like it?
Dave: Just go read it.
Mousie: Bossy.
Mousie: Bossy Nova.
Mousie: It's your fault.
Dave: My fault?
Mousie: Yes.
Mousie: "Blame it on the bossy nova...."
Dave: Oh. What did I do?
* Dave is currently confused by Mousie
Mousie: I confuse you with pudding, sometimes.
Dave: Awww, thanks pudding.
Brunnen_G: Pudding? Awww
Mousie: I was to have trying to for pudding it down but it stuck up.
* Dave smashes his computer. STOP MAKING NOISES!
* Brunnen_G blames it on the Boogy Spew Flu
Mousie: Just don't blame it on the rain. That's lip sinking.
* Brunnen_G thinks it would take a LOT of rain to sink you up to the lips
* Mousie knows no more of the sing to have been sing it with.
Ticia: Group HUG!
Brunnen_G: Group hugs are offensive to those of us who are uptight antisocial nasty people
Sam: I am offensive to group hugs, but even more so about being uptight, antisocial, nasty, and person, because I am not those things but still offends me.
* Dave is offended by web pages that say offensive things about offensive stuff.
* Mousie will kick anyone what comes nearer to hugging for her.
* Brunnen_G defines "physical contact" as "standing on the same carpet" and has never had a real-life group hug ever, and doesn't intend to start here
Mousie: Brunnen_G, I am calling you on the carpet.
Dave: Hehaho
Mousie: Plus, by your definition, I have hugged John Travolta by last week.
Dave: It also means I hugged Al Gore. *shudder*
Mousie: Gorehugger.
Brunnen_G: Mousie: No, you can keep calling me BG, "on the carpet" is too long for a name
Brunnen_G: Besides, that was only my particular personal definition. It doesn't apply to other people.
Dave: Ok, I have a new insult, if you would be so kind as to allow me to use it :-)
* Mousie cannot permit permission for insult calling where you hear.
Mousie: Or wear you here.
* Mousie too but permitting it she cannot be permission.
* Mousie is wondering why Dave hasn't insulted using because permission he waits for NEVER in this last time.
Dave: Trying am I polite to be Mousie:
Mousie: Why starting now you are for doing?
* Brunnen_G is wondering why Mousie she talks for Yoda like often then
* extirpator is offended by this
Dave: Know do I not, only I that am being so.
Mousie: Well quit it and back to normal be getting your gotten.
* Sam thinks Mousie better is good than this by Sam.
Mousie: Laughing in loudness I am can be so.
* Mousie knows not how she doing what she can be, but has been try to upkeep.
Brunnen_G: /act is still laughing has been Brunnen-G by
* is has been still laughing has been Sam by by Sam.
* Mia pushes Dave over again.
* Dave wobbles but he don't fall down.
Mousie: Gorehugging wobblemaker
* Dave beats the CRAP out of his computer. STOP MAKING NOISES DAMMIT!
Mousie: Dead they may have be going.
Brunnen_G: We buried the bodies under your bed. You'll start noticing the smell any week now
Dave: Hah, jokes on you, my bed is on the second floor. That means you must have stacked them all up in the living room. :-P
Mousie: Does the pizza man make a funny face when he sees all the dead people stacked in your living room?
Dave: No. He's used to it. He drives for Dominos, after all.
Mousie: He's cheap. I used to play for marbles, but dominos?
Dave: It's good, though. Until I run out of dominos. I wonder if he'll take jacks.
* has has been been by been has has been by by by Brunnen_G.
Mousie: Laughter I have been still to do for funny.
* Sam has been baby bye-bye-bye by by.
* Sam has been baby bye bye bye Sam good baby by baby baby baby by Mousie.
* Dave on the haid bonks extirpator
* Sensei_Le_Roof acks. It's the Chat Room of the Yodas!
Sensei_Le_Roof: Now now, that wasn't nestessary
* Sensei_Le_Roof ... blinks
* Mousie poings.
* Sam takes offense that Mousie, a funny deciphered into a nest, thought to laugh at us all about.
Mousie: Offensive is defenseless taken by nothing for reason been trusting you not only Tuesday.
* extirpator is offended by these things
* Brunnen_G is overcome by love for the chatroom, and hugs all the girls and kisses all the guys and gives roses to everyone and is happy. And then gets embarrassed and hides
* Sam wonders now if the kissing disease by Brunnen-G was transferred into him.
Mousie: kisssmoochsmackluvamushnessMMMmmmmmmwwwwaaaH!
Sam: cluck
Mousie: Perfect.
Sam: Great. Now when french kissing is made upon, I speak the clucking.
Mousie: Tongue not having be for useless in kissing type that of.
* Mousie laugh must be longing time for stopping cannot down here.
Brunnen_G: FRENCH kissing? I never said *that*.
Sarya: GUESS WHAT!!!!
Nyperold: WHAT???
Brunnen_G: Chatroom people of kissing never never french before unless imaginations overly here vivid
Sarya: It is Ticia's, Mia's, and My Mommie's birthday today!!!!!!
Nyperold: Know did I that not!
Mousie: Feathertush for you having to guessing answer for it.
Mousie: I have been try for say filly so something not already to have been saying.
Mousie: Turtledove Quacksinger.
Dave: Ah well, much like as I continue chatting, go must I to eat nothing in the house have I.
Brunnen_G: Dave goes to eat nothing. In the house
Dave: Bye all to you, talkers like Yoda in nest!
Mousie: Glopslurper
Dave has left.
Brunnen_G: Dave has missed been a great opportunity noticeability that of french kissing. His loss.
Brunnen_G: kisskisskisskisskisskisskiss
Brunnen_G: That was one for each of you except me and one other person. You can all fight over who can be the lucky one who didn't get one
Sarya: I have to go now. I just came back so that you all would not think that I was rude.
Mousie: Facting is for so being truisticism.
Sam: Tgus jubd if wird gane us ytterkt ruducykiys, U refyse ti okat akibg abt fyrtger, U cab;t bekueve tgus gane gas gibe ib fir si kibg,
* Sam will now type secret messages about each one of you. They will be clever and cutting, but you'll have to slave over a hot keyboard forever to find out what they say!!
Sam: Nyperold: Tiy are tge crazuest oybber U gave evert jbiwb,
Sam: Mousie: Tryktm tiy are tge Fabykiys Nuss Biysue tunes euggtt sjukkuib nukkuib,
Sam: Darien: U beat tiy at abgbabdm abd tgat;s akk tgat natters, Ga!
Sam: Brunnen-G: WIW! Tiy are tge nist anazubg oersib frin Bew Zeakabd tgat U gave ever jbiwbm byt eveb uf U jbew abtibe eksem tiy;d stukk be at tge tio if tge kustm bar bibe,
Brunnen_G: Sam: Always stating the obvious
Sam: Sam: TIY RYKE!!!!!!!
* Brunnen_G agrees. Sam ryke!!
Sam: Sensei_Le_Roof: U dib;t reakkt jbiw tiym byt uf U dudm U gave absikytekt bi diybt wgatsiever tgat U;d gave sinetgubg ti sat abiyt tiy,
Sam: JOY: Tiy gave nire banes tgab abtibe U gave ever jbiwb,
Sam: Rivikah: Tiy nat bit sat nycgm byt U treasyre tiyr evert wird,
* Sam is done.

"Nyperold: You are the craziest punner I have ever known."
"Mousie: Truly, you are the Fabulous Miss Mousie times eighty skillion million."
"Darien: I beat you at Angband, and that's all that matters. Ha!"
"Brunnen-G: WOW! You are the most amazing person from New Zealand that I have ever known, but even if I knew anyone else, you'd still be at the top of the list, bar none."
"Sam: YOU RULE!!!!!!!"
"Sensei_Le_Roof: I don't really know you, but if I did, I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that I'd have something to say about you."
"JOY: You have more names than anyone I have ever known."
"Rivikah: You may not say much, but I treasure your every word."

* Sam typed all that with the left hand positioned correctly, and the right hand positioned one key left of where it should have been. If that wasn't already apparent.
* JOY doesn't use hand positios or anything, he just randomly moves his fingers around the keyboard
Mousie: Baby, baby, bye bye bye.
Brunnen_G: This looks so much like an MSN chatroom now it just isn't funny. :-)
* Sam will now do something ELSE random and otherwise arbitrary, frustrating those who wish to play along and annoying those who don't.
Sam: Nyperold, you have 504 points.
Sam: Mousie, you have 556 points.
Mousie: No!
Sam: lolololo, Darien only has 256 points.
Mousie: Not 556!
Sam: I have 640 points.
Mousie: Anything but 556!
Brunnen_G: Slashwhackachatter! Nyperold has been whacked with Mousie's teeth by Brunnen-G who now has all the points.
Mousie: I'll take 982, if you'll only not give me 556!
Sam: Sensei has 564 points.
* Mousie pouts. I'm the only one who has 556 points. Nobody likes me.
* Sensei_Le_Roof steals 1/3 point
* Brunnen_G has been poinged at by Kiki
Sam: Aargh! JOY has 845 points!
* Sakura is confused. What in the world is going on?
Mousie: DOG!
* Sensei_Le_Roof borrows 2/7 of a point from Mousie, offering 1.3326% interest
Sam: Riv has 362 points.
Sakura: DOG!
RinkChat: User Brunnen_G has been labeled 'all the points' by Brunnen_G.
Sam: Sakura has 539 points.
Rivikah: 362? hmm.
Sam: Kiki has 462 points.
Nyperold: Pawn takes Jack. King me!
Sakura: 539? I just got here, how did I get points?
Sensei_Le_Roof: I want Door Number 18!
* JOY is amazingly talented at this game.
Sam: Points are calculated by adding up the four numbers in everybody's IP addresses.
Sam: Whoever got closest to 556 points wins.
Mousie: Wooohooooo!
* JOY thinks Sam's lying, because JOY obviously won.
* Mousie is a winnnaaaahhhhhh!
* Brunnen_G has all the points and anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional
* Sam thinks of something ELSE that's random and otherwise arbitrary should prove to be frustrating and/or irritating...but keeps it to himself this time.
Brunnen_G: Nooooooo!!!!!! Tell us!
Mousie: Spill with the random and arbitary!
Mousie: (As long as you keep the arbitrary to yourself)
* Sam didn't HAVE anything random and arbitrary thought up. He just said so in order that the completion of circle came to a point at the head for closure.
* Sensei_Le_Roof resents that. His head does NOT come to a point.
Mousie: I know! Whoever has their name, and their name ONLY, in italics in the users list, WINS!
Brunnen_G: I WIN!!!!!!!
* Sensei_Le_Roof wins
Mousie: I WIN!!!
* Sakura WINS!
Speedball: I WIN!!!
Bo has entered.
Bo: Hellooooo!
Sakura: Hellooooo!
* Brunnen_G had more exclamation marks so Brunnen_G wins
* Mousie uses her veto power on that idea.
Brunnen_G: But now it is too late.
Mousie: Late be have for win gaming done, Loser.
Speedball: Not if time flows the other way round B-G
Sensei_Le_Roof: Time flows to the left in here
* Sam tallies a take of who BlitzBot is appealing from and whoever otherwise.
Mousie: Play for timing go yes yes yes!
Nyperold: Say I would so.
Sam: G of the Brunnen?
* Brunnen_G BlitzBot has no connection fast enough for the sake of to play
Mousie: Leaving it must being for you doing now, then.
Brunnen_G: But watching yes
* Dave hates it when his burrito falls apart while he's trying to play quizblitz
* Sakura is drawing a blank tonight... she did much better the first time she saw this question.
* Brunnen_G draws a blank. It is a masterpiece. It looks just like a blank.

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